20 Myths About Slimline Side By Side Fridge Freezer: Busted

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Undercounter Fridge Freezer Side by Side For Busy Commercial Kitchens

Dual temperature undercounter fridge freezers side by side are an efficient solution for busy commercial kitchens. Many styles are available with framed glass, stainless steel swing doors as well as panel ready models.

These undercounter fridges can be placed between counters or cabinets in order to keep drinks, food or meal preparation ingredients easily accessible. Make sure you know the dimensions required for clearance from the countertop, particularly in the case of refrigerators that are rear or slimline side By side fridge freezer-breathing.


Side by side undercounter fridge freezer models offer plenty of space within a small area. They are ideal to store a variety of ready-to cook food items. Many dual-temp units include freezer compartments to store food items that have to remain cold. They are ideal for kitchens that are busy or with limited space.

The size and position of your kitchen can help determine the type of appliance you’ll need. If you entertain guests at your home bar, a dual-zone cooler is the best side by side fridge freezer choice. A refrigerator drawer underneath the counter can be an ideal option for large families who need more food storage.

Remember that ventilation requirements may restrict the size of refrigerators for undercounter use. Install them at least six inches from the back of the counter or cabinet to allow proper airflow. Some units have vents on the side or back that cannot be placed against a brick wall. Some have vents for front breathing and less restrictions.

Certain models are designed to sit perfectly under counters with a sleek style that resembles a 24- inch base cabinet. You can personalize the drawer fronts and handles to match any decor. These cabinets are ADA certified, and the majority come with panel-ready designs, which let you customize the door opening to meet your requirements.


Alongside a sleek, high-end design that can be a perfect match for any kitchen, side by side fridge freezers undercounter offer easy access and storage. They are particularly useful in small kitchens to store extra food or as a secondary refrigerator for grilling outdoors and rooms. These dual temperature fridges can be put in garages, bars, Slimline Side By Side Fridge Freezer cellars, and basements to store drinks, condiments and party trays.

These slim refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your office or home. Some models even come with water dispensers and ice makers to provide additional convenience.

The slim design of the side-by-side refrigerator is ideal for those who are looking to cut down on space, but it will reduce the amount of refrigeration available. The freezer side is smaller than the fridge. So should you have large trays or packages or leftovers, they may not fit. This could be a big problem for those who are looking to use these fridges as a primary kitchen refrigerator or for those living in smaller apartments and homes. If this is a problem for you, slimline side by side fridge freezer think about a different type of refrigerator freezer that is under the counter.

Energy efficiency

Side-by-side refrigerators typically have the most affordable design than French door models. They are also more energy efficient than top and bottom freezer refrigerators, and a few are ENERGY STAR certified. Look for refrigerators that have a “kWh rating” on the label for energy. This will let you know how much electricity they use per year.

Side-by-side fridges usually come with adjustable shelves and door bins for adaptable storage. Some refrigerators also have butter or deli drawers, one or two produce drawers. Some have a dual ice maker that provides crushed and cubed ice. Certain ice makers feature advanced features, for instance, slow-melting ice balls that can be added to drinks that would otherwise be watered down as they are made from traditional cubes.

There are side-by-side refrigerators available in a variety of finishes and designs including stainless steel and black. The most elegant options are smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof, which helps make them easier to clean.

When shopping for a side-by-side freezer for your fridge, think about the amount of food you normally keep in each compartment and what kind of food you tend to purchase, and how often you’ll open the door. This will help you pick the best option for your family. Quincy Bulin is a writer covering home and product products. He helped create this article by conducting research on refrigerators based on size, price, capacity as well as the color/finish and certifications.


Commercial refrigerator freezer combos are among of the most well-known types of refrigeration because they can fit underneath existing countertops. They are a great option for companies that don’t have room to install large upright refrigerators or freezers but still require storage space for ingredients that are ready to cook or prep. They’re typically available in two or three sections, each with the option of a separate frozen and refrigerated compartment.

The doors that open on these units are either stainless steel or glass, which gives them the appearance of a standard refrigerator. Some models are panel-ready which means that they can accept doors that are custom-designed to be compatible with other cabinets in your home. Drawers are also an alternative. Some drawers offer both frozen and fresh storage, while others have only one drawer per.

If you intend to use the fridge in the counter and freezer side by side for food preparation, be sure that it’s marked as such. Otherwise, you might end with a scratched or damaged surface that can hold bacteria.

Worktop refrigerators and freezers are also options for storing food items in commercial kitchens. Burkett also has several different sizes of each of these refrigeration units to help you find the right solution for your restaurant business.