15 Things You're Not Sure Of About Erb's Palsy Lawyers

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Erb’s Palsy Litigation

A child with erb’s palsy may receive compensation to cover medical treatment and future expenses. The funds could also help families deal with the emotional trauma that comes from this birth injury.

Your lawyer will go through your medical records and determine the value your case is worth. They will then file the lawsuit and give the defendants 30 days to respond.

Medical records

If a child is affected by Erb’s palsy, it could be devastating for the family. The condition can cause pain, swelling and disability that may affect the child’s ability to use their hands for everyday tasks like playing sports or even buttoning their shirt. A knowledgeable Erb’s Palsy lawyer can help families receive compensation for the losses they have suffered.

The first step to file a claim for medical malpractice is to gather evidence of negligence. This includes medical documents and witness statements. The attorney will review the documents and may have consult with experts in obstetrics and anesthesia, and orthopedic surgery. These experts will offer their opinions on whether Erb’s palsy in your child was the result of an undiagnosed medical issue or natural causes.

A variety of factors can trigger Erb’s palsy due to a variety of causes. The most common cause is that a doctor uses excessive force during labor and delivery. This can tear or stretch brachial nerves and trigger the condition. There are a variety of techniques doctors can employ to prevent this. You should consult with an attorney right away if you suspect that your child was diagnosed with this birth defect. A successful case could aid in the payment of medical bills as well as other costs associated with the injury. This can alleviate financial burdens and improve your child’s quality of life.

Expert Witness Reports

A medical professional is required to evaluate your Erb’s palsy case. They will offer their opinion on what caused the injury, and whether or not it was due to negligence by a doctor. The expert will also help determine the extent of your injuries and how they will affect your future life.

Erb’s Palsy is caused by birth injuries to the brachial plexus. It is more frequent in vaginal births, but can occur during C-sections. The injury is usually caused by doctors who have to move the baby’s shoulders to facilitate delivery. The process can cause stretching and tear to the nerves of the armpit causing permanent damage.

In certain cases the injury may be treated with surgery, but it may still cause problems. Children with this type of injury may not be able use their arms or raise their hands. This can impact their quality of life, particularly those who are unable engage in sports or perform daily tasks. Some people are able to benefit from muscle transfer surgeries that involve the surgical placement of stronger muscles or tendons that support the weaker ones.

Your lawyer will gather as much evidence as you can and then send it to the lawyers of the defendants. The defendants will then have 30 days to respond to your claim. After this the court will decide when to schedule your Erb’s Palsy lawsuit for trial.


Families can seek compensation for the harm their children suffered by filing lawsuits for Erb’s palsy. In addition, they can keep medical errors from happening again by holding those responsible accountable. Our lawyers are equipped with the resources and experience to investigate your child’s injuries and determine whether a medical professional’s negligent actions caused it.

Erb’s palsy may be caused by a doctor pulling too hard on the baby’s neck, head, or Erb’s palsy lawsuit shoulders during delivery. It can be caused by the incorrect use of vacuum extractors. It can be caused by long labor that causes stress to the baby’s shoulders and head.

A few babies who suffer from Erb’s paralysis will recover completely and be able to move their arms again. But, others suffer permanent nerve damage and will be disabled for the rest of their lives. Most cases of Erb’s paralysis can be prevented and are caused by medical malpractice during labor and birth.

After the medical records and other evidence have been taken, our attorneys will bring a lawsuit against the defendants, typically the hospital or doctor involved in your child’s birth. Once the lawsuit has been filed, the discovery process will begin. This includes depositions and other medical documents. Expert opinions are also available. The majority of Erb’s Palsy lawsuits are settled, but we may consider bringing your case to trial if needed.

Trial preparation

The final step of pursuing compensation for a child’s brachial plexus injury is presenting arguments before a jury or judge. Your Erb’s palsy lawyer will attempt to establish that the healthcare professional failed to act reasonably in a specific set of circumstances, while the defense attorneys of the defendant will try to convince the jury or judge that the healthcare professional acted reasonably.

In most cases, the parties come to an agreement before trial. The intention is to satisfy both parties’ interests and also to close the case. The lawsuit will end when the plaintiffs receive a lump sum of money. The amount of compensation depends on the severity of the injury and the amount of medical treatment will be required in the future.

Families with children with brachial-plexus injuries are often unable to pay for the expenses. Financial compensation from an Erb’s Palsy lawsuit may assist families with the costs they may incur to treat their children’s illness. It could also help cover the loss of wages, if the injury affects a child’s future ability to work. It also helps to ease the physical and emotional strain of dealing with an injury that can have an enormous impact on the child’s life. An experienced Erb’s-Palsy attorney can assist families to pursue the damages they deserve.