11 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Wall Mount Fireplace

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A Wall Mount Fireplace is a Stylish Way to Add Warmth and Ambiance to Your Home

A wall mount fireplace can be either a flat or partially or fully built-in to the wall for the appearance of a built-in. Certain models are equipped with a fan to prevent overheating.

It is among the simplest electric fireplace installations as it only requires a stud finder, level and a single bracket mount system. It should be installed in a secure location close to an electrical outlet.

Easy to Install

If you’re looking for a fireplace which will add a touch of elegance to your home without the need for construction or installation consider a wall mount electric fireplace. These units are available in different sizes, from the Senti one-burner model to the six-burner Maximum. They are easy to mount on your wall and can be used straight out of the box. They can be wired, plugged in or installed by a handy homeowner with a few tools, including the screwdriver and stud finder.

First, measure the area in your home that you want to put in the fireplace. Mark it using a pencil on the wall. Then using a stud locater, identify the studs in the wall and mark them. Then, using the lumber, build a frame around the wall area where you will install the fireplace. The frame opening must be slightly larger than the one of the fireplace unit. An experienced electrician will put an electrical outlet, in line with local codes, on the finished wall to the right of or above the framed aperture. This will allow you to connect your fireplace and hide the power cord to create a sleek appearance.

Then, you can put the fireplace up on the bracket, and secure it in place with screws. Some models require you to insert keyhole slots from the back of your fireplace into the brackets, while others have hooks at the bottom and front of the firebox which simply slide into the brackets. If the instructions for your particular model are unclear it is always recommended to consult an expert or local ask a friend to help.


A wall-mounted fireplace can do more than simply provide warmth, it also adds a stylish feature to your home. They are cost-effective and efficient, reducing your carbon footprint while saving your money on energy bills. They also offer safer than real fireplaces. They come in many sizes and styles that can be placed in any room.

Finding the best location to mount a fireplace on the wall is the first step. Most models require a mounting bracket, which is fixed to the wall. The fireplace is then connected to the bracket using hooks or slots that are located on the bottom or back of the unit. The power cord is plugged in, and the unit is now ready for use.

Some wall-mounted electric fireplaces have an inbuilt heater that can warm the air in the room, whereas others feature remote controls for easy operation. Regardless of the model you pick it is essential to follow the installation guidelines carefully. This will ensure that your fireplace is installed correctly and safe to use.

Electric fireplaces mounted on the wall can heat rooms quickly and efficiently, as opposed to traditional wood-burning fireplaces that can take hours to heat. They can be utilized as a decorative feature in a large room or to heat a moderate-sized space. These electric fireplaces are also a great option for commercial spaces like shops and restaurants.

Modern interiors can benefit from a sleek, modern ethanol fire on the wall that looks like an image on the wall. The vibrant flames and real warmth make it an ideal for your living room or bedroom. It can be set near furniture such as sofas or chairs to create a cozy, welcoming environment. You can also place artwork on the mirror to create a visually attractive display. Be sure to follow the safety instructions, such as the required clearances and recommended distances. Also, be sure to select a wall-mounted electric fireplace that is certified by UL for safety. This will shield you from electrical hazards, such as overheating or shorting.


A wall-mounted fireplace can be installed in a variety spaces. You can mount it on top of a flat-screen television to create a stunning entertainment center that provides warmth and ambiance. Placing it on the wall, where you could hang an art work, is another option.

The frame of a wall-mounted fireplace can be found in a wide range of finishes from traditional wood to modern stainless steel that allows you to choose the perfect match for your home decor. Some models even come with an attractive mantel that gives it an authentic feel. You can select an electric fireplace that is flush mounted and can be placed low on the wall. It is simple to install with brackets or a bumpout. A recessed electric fireplace, however, requires more work since it is built into a space in the wall and usually needs to be cut into the wall in order to fit.

A wall-mounted ethanol fireplace can be a great option for homeowners who wish to add heat and real flames to their home without worrying about chimneys or venting. In contrast to traditional wood burning fireplaces, these models use bio ethanol fuel, which is delivered to your home in quart-sized bottles to allow for ease of handling and minimal maintenance. These fireplaces can be mounted like an image on the wall. They also come with stunning flame effects, a variety of heat settings, and a remote.

In addition to the attractive LED lighting and realistic flame display Some models also come with WiFi enabled Smart technology that allows you to connect to your smartphone to alter your fireplace’s settings remotely. The ambiance of this unit is further enhanced by its modern, sleek design and stunning faux stone finish that is perfect for modern homes.

This electric fireplace is designed to be installed in a wall. It can be painted in any color to match your interior scheme. With slim lines this model comes with an easy-to-install bracket and two heat settings, and a handy remote with timer and dimmer controls. The simulated logs and the glass ember bed are designed to look like an old-fashioned fireplace that burns wood and is a perfect match for any decor style.


A wall-mounted fireplace can be a chic option to add some ambiance and luxury to your home. There are many models available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your style. They also come with features such as flame and ember bed colors, heat settings and touch screen controls. You can even find models that are remote-controlled and equipped with an inbuilt heater. Some electric fireplaces can be built into the wall to create a customized-fit without venting.

The Dimplex XL Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is a great option for those who want modern and sleek design. This model is designed to be flush mounted and comes with mounting brackets that make installation simple. Its slender profile will blend into almost any room and it’s available in a variety of colors to match your decor. You can even change the colors of the ember beds and flames to create a unique appearance. This fireplace is perfect for those who are on a tight budget and don’t want to install mantel.

Another option that is great is the RW Flame Electatic LED Slim Wall-Mount Fireplace. It can be hung on the wall directly or recessed in a 2″ 4″ wall stud to create a custom installation. Its slim profile remote control, sleek design make it an excellent addition to any space. You can choose from different surround options, including black stainless steel and flat white metal, to match your interior design.

Many people install wall-mounted fireplaces to complement their flat screen TVs. These fireplaces feature wide frames that are narrower than traditional mantels, and they can be hung underneath a floating shelf or positioned over a large flat-screen television. They’re also suitable for children and pets with cool-to-touch glass and realistic LED flames. Some models have a zero heating option that can be enjoyed all year round.

While some people opt for a fireplace with an electric component, these models require more time and effort to install than wall-mounted counterparts. They also cost more upfront, but they can be a fantastic addition to your home, business or restaurant. They’re an excellent way to add an air of luxury to any area and can be used to impress guests or clients.