10 Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Free Standing Electric Fireplaces

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Free Standing Electric Fireplaces

Add cozy warmth to your living space without the hassle of a real fireplace. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplace mantels ones do not require ventilation and are easy to install.

This free-standing option features dentil molding and fluted pilasters that make it a chic option for any wall. It is also CSA Group-certified and has an overheat protection. Its flame-only mode is perfect for summer, too.


Free standing electric fireplaces are a great solution for those who want to bring warmth and comfort to their home without the dangers of a real fire. They provide the ambience of a traditional gas or wood burning fire with the added benefit of not emitting harmful fumes, making them ideal for homes with small children or pets. Additionally, they do not require chimneys or vents, and plug into the standard wall outlet.

It is essential to determine the space where you’re planning to install an electric fireplace prior to buying one. The larger units will have to be installed into the wall. It is necessary to have enough space for this. In addition, it is important to consider the furniture in the room and how it will fit around the fireplace. This will help you choose a fireplace that is the right size for your space.

Another aspect that must be considered when selecting an electric fireplace is the amount of the heat it generates. It is usually measured in BTUs or Wattage. It is crucial to select one that can provide heat to the area that you plan to put it. If you’re not sure of the size heater you require to buy, you can make use of a calculator in order to determine it.

A lot of the top free-standing electric fireplaces have a built-in television stand. This can be a great addition to your entertainment center. They can accommodate the majority of normal-sized televisions, and some even feature shelves that are perfect for storing your DVDs or other media items. electric wall mounted fireplace fireplaces are a wonderful addition for any home. They are particularly beneficial in smaller rooms that might not have enough space to accommodate a traditional fireplace. It is a good idea before making a final choice to look at the different models of electric fireplaces. This will help you select the one that is suitable for your requirements and will enhance the appearance of your home.


There are many design options for electric fireplace mantels electric fireplaces that are free standing to suit any design. Certain electric fireplaces have frames made of glass that come in various shapes and colors. Some have a solid wooden frame. Some have a rustic look. The flames on certain models can be altered to appear more or less realistic. These models can also be adjusted to adjust the amount of heat produced based on the size of the room as well as how warm you would like the room to feel.

Many of these fireplaces are equipped with the ability to control the remote from anywhere, allowing you to adjust the fire display and change the settings from anywhere within the room. They also don’t require vents or gas lines and are therefore an ideal choice for homes that don’t have natural wood fireplaces.

This unit can generate up to 4,700 BTUs of heat, which is sufficient for most homes. It is powered by convection heating which circulates warm air throughout the room. The logs and flames are designed to be as realistic as is possible. The unit is not intended to be a primary source of heating for a home. It is only a source of some warmth.

Another advantage of this fireplace is that it is incredibly quiet. This makes it a good choice for bedrooms or living room. It has a timer function which allows you to set the timer so that it will turn off after a predetermined amount of time. This is an excellent feature for people who like to sleep in late or wake up early.

These fireplaces are easy to install and don’t require venting or gas lines. As they do not produce smoke or soot, you can put televisions over them. This makes them a great option for homeowners who want to enhance their fireplace or add a new one to their home.

Certain fireplaces feature a mantel that sits against the wall, similar to traditional fireplaces with wood burning. They come in various styles to match any home decor, and some even come with the option of a stone or brick surround. These fireplaces are great for those who prefer a traditional look, but do not want to tackle the hassle of wood-burning fireplaces.


One of the main reasons free standing electric fireplaces are in high demand is because they provide a safe and convenient way to enjoy the warmth and look of a traditional fireplace without any of the dangers. In contrast to the real thing, which can be risky if not properly utilized and maintained, these fireplaces are much safer for use with pets and children. They also do not release harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if breathed in. Additionally, they don’t become hot to the touch and do not have sharp edges or surfaces that pets or children might accidentally run into. Additionally they can be used in areas where a chimney would be impossible or unpractical.

Many models of free standing electric fireplaces have a remote control, which allows you to control the fireplace from a distance. This feature makes these fireplaces easier to use and maintain over time. It is not necessary to walk back and forth between your chair and the fireplace to look after it, so you can stay on top of your regular home maintenance routine.

Free standing electric fireplaces are advantageous since they do not require a chimney. This is a huge benefit for those who live in apartments and rented homes, but still prefer the appearance of a fireplace place. Additionally, these fireplaces come with zone heating, which means they only heat the area around them so that the other inhabitants of your home don’t be uncomfortable due to the heat.

Lastly electric fireplaces are easy to set up and can be set up by yourself, without the help of an electrician. Be sure to connect the appliance to an electrical outlet that is specifically designed for it instead of one that is shared with other lights or appliances, which could cause excessive heat and damage to the appliance. In general, most models of electric fireplaces that are freestanding can be safely plugged in and left unattended for a few hours. You should always adhere to the guidelines provided in your guidebook or ask a professional to help you when you aren’t confident with assembling your new fireplace.


Electric fireplaces can be installed wherever there’s an electrical outlet. They’re especially useful in homes that don’t have a traditional fireplace.

Many of the best free standing electric fireplaces include a decorative feature that will add warmth to any room. They come in a variety of styles from contemporary to country. Some are simple designs which consists of only the logs, while others are more elaborate with intricate carvings and accents. Some models have a log set which can be removed for simple cleaning. Others have a set fake flames which you can adjust to your preference.

If you choose to hardwire your new fireplace, make sure the breaker that serves it is on its own and not shared with any other lighting fixtures or appliances. In this way, if an overload occurs it won’t cause a fire or trip the circuit breaker. Also, you will require an electrical outlet specifically for your fireplace and not in the wall fireplace a moist area of your home like the kitchen or bathroom.

Think about a recessed electric fireplace for a more durable installation. They can be incorporated into a fireplace, integrated into a wall or hung in a niche. They are particularly appealing in rooms with vaulted or high ceilings.

Installing a recessed unit must be done first to ensure it is the right size. Take measurements of the width, height and depth of your existing fireplace opening to be sure the recessed fireplace will fit. The manufacturer’s website should contain a handy measurement guide that will help you determine the proper size for your particular model.

If you’re not a DIYer, hiring an experienced carpenter to build your recessed electric fireplace could be a good idea. The professional can drywall and tape the wall, create the space, then mud it for you. This will help you place your fireplace. If needed, they can also change the wiring of your outlets and move them to accommodate the recessed units. They can also paint the finished product to give it a polished look.