11 Ways To Destroy Your Side By Side Fridge Freezer Under Counter Uk

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LG side by side fridge freezers uk by Side Fridge Freezer Review

LG side by side fridge freezers boast an elegant look and modern technology. They are huge and provide a lot of storage space.

Double ice makers automatically make standard Craft Ice and spherical Craft Ice. Craft Ice melts slower, allowing drinks to stay cooler. Door Cooling+ keeps drinks fresher by blasts of cool air. And Cool Guard metal panels add an elegant, professional-style look.

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The side-by-side refrigerator is ideal for families who want to have their fresh and frozen foods easily accessible. They come with separate food storage areas with shelves that extend the entire height of the appliance. This makes it easier to reach items that are at eye level. Contrary to this, buy side by side fridge freezer French door refrigerators may require you to bend down to access your freezer or food items.

LG refrigerators are equipped with a variety of practical and innovative features that can aid you in saving time and money in the kitchen. They include the InstaView Door-in-Door feature that allows you to peek inside without opening the fridge, an auto door-open function that opens the refrigerator door whenever it detects your presence close by, and a smart ThinQ Refrigerator app to control your fridge from any place in the world.

Certain models come with a slim indoor ice maker that can be used without a bulky unit and allows for more space on the top shelf. They also have dual ice dispensers which offers slow-melting Craft Ice and traditional cubed ice. For those who don’t wish to make a mess of adding ice manually it is possible to use the Ice Plus setting automatically makes three or six batches of specialty ice each day.

In addition to these helpful innovations, LG refrigerators are designed to be durable and energy efficient. They come with Door Cooling+ and Linear Cooling to ensure that cold air is evenly distributed throughout the fridge as well as the freezer. The Cool Guard metal panel helps maintain the temperature.


You can satisfy that organized side and still look stylish. Side-by-buy side by side fridge freezer (http://www.kmgosi.co.kr) refrigerators are sleek with flat panels and discreet pocket handles to give modern style to your kitchen.

Their storage bins and shelving cover the entire width of the refrigerator, making it possible to organize and pick up items from a distance that is easy to see. This is in contrast to French door refrigerators, which require the user to bend down to access the freezer.

The majority of models have four shelves for freezer and fridge, two produce crispers, butter keepers and door storage bins. Some models feature storage drawers designed for large containers, such as milk.

These with the LG InstaView Door-in-Door design feature a tinted glass panel on one of the doors. This will light up with just two clicks which allows you to browse within without opening the fridge and let cold air out. This feature is acknowledged by experts as being practical and efficient, while also saving energy and time.

Energy Star-rated models are environmentally sustainable and require less electricity. Multiply the kilowatt hours (kWh) on the label for energy with the local electricity price to determine the annual operating cost of your fridge. You may also wish to determine the fridge’s usable capacity in litres against the living requirements.


When selecting a fridge freezer, the capacity is the most important aspect. The best side by side refrigerators can offer up to 28 cubic feet of storage space, which is sufficient for a family of four members. Most of this space is devoted to fresh food items, with 13 to 15 cubic feet of space in the refrigerator and 8 to 9 cubic feet in the freezer.

This LG refrigerator comes with an ice maker that is small for indoor use that can make cubes of crushed ice or ice whenever it is needed. Additional ice can also be stored in the freezer, to be quickly accessible. Its clever design reduces energy use by reducing flow of cold air in and out of the refrigerator when you open the door and it utilizes LG’s intelligent Inverter Linear Compressor to ensure maximum performance.

The refrigerator’s interior is divided into four glass shelves and a deli drawer. The top shelf can accommodate large jugs or bags of frozen vegetables. The lower shelf is used for tall containers and a 2-litre bottle, while the drawer for deli items can hold lunch meat and cheese.

The high-end LED lighting illuminates every nook and cranny while digital sensors react quickly to temperature fluctuations. This refrigerator freezer is net-connected for easy monitoring and control via the SmartThinQ app, so you can set alarms in the event that the door is left open or if there’s a fault developing.

Energy efficiency

When you purchase a refrigerator freezer with a high energy efficiency rating, a good energy rating is vital. This model from LG is a dazzling A++. This is thanks to a number of innovative technologies and head-turning design details that help it stand out from the rest. The smaller door-indoor function reduces the airflow of cold air and stops warm kitchen air replacing it. This makes food fresher longer and saves on energy costs. The smart cooling system utilizes sensors to react quickly to temperature fluctuations, and the multi-airflow system ensures that humidity and temperature remain at their highest levels.

The GSX961NSAZ comes with a number of useful features, including the Moist Balance Crisper which enhances the retention of moisture and improves freshness of both vegetables and fruits. The Fresh 0 Zone is an ideal place to store your meats and fish, ensuring they last longer. LG’s Smart Diagnosis feature is available in certain models, allowing call centre representatives to check and diagnose issues with your refrigerator without visiting your home.

A huge benefit is that this fridge freezer comes with a 10 year linear compressor warranty to give peace of assurance. It is easy to use and comes with huge bins for drinks and food as well as ample space for tall bottles of wine, and 2-litre pop bottles.