10 Startups That Will Change The Planar Magnetic Industry For The Better

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Planar Magnetic Headphones

A good pair of headphones can make all the difference to your listening experience. A great set of headphones will allow you to enjoy music with amazing clarity and real-world quality.

If you’re ready to upgrade your audio look into a pair of magnetic headphones that planar. They’re usually more expensive than dynamic drivers, however they have superior sound quality.


If you’re an audiophile, you’ve likely heard about the advantages of planar magnetic headphones. They are renowned for their high level of precision, clarity and low distortion. They also have a wider soundstage than other headphones. However, their price can be a turnoff for many buyers.

The price of headphones with planar magnetic technology is contingent on their design and the quality of materials used in their construction. They also require an amplifier to function effectively. They are usually sold as a set along with the headphones, and are usually expensive. The price is worth it for certain people.

In contrast to the standard dynamic driver found in most headphones, planar headphones utilize flat diaphragms that have a conductive trace pattern sandwiched between two magnet arrays. When an electrical circuit is passed through, it creates magnetic field that shifts the diaphragm. The diaphragm’s flat shape also creates a larger and natural soundstage.

Planar headphones can be noisy and can disturb other people in the room. They tend to leak more often than other types. The leakage is the result of the diaphragm’s movement and the magnetic fields created by the two magnets that are in opposition.

Although they aren’t as portable as some other headphones, they are an excellent experience for those listening to music in the comfort of their home. If you’re listening on the go, you might want to consider the use of dynamic headphones. These are easier to use and can be used with all mobile devices. If you’re willing to spend a bit more for more performance, a pair of planar headphones might be worth the cost.


Planar magnetic headphones are different from the majority of headphones that use dynamic drivers. These are tiny diaphragms connected to a voice coil suspended in a magnetic magnetic field and driven by an electric current. They feature an unidirectional driver that vibrates across the entire surface. This results in an incredibly natural and precise audio reproduction than dynamic headphones which are susceptible to distortion.

Planar magnetic headphones are a favorite among audiophiles because of their flat, uniform design. They are also known for their ability to reproduce high frequencies, resulting in crisp and clear sound. They also have a wide frequency response and low distortion, making them perfect for listening to critical music and music production.

The slim design and comfortable padding of planar magnetic headphones makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This makes them an excellent choice for frequent travelers and listeners who want to enjoy their music while on the go.

OPPO PM-3 headphones come with a magnetic driver with a planar Earphones design that has been specifically designed with neodymium magnets to provide high-quality bass and clear treble. The drivers are precisely matched during the manufacturing process to ensure that both channels are synchronized and provide authentic stereo reproduction. This is a crucial element of the audio quality of headphones, since it allows the listener to enjoy the full range of details of the music.

The planar magnetic driver’s unique design also allows for greater phase coherence. This allows the listener to be able to hear all the spectrum at the same time. This allows for more precise reconstruction and separation of individual instrument lines. In addition a planar magnetic driver creates a larger and Planar earphones more rich soundstage than other headphones.


Contrary to dynamic drivers that create the diaphragm with a voicecoil the planar magnetic headphones utilize conductors directly on the diaphragm’s flat side. This provides the headphones with a larger and more consistent soundstage. They also allow for a more precise control over the audio signal. This makes for an enhanced and natural listening experience. The bass response of the planar magnetic planar headphones headphones is also outstanding as it is rich and full. The bass is not only strong but also flows well into the midrange. For example, the drum beats in the Conga Kings’ “Tumao de Tamborito” have a dazzling impact on the eyes. These headphones are easy to listen to with great clarity. They are thus ideal for Planar Earphones professional audio production and critical listening.

They also have a broad frequency range, and have crisp treble. They’re typically heavier and bigger than the dynamic headphones, and they require a powerful amplifier in order to be effective. They can be more expensive as well.

Many of the top planar magnetic headphones have an open-back design, which allows other people to listen to your music. They don’t block out the sound like closed-back headphones, however, this can be a drawback for certain listeners.

Planar magnetic headphones can reproduce more details and are more accurate than dynamic headphones. They are therefore ideal for recording and mixing applications. They can reproduce subtle details from instruments and vocals like articulation and tones with tactile. They can also give the impression that the music is played in a large area. Audiophiles are awestruck by them due to this. They are more expensive however they are worth it due to their superior sound and durability.


A quality planar magnetic headphone is a great option for those looking to experience a more powerful bass. These headphones utilize two magnets that are placed in opposite directions to produce the flat membrane, which creates a more natural sound. They also provide enhanced imaging capabilities and great instrument separation. When compared to traditional dynamic drivers, planar magnetic headphones provide better bass extension and less distortion. They might not be as powerful as top-of-the-line dynamic headphones.

When it comes time to pick the best headphones for your planar it’s crucial to do your research. Read reviews from experts and forums like r/headphones, to get an idea of what you’re getting into. Listen to the headphones so that you can decide which one is best for you.

In contrast to dynamic headphones, which have a dome or cone diaphragms, planar headphones have flat diaphragms which are covered with conductors. When electrical signals travel through the conductors, they create a magnetic field on the diaphragm. This results in vibrations. These vibrations are felt by the eardrums and are converted into sound waves in the air. Based on the frequency of the signal the resultant vibrations may vary, but most of the time the vibrations create the sound of music.

When buying planar headphones it is essential to remember that they require an external power source. Unlike most headphones, planar headphones require more power than voltage in order to function. They can begin to distort if there is not enough current. This is the reason why many of them have an electric power supply to ensure that they’re properly powered. This will help you avoid issues caused by poor power and also provide more accurate sound.


In the world of headphones the planar magnetics have earned an excellent reputation for providing amazing clarity and powerful presence without going into distortion. They can be very expensive, however, and require a lot of power to drive. They also typically have open-back designs, which permit ambient noise and sound to be heard.

These features can be beneficial in certain situations, but they could also lead to a less immersive experience. Closed-back headphones are a great option for noisy environments. The most popular type of driver in headphones is a dynamic driver. The driver makes use of electricity to move the metal diaphragm and create sound waves. Planar magnetic headphones have an elongated diaphragm with a conductor trace and reacts to magnets on both sides. This produces a sound that is more precise and has fewer harmonics compared to a traditional dome or cone-shaped driver.

Because the sound created by planar drivers is so precise, it also has a much higher resolution and is more natural than conventional headphones. This is because the force applied to diaphragms is very evenly distributed. The sound quality is very good, even when you listen to it for hours.

In general, headphones with planar magnetics tend to be heavier and larger than their dynamic counterparts due to the driver is typically bigger. The sound is also more likely to leak outwards, because the magnetic fields opposing each other push the sound outwards. Manufacturers are improving their earcup designs to lessen the effect. Some of the more exclusive brands, like HiFiMAN or Audeze have created earcups that are unique, such as egg-shaped window shades or exotic woods.