10 Meetups On Freezer You Should Attend

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Integrated Fridge Freezers

In your dream kitchen, integrated fridge freezers serve as a silent way of keeping your food fresh. Expect deceptively cavernous storage with movable shelves and useful features like wine racks.

Look out for holiday mode that turns off your freezer, but leave the fridge running and for Super-cool settings that rapidly reduce the temperature in order to keep food frozen.

Space Saving

Refrigerators with integrated freezers tend to be smaller than freestanding ones, so they take up less space in your kitchen. They can store up to 350 litres, which is enough for 19 bags of groceries. They come in various heights, from lower’midi’ options to taller models with 178cm heights. Certain models feature a water dispensing system that is connected to the mains power supply, which means you can access cold water at any time.

Be sure to check out other useful features such as HarvestFresh Salad Drawers and NeoFrost Technology that maintains the freezer at a lower temperature and reduces energy bills while lessening unpleasant smells. A Holiday Mode is also useful if you are going away for several weeks and need your frozen food to be safe and secure. There are also models with the full glass lid which is easy to clean and helps keep the interior clean and at a more sanitary level.


Integrated freezers are ideal for those who want to save space in the kitchen. Combining a fridge and freezer into one appliance They fit perfectly into kitchen cabinets, making it easier to maintain a seamless finish. The option of integrating a freezer is a good option for those looking to reduce their energy bills since they are usually more efficient than freestanding models.

Keep your freezer full to maximize efficiency. When you open your refrigerator freezer the cold air escapes, while warm air flows into the freezer. This requires an enormous amount of energy. Keep your freezer stocked to ensure that cold air is kept in and the warm air is absorbed by the items. This will reduce your energy usage. You can do this by moving all of your food towards the sides and fronts of the freezer and stuffing any interior spaces with newspaper or bags of shipping peanuts (these are readily available at many supermarkets).

You can also cut down on your energy bill by placing the items you use most often in the area which is easiest to reach. You won’t need to move items around as much in your outbuilding freezer, which can cause freezer burn.

Many of the newest refrigerators and freezers come with a feature called ‘fast chill’ or ‘fast freeze which allows you to quickly cool your new purchases to the perfect temperature. This is especially helpful when you have a large grocery delivery to unload and need to get the frozen or chilled products to the proper temperature quickly.

Integrated Fridge Freezers can be installed in either the ‘fixed’ or’sliding model, based on the way the appliance is installed to the cabinet as well as the fridge housing cabinet. The primary distinction between these models is that ‘Sliding’ integrated fridge freezers are able to be moved should you decide to remodel your kitchen, as they can be detached from the cabinet. ‘Fixed’ integrated fridge freezers can’t be removed as they are built into the cabinet and the door to the fridge is directly attached to the cabinet front.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient integrated fridge freezers cool quickly and consume less power than older models. This is both good for the environment as well as your energy bill. You can pick between models that are low’mid’ in height around 130cm tall or extra tall freezers at 170-180cm tall.

The green label has caused an increase in sales for integrated freezers. The energy efficiency of appliances in the home is important because they use a lot of power and are always running. The refrigerator and freezer are responsible for a large portion of the household electric bill. Switching to a more efficient model will help you save money.

The energy rating of the appliance is crucial and the highest rating is A+A++ or A. Companies are legally required to display the energy rating on their website so that customers can look up ratings when they shop. We found that only a few companies offered options higher than an A on their website.

Spiral freezers not fully integrated with the refrigeration and process control systems can lead to huge energy losses in a production facility. The spiral freezer parameters are not updated when changes to the product happen. This results in warm products that fail quality tests. This is usually caused by temporary setpoints adjustments caused by production issues, which are then forgotten, resulting in the loss of goods and energy waste. Integrating the spiral control system with the refrigeration systems and process systems permits the system to automatically update parameters in line with the product being manufactured. This saves energy and freezer helps reduce the amount of waste. VaCom Technologies can assist plants in this process by working with the plant to define the parameters for each product line and then adding spiral chest freezer for outbuilding controls to the plant control system.