10 Inspiring Images About On The Wall Fireplace

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How to Choose the Right Height for an on the Wall Fireplace

A fireplace in the wall can be an elegant focal element in any living room. Whether hung above the couch or in the seating area, it will create a cozy space for your family as well as guests.

Some models can be built into the wall for an integrated look. This requires more work, and some DIYers may need to go beyond their comfortable zones.


Deciding on the ideal size for an on the wall fireplace is among the most important decisions to be made when building an entirely new media wall. While the fireplace must be low enough to be easily observed from all seating positions, it should be high enough to ensure to generate enough heat for an ambiance that is comfortable for the living space.

When deciding on the height of a wall mount fire, it is important to think about the quantity of heat it creates, how close to the floor it will be, and what else can be placed over it. If the height of a gas or electric fireplace is too low its heat output, it will quickly dissipate and combustible objects could easily ignite. This could result in fire in the home and the performance of the fireplace will be drastically diminished.

The best method to avoid this is to pick the fireplace with a low firebox opening, or an efficient chimney venting system. This will ensure that heat is efficiently dissipated and safely.

A second factor to consider is how the room will be used. If it is predominantly used for entertaining, electric fireplace with mantel watching TV and relaxing, a larger fireplace is an ideal choice. If it will be used to heat the house then a lower-end fireplace is better.

Most people prefer to mount a fireplace at eye-level when they are seated in the chair. This is approximately 40-42 inches above the floor. Some people place their fireplace under a television, and this can also work, provided that the TV isn’t too close to it or feel the heat.

It is also important to think about the kind of fireplace you own and the storage space that will be required above it. If you have an electric fireplace, it may be beneficial to put a credenza or sideboard cabinet above the fire to keep the area clear. This will help create a more spacious and streamlined appearance and make the fireplace appear bigger too.


A wall-mounted fireplace is a great addition to a media panel. It’s perfect for homeowners who want a sleeker look that is more in keeping with the design of the media wall, and it’s also easier to set up than a built-in fireplace.

Start by choosing a spot that allows you to move easily around the fireplace. Also, ensure that there are no combustible items in the wall fireplace the area. Then, measure the length of your wall and make sure that it’s large enough to accommodate a fireplace that is at least 40-42″ in height. Installing a fireplace can be an intimidating task. It is best to hire a professional to assist you.

Based on the model of fireplace you pick, it may need to be mounted directly to a stud wall or connected to a bracket that is installed on the wall. If you’re installing a direct to wall model, make sure to check the owner’s manual for specifics on how to install it. If you’re installing a bracket-mounted model connect the bracket using toggle bolt anchors and screws. Make sure the bracket is secured to at least two studs and utilize a stud locater to determine the locations at which you’ll need to attach a screw.

Once the bracket is installed, attach the fireplace using the tabs on the lower part of your fireplace, and the hooks on the top of the bracket. Certain models have a front glass panel that must be removed before installation, so be sure to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

First, you’ll need to put the frame of your electric fireplace in the designated spot on the wall. Then, it’s able to be attached to the bracket. After you’ve completed this process you can use a drill to create holes for the mounting bracket or sand any rough areas on the wall.

Once you’ve made the holes, insert the rawl plugs, and then screw in the mounting bracket. Certain models of wall-mounted fireplaces also have slots or hooks on the back which means you can insert the hooks on the back of the fireplace into slots on the mounting bracket.


It is a good idea to be aware that both electric and bioethanol wall fireplaces can be used in a safe manner provided the appropriate safety precautions are taken. This includes regular inspections of the unit to ensure it is operating properly and that there are no signs of wear or wear are present. It is also essential to keep the fireplace away from flammable materials such as carpets, paper, and furniture. If you have children, make sure they know not to touch the flames and keep them at a safe distance from the fireplace at all times. Be sure to turn off the flames when you go to bed or leave the house.

When installing a wall fireplace, it is essential to follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines. This means paying attention to dimensions, weight requirements and heat clearance zone. Check the zones of heat for the fireplace and the TV when you are planning to put an electric fireplace with a TV. The weight of the TV can put pressure on the fireplace, causing it to collapse, possibly injuring the person who is in it as well as other family members.

Be aware of the fact that electric fireplace with mantel – https://te.legra.ph/ – and ethanol wall fireplaces can produce high levels of heat, which can burn you if you come close enough. Consider installing a screen that is safe to touch on your fireplace if have small children. This will protect them from getting burned. The screen will be at a low temperature when the fireplace is on and will not cause any harm to anyone who touches it.

It is also a good idea to keep any flammable items, such as books and toys, away from the fire to avoid them from being accidentally ignited by sparks. In addition, it is important to regularly clean your fireplace to eliminate any accumulation of ash and soot. This will lower the chance of an fire.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when installing a fireplace on the wall is to forget to turn off the fireplace before going to bed or leaving the house. This is a serious mistake that can result in electrical malfunctions and potential fires.


A wall-mounted fireplace is among the most popular elements to be added to a media wall. It is typically installed beneath a flat-screen television and it is crucial that the fireplace is in compliance with certain requirements for installation. It is crucial to consider not only the size of the fireplace, but also how much heat it generates. A fireplace that is erected on the wall will usually release heat from the vent located in front, whereas the fireplace that is surface mounted could be able to blow heat from the top or the bottom. A popular choice for media walls is to mount the fireplace in a recess at a height that is between 40 and 42 inches above the floor, which allows it to be seen from a sitting position.

While it is possible find a wall-mounted electric fireplace in a variety of styles, it is generally recommended to match the style of the fireplace with the overall design of the room. This will ensure that the entire wall is cohesive and flows nicely together. There are a variety of companies that offer different models of electric wall-mounted fireplaces, including Amantii and Dimplex. Both brands are renowned for quality, and they are quick to react to customer feedback to improve their products.

A media wall can be constructed to accommodate a TV, or other electronic devices. Some people prefer a recessed fire place as an entertainment center, while others want a combination of an electric fireplace and a wall-mounted TV. It is simpler and more efficient to choose a wall with a media component that can accommodate both.

The main disadvantage of a wall-mounted electric fireplace is that they can appear more permanent. It is possible to move the appliance from one location to another, but this requires the mounting brackets to be reinstalled. It’s also not as simple to install a television or other equipment on the wall if the fireplace is located in a stud.