3 Reasons You're Double Glazing Locks Repair Is Broken (And How To Repair It)

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Double Glazing Locks Repair

When a double glazing window won’t close it creates draughts and allows valuable heat to escape. It also reduces your security measures for your home and puts you at risk of burglary.

Over time, double glazed window hinges handles, seals and double Glazing handles can be damaged. If this is the case it could affect your windows’ functionality and cancel any warranties you might have.

Faulty Locks

Many people put anti-burglar systems on their main doors and gates, but they often forget that windows are prime targets for burglars. A poor lock can cause drafts inside the house, allow valuable heat to escape and also weaken your home’s security barriers.

If you notice that your uPVC window locks are not working, there is a good chance that the lock mechanism is jammed. This usually happens due to an issue with a gearbox component. This can cause the handle to not open, but to rotate 360 degrees. This is a problem that is typical of uPVC windows, but it can also happen in tilt-and turn windows and sliding sash window.

If this happens, it is possible to unlock the lock by applying pressure to the lever handle. This will unblock the gearbox and then restore the window’s opening. If this method does not work, you may need to replace the window lock mechanism entirely.

Most modern uPVC windows use espagnolette locks. These are locking systems inside the window that secure the window with mushroom-shaped locking cams inserted into the frame keep. The handle operates the gearbox, which causes the cams to move up or down. A common issue is when the spindle on the lock has broken which causes the handle to move freely but not move the window open or close.

A damaged gearbox may cause your window to appear to be locked, but it is not. This can happen when the central rods (sometimes known as crocodile teeth fixings) in the gearbox have snapped off. Misty Glaze will supply and install replacement rods if this happens.

It is not advisable to force an unbreakable lock or stuck lock. This can cause a lock to break or snap particularly if you have a uPVC windows that expands and contracts with temperature changes. It is recommended to contact a professional locksmith to diagnose the problem and repair it.

Sticky Doors/Window

Sticking doors and windows are a serious annoyance, but they can be a sign of more serious structural issues. If you are unable to open or close a window or door it is crucial to seek out professional assistance immediately. This could be the result of various factors that include foundation settlement as well as inadequate support for crawl spaces.

Doors and windows often get stuck due to humidity or the frame itself. When exposed to moisture, wooden frames can begin to warp. Even if the hardware looks great, this could make it difficult to open and close your frames. If this happens the wood expands and presses against the hinges, causing friction.

Rub the window or door with soap to reduce friction if it gets stuck in summer. This will make it smaller and may help temporarily solve the problem. This method will need to be repeated frequently during periods of high humidity.

A more permanent fix involves sanding the door or window frame to create an even finish. This can be done either by hand or with a power tool. A professional can also sand, paint or stain your frame or door to make it appear new again.

If soaping or sanding don’t aid, the issue could be due to foundation settlement or a compromised crawlspace. Examine for cracks in your area. If you see these signs, it’s time to contact a professional in foundation repair. Damage to the foundation can lead to uneven flooring and sloping interior walls which can lead to sticking doors and windows. It is crucial to address these issues as early as possible in order to avoid expensive and dangerous repairs in the future. These issues can escalate until your home is unsafe to live in if it is not taken care of. Contact the Southeast’s top foundation repair experts today to schedule an inspection and repair service!

Cracking/Blowing Issues

When double glazing begins to deteriorate, it may cause cracks to form. This can be ugly and allows all the heat that’s built up within your home to escape. It also poses an injury risk for your family members as the glass pieces can cause injury when they break. It is better to repair any double-glazing windows with a crack before they get any worse. This will increase the cost of replacement.

Window seals are crucial to prevent drafts from entering your home and keep air in between your window panes. However, as time passes, these may become damaged or shrink due to changes in weather conditions. If unchecked it can cause humidity in the home as well as condensation and double glazing draughts.

A professional will usually be able to solve this issue. They will be able to replace the window seal and get your windows back to their original condition. They can also recommend additional features that will decrease the possibility of a stress crack forming in the future, such as trickle vents to improve ventilation.

You can also grease the hinges and handles of your windows and door. This will allow them to move more easily and the lock to function as intended. Rub lubricating oils onto a cloth that is free of lint and then rub them into hinges and handle mechanism as well as in areas where they pass through frames (for example for sash window). You can also remove the handles and wash them with soapy water to get rid of any dirt or dirt.

It is essential to speak with a professional if your uPVC windows and doors aren’t functioning as they should. They can identify the problem quickly and fix it in a short time. It’s a lot less expensive and more secure than trying fix it yourself and risk harming the mechanism. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.