12 Companies Leading The Way In Back Link Software

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top backlink software 5 SEO Software For Backlink Analysis and Monitoring

Backlinks are important for your website’s SEO because they help search engines understand your page authority and rank it higher on search results.

There are numerous tools available online that allow you to determine the backlinks of your website. Some are free, whereas others require a paid subscription.


SERP Checker lets you examine and track the performance of your website in Google results. It assists you in narrowing down the keywords you should use in your content and create an action plan that will help you get more traffic and authority for your domain.

The software provides an array of information on competitors and their backlink profiles. It employs more than 45 SEO metrics to determine the strength of backlinks as well as authority. It also allows you to examine your site’s ranking against rank against your competition, as as analyze localized SERPs and rich snippets of.

It also lets you view the SERPs for desktop and go.ivey.ca mobile devices. This is an essential feature if your goal is to expand your business to multiple countries. You can also view your local ranking difficulty score to determine the difficulty of attempting to rank in your targeted market.

The SERP checker’s interface is simple and easy to use. You can quickly add multiple searches to get results. It also includes an option to take a snapshot that displays the current SERP in a clear format.

Another feature that is great is the variety of integrations that permit keyword performance to be accessed from various sources. You can also choose from different plans to meet your needs.

This is a great choice for anyone looking for an SEO-checker free of charge that can help them track their progress over time. This feature is very useful for websites that are constantly fluctuating in their rankings because it can give you an idea of what you can do to increase your ranking if not among the top 10 of the list yet.


LinkMiner is an SEO tool that will help enhance the performance of your site. It comes with a range of tools that will help you detect harmful backlinks, examine the distribution of anchor text and pinpoint opportunities for building links.

This tool lets you track your backlink growth over time. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it an essential tool for any online business owner who wants to improve their SEO strategy.

One of the greatest things about LinkMiner is it’s ability to analyze the backlink software mac (simply click the next site) profile of a competitor in just a few seconds. Simply type in the root domain, subdomain or target URL of your competitor, and then click the “Research” button.

You can click on any of the backlinks and view a variety of metrics. These include Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Referring IPs, Anchor Text, Total Backlinks and Link Strength.

Another useful feature of LinkMiner is its search feature for “New” and “Lost” incoming links. This lets you input the root domain, subdomain or the target of your competitor. You can then click on the “Research” tab to quickly find hyperlinks that have recently been added or removed from their backlink profile.

LinkMiner is a great tool to identify high-quality backlinks to help increase your search engine rank. It can also assist you to detect harmful backlinks and then remove them from your website’s search engine rankings.

Mangools, the creators of KWFinder, released LinkMiner in the early months of 2016. It’s a substitute for SEMrush and Moz and is part of the Mangools collection of tools. It is free for 10 days and thereafter the cost is $29 per month.


BuzzSumo is a tool online that helps you find the most relevant content for your business. It also provides insights into social media and competitive analysis. It also provides data for Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube.

This content marketing tool’s most important characteristic is its ability to help you discover topics that are interesting to your audience. It does this by analyzing social sharing trends and backlinks. This information can be used to create more relevant content that will attract your target audience’s attention and enhance your SEO strategy.

Another great feature of this content search tool is the ability to search for keywords based on their popularity on the Internet. This tool will present all the popular articles and blogs that are connected to any topic, even long-tail keywords. It will also give you the most popular social shares as well as backlinks from other domains.

BuzzSumo lets you track any topic that is interesting to you by simply entering keywords. It will then send you alerts when that phrase or set is over a certain threshold. This can help you track your competition and increase your competitive edge.

It also provides an Content Analyzer tool that lets you search for any keyword and see every piece of content related to this keyword on the internet. This is a great method to identify the most relevant content that your target audience will love to read.

It also comes with a tool to identify influential people. This lets you determine the most influential people on social media, and also helps you establish connections with them.

BuzzSumo is an affordable, powerful and user-friendly content marketing tool. The cost ranges from $99 to $299 monthly, based on the options you’re looking for.


Linkody is a comprehensive backlink monitoring and analysis tool that comes with a host of features to assist you in keeping an eye on your links. It also offers insight into the link building strategies of your competitors.

This tool also lets you block hyperlinks that Google might find to be harmful. This helps you safeguard your website from negative SEO.

If you have a large number of backlinks, Linkody is a great tool because it alerts you when they disappear or change. It can help you identify the cause and prevent further harm to your rankings.

Linkody can be used for basic backlink analysis and monitoring, while SEMRush is more sophisticated in its features. It’s a cost-effective tool that can provide white-label reporting to your company and help you provide timely reports to your clients.

The tool is free to use and offers the opportunity to try it for 30 days free. You can also pay annually for Wilmer Parkin three months of service for a lower cost.

Linkody is a powerful backlink monitoring and analysis tool that notifies you of any lost or gained backlinks. It also gives you insight into your competitors’ link building strategies, and identifies and rejects negative links. It also connects to Google Analytics and allows multiple users to log in to a one account.

It also includes an area for domains of competitors that lets you monitor the performance and profile of the links of your competitors. It displays links from their domains, as well as metrics like Domain Authority, spam scores, content length, and best performing links.

It’s user-friendly and has a variety of useful features. It also has a handy feature that lets you create a list of keywords which are receiving the most links. This will help you concentrate on these areas and enhance your search engine optimization.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides a link intelligence platform for businesses. Its backlink inspector evaluates the quality and the issues with your backlinks. You can also create a profile on the website and monitor your progress.

Majestic’s primary function is the Site Explorer which shows a website’s complete profile of backlinks using proprietary data. Its simple illustration uses an qualitative dimension called Trust Flow and a quantitative one called Citation Flow to provide an easy overview of a site’s backlinks profile.

This feature is useful in determining the reliability of inbound links that Google considers to be crucial in the ranking process. It will help you find sites that have lots of low-quality links that will not improve your rankings. It can also detect links from shady companies.

The tool can also measure the flow of citations to a website. It is a number between 1 and 100 which is a measure of how powerful a site is based on how many websites link to it. It also provides which domains are linked to and what keywords are used by a website.

Another crucial Majestic SEO feature is the TF/CF ratio it is a measurement which determines the ratio between the number of high-quality and low-quality links on a website. Majestic states that a ratio of 2 or 1 is a good indication that a website is high-quality.

Other Majestic SEO features include search Explorer, which lets users perform keyword searches and see the results. You can also access standard and advanced reports to learn more about a specific domain or URL. Clique Hunter is a second useful tool that allows you to search for all “cliques”, which link to a specific list of domains.