20 American Side By Side Fridge Freezer Websites That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

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Side by Side Fridge Freezer Under Counter

Countertop side by side By Side fridge Freezer integrated refrigerator freezers are a great option to save space in your kitchen. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors that can fit into any kitchen style.

To narrow down your choices take into consideration factors like size, ease of use and energy efficiency. The top refrigerators have features like an in-door can caddy, and doors that can be adjusted. They also have glass shelves that are frameless.


Refrigerators come in a range of sizes and configurations that can be adapted to fit various kitchens. The refrigerator side by side fridge freezer Integrated dimensions you choose are a significant factor in the overall fit in your space. You may prefer a French-door refrigerator if you like fresh food, however an option that is side by side is better suited for your needs if you require greater storage capacity and easier access to frozen items.

If your family is often entertaining the whole time, a full-width fridge with an interior that has room for greater shelving and compartments could be the best option for you. These models come with features such as exterior water and ice, as well as variable freezer temperature controls and dividers. They are ideal for storing special foods and allowing for more flexibility with large platters and serving plates.

Whirlpool offers refrigerators that are compact and can be fitted into smaller kitchens. Some models come with smaller doors to fit in tight spaces. They may also have an under-freezer to allow for more flexibility in fridge space.

You can also find undercounter fridge freezers to use in your bar or other areas for side by side fridge freezer Integrated entertaining, which are ideal to store chilled cocktails as well as mixers. These drawers for refrigerators under counters offer dual temp control and are available in both single and double-drawer options depending on the amount of additional storage you need.


While traditional refrigerators place the freezer on the top of the fridge side-by-side models put the freezer right next to the fridge. This arrangement is more convenient to use and offers easy access to items like frozen drinks and foods. You also don’t have to bend down to reach things which can reduce back pain and reduce the chance of injury.

In addition there are many side by side refrigerator freezers under counter models have unique storage options which can help you organize your food and access it more quickly than other freezers. Wider door bins, as an instance, can be used to store larger food items, such as cold cut trays and other large food items that might not fit into smaller freezer compartments. Some models also have a shorter depth, which means they require less space to open than standard-depth refrigerators.

Take into consideration all options when you’re looking to buy a new piece of equipment for your kitchen. For instance, refrigerators of the Whirlpool brand lineup are available in French and side-by-side configurations with different capacities, starting price points and features. To learn more read the Refrigerator Buying Guide and browse our collection of Whirlpool(r) refrigerators to find the right model for your home.

You can even add a second refrigerator freezer to your kitchen, for example our dual-temp undercounter combo units that tuck neatly beneath existing countertops. These appliances are ideal for restaurants who need to store food in a small space. They have both an oven and a fridge.

Energy efficiency

A refrigerator freezer that is right for you under the counter can help you save money on energy bills by making use of less cooling power than a standard fridge. A lot of models are ENERGY STAR certified and the ENERGY STAR labels show how many kilowatts of power the refrigerator uses each year. This is useful when comparing prices and models.

Check that the small undercounter refrigerator will fit under the counter you have. Most units vent to front, so they may not be able to fit under countertops that are too deep. There are some that require a certain amount of space behind them to allow for an electrical outlet. If you’re planning to put the refrigerator on a wall, ensure there is enough space to accommodate the back of the appliance and it doesn’t block the view of other kitchen appliances.

Undercounter refrigerator-freezer units are equipped with separate compartments that house a fridge and freezer. They are typically more energy efficient than side by side fridge freezer combo-byside fridge freezers. Some models only have one door for both compartments, and consume less electricity than two-door models.

These compact refrigeration solutions can be useful in smaller apartments or homes as an extra refrigerator or freezer. They can also be useful in larger kitchens as a convenient space to store extra items or to provide quick and easy access to food and beverages during cooking. Certain models are ADA-compliant, and are suitable for those who are physically impaired.


A refrigerator’s design is key to preserving ingredients at their optimal temperature. Certain models come with easy-to-clean stainless steel interiors, LED lighting, and adjustable storage options. Choose from six different fridge configurations to match your family’s and space requirements.

Top freezers are a traditional style that has a fresh food compartment above the freezer, which is accessible via doors that open on either side or a pull-out drawer. This classic refrigerator design is ideal for keeping less frequently used items closer to the eye while keeping frequently used foods and beverages in close proximity.

French door refrigerators as well as side-by-side refrigerators have extra freezer space, and slightly more capacity than top freezer models. These refrigerators also have extra features, like in-door water and ice dispensers, spill-proof shelves and specific temperature zones.

Undercounter refrigerators and freezers can be used to store food and beverages. These small appliances can be used to add the functionality of a bar fridge or pantry to your home. Choose between single- and double-drawer refrigerators that have separate compartments to store fresh or frozen food items, or a fridge that can accommodate both kinds of food.

Make your pantry fridge an wine cellar or beverage center to store bottles and cans at the ideal temperature. These refrigerators with specialization are ideal for homes with little storage space or a smaller budget.