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Why You Should Have a Car Keys Spare

You could ruin your entire day by being locked out of your car. While modern cars come with key fobs designed to prevent theft, they are difficult to replace if lost. A spare key can aid you in avoiding these problems.

There are several ways to get an extra key for your vehicle. One method is to visit the dealership. Another option is to visit an auto locksmith.

How to get an extra key

Car keys are lost and are unable to get back home. It’s essential to keep a spare car key on hand. It’s easy to do. You’ll need to purchase an extra key that is compatible with the make a spare car key and model of your vehicle. If you already have a spare key, be sure to keep it in a safe location to ensure you don’t lose it. It’s also a good idea to have a family or friend member keep it, in case you require it.

If you’re not sure how to get a replacement for the keys to your car that you lost begin by determining the type of key that’s in your vehicle. This will help you determine the best way to proceed, as different types require different approaches. Locksmiths can easily create a new key when you own a conventional one. If your key is equipped with a chip, you’ll need to visit a dealer to get it replaced.

In most cases, you can find your car keys by looking closely. Make sure you check the pockets of your clothing including bags. It’s also an excellent idea to go back through your day and see where you might have left them. If you still can’t locate them, contact locksmiths to come and examine your home.

The procedure for finding a spare key for cars car keys may differ based on the vehicle’s model and make. Certain procedures are more complicated than others and might require you to bring your original key to the dealership. You’ll also have to provide proof of ownership and pay the dealer for their services.

It is possible to get an extra car key by going to the local dealership. You’ll save a lot of money and time. You should be aware that they will charge more than locksmiths. This is due to the fact that they will have to use a special device to program your key.


A spare key can save you the hassle and key spare expense of losing the original key. Keys lost can happen at the most unavoidable times, when you’re stopping to purchase gas or pouring groceries into your trunk. It’s easy for you to lose your keys in your purses or pockets particularly when you’re wearing a jacket or coat. Check the pockets of your clothing and bags, including ones you don’t usually wear while driving, to locate your keys.

It could cost you up to $1000 to replace the smart key. You’ll need to take your vehicle to a dealer and pay for new ignition lock. However, if you lose a simple key, the process to get a replacement is much simpler and less costly. You can save money by having a locksmith make a standard key and then following the steps to program it yourself. The instructions are usually provided in the owner’s guide. If you don’t have the manual, simply look up online for “How To Program A [Year, Model, Make, Model] Key.” The process is straightforward and simple.


A car key spare gives you assurance that you won’t be locked out of your car. It can also help you deal with an emergency when you accidentally lock your keys inside your car or break the key in the ignition. It is recommended to keep your keys with you. However, this might not always be feasible. Having a spare key is a good investment in your security.

If you don’t have a spare, you could be out a lot of cash in the event that your car’s key goes off without warning. In addition to the cost of the new key, you may be required to hire a locksmith or dealership to change the car locks and reprogram your vehicle.

You can avoid these costs by having a keyfob programmed to be a secondary one in the event that you don’t have a spare. It’s a common procedure that is available at all automakers. You can find the programming instructions in the owner’s manual, or by searching for your car’s model and make.

It’s not just practical to have a spare car key, but it can also provide security for those who have a car with multiple drivers. If you share a car with a partner, spouse or family members A spare key can help everyone save time and effort by eliminating the need to switch keys between two people every time someone wants to drive. Many modern cars also save settings such as seats adjustments, mirror positions and temperature settings on the key. Anyone with a key fob can easily alter these settings.

Another important consideration is where to store your spare keys. The most secure place to store a key is in your car, as this opens the door for thieves. Every day there are an average of 209 cars are taken away due to fobs or keys being left in. However, you can avoid this issue by putting your key in a safe and secure location outside your home.


The cost of having an extra car key could differ greatly based on where it is made and what type of key you own. Metal keys made from traditional materials are affordable, while transponder and smart keys can be expensive. You can often save money by getting the keys duplicated by a local locksmith instead of at the dealer. The cost of the new key is affected by the key fob, which is used to unlock and start the vehicle.

Whatever type of key you have regardless of the type, it’s always an excellent idea to have an extra. This will not only stop you from locking your keys inside the car, but also safeguard them from being damaged by overuse. You can use the spare key in conjunction with your original key to minimize wear and tear.

You might have to pay a locksmith to get back to your vehicle if you’ve lost your key. This is especially true when you’re in an area that’s remote or in a hurry to reach your destination. You should consider having a spare key to avoid the expense and it is a good idea to make sure that you store the spare in a secure place.

If you already have the original key, you can save money by making a spare key. The process of making a standard car key with a double edge is relatively cheap and will cost less than $10 to create. You can usually do this in a locksmith shop, or even at an hardware store. However, you’ll have to show evidence of ownership, such as your car’s registration or title to make an original key.

If you’re a new owner, the dealer will normally give you two keys for your car when you purchase the vehicle. If you do not have an extra key, you’ll have to create an additional one at the dealership. This is a costly process. The dealer must program the key to ensure that it matches your vehicle’s computer. This can be very costly.