5 Cliches About Autowatch Ghost Installers You Should Avoid

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Autowatch Ghost Installers Nottingham

Everyday, more cars are stolen using keys belonging to the owner. Cloning tools and door lock picks are easily available on the Internet, allowing thieves to clone their key remotes and then start your vehicle in as short as 30 seconds.

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser stops these methods by preventing your engines ignition in the event that a unique PIN code is entered. It is silent, discrete and does not use LED indicators to ensure it is not able to be traced by criminals.

Discreet & Silent

Everyday more cars are stolen without keys of the owner, with key cloning equipment readily available to thieves online. Our Autowatch Ghost immobiliser prevents this theft by stopping your vehicle from starting until you enter your unique, personalised codes that are entered using the buttons on the dashboard or on the steering wheel.

When the Ghost is activated by entering your personalised pin code, it will shut down all of the vehicles electronics and stop the engine from running. It is designed to be discreet & silent, meaning that it will not activate any alarm sensors inside the vehicle and that there are no LED indicators are displayed. This makes it virtually impossible to identify with scanners used for vehicle theft. Our installation engineers are TASSA-registered, DBS security-checked, and trained technicians. They install the Ghost in a secret manner leaving no trace it was ever installed.

Our Ghost 2 device is also a tracker, and it transmits GPS signals which can be transmitted to your mobile phone allowing you to pinpoint the location of your vehicle and monitor its movements on live maps. This means you can monitor the whereabouts of your car even when it is in the garage for repairs or service.

You can turn the application on/off within the application. This gives you complete control over your car’s safety. The Autowatch Ghost application can be used to enable the “Service Mode” for your car, which will allow you leave the car without having to enter the sequence of disarming buttons or having to be inside the vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for those who have to drop off their vehicle at a local garage for a service or repair.

This application makes it easy to secure your Ghost Immobiliser Installation-II with the use of your mobile phone. As soon as you enter the vehicle’s range the Ghost-II is disarmed automatically. This feature can be enabled even with your phone in the sleep mode, which is in your pocket.

Easy to Operate

The autowatch ghost immobiliser installation Ghost immobiliser is silent and prevents vehicle thieves from hacking or cloning your key fob. The device connects to the vehicles CAN Data Network and only allows your vehicle to start when a personalised PIN code is entered using the original buttons of your vehicle. The user can enter the code in a concealed location or by using the smartphone app. This is why Autowatch Ghost is so discreet, TTW install it under the steering wheel or on the dash where only you know it’s there. It’s also weatherproof, and so small it’s undetectable to criminals in cars seeking circuit breakers or the distinctive clicking sound of an immobiliser relay that is a standard.

With the availability of affordable cloning equipment & door lock pick sets, thieves are now able to attack virtually any modern vehicle, without the owner’s keys. The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser prevents this from happening and can also be transferred to a new vehicle if you change vehicles throughout the duration of your warranty, provided that the vehicle is compatible with Autowatch Ghost.

The device is installed by a qualified technician at an unidentified location, and then hidden so that it is invisible to thieves even when the engine runs. The Ghost does not transmit any radio frequency signals, which means it’s difficult for thieves to locate the device using RF scanning and code-grabbing technology.

The Ghost can be set to Service/Valet Mode so that you don’t need to worry about the technician knowing your pin code when your vehicle is taken to the garage for service. The Ghost is able to accomplish this as it utilizes the original buttons on your vehicle, so no extra wiring is required.

The Autowatch Ghost has also been TASSA Verified that means it’s acknowledged by a number of insurance companies as a security measure. It is advisable to talk to your insurance company prior to installing the Ghost immobiliser. You’ll save money on your insurance and also protect your vehicle from costly theft claims.

No Radio Frequency Signals

Autowatch Ghost is the only system to protect your vehicle from theft due to modern day key cloning. If your car is located in a bodyshop, garage or dealership and someone inside copies your original key fob, the Ghost immobiliser is still cutting out the engine, as only you can enter the personalised pin code to start the vehicle. Our TASSA approved installers will show you how to change this pin number in the event that the device is compromised.

The Ghost isn’t able to transmit radio frequency signals as other systems like trackers, and thus cannot be identified by thieves using RF scanning or code grabbers which will give away the fact that you have a security system installed. This feature along with the discreet and silent operation makes this a stealthy yet effective solution.

A simple smart-phone application is available for the iPhone to pair with the Ghost-II. Simply enable the application when you plan to use your car and when you get near the Ghost-II it will automatically arm it. It is safe to drive the car, as your phone will automatically arm once you are away.

This is a fantastic and easy method to make security a breeze when you want to drive your vehicle. This app is free of charge to download from the iPhone App Store.

The Ghost-II is different from the original Autowatch Ghost as it does not feature LED indicators. This means that thieves won’t be able to spot it unless they get close enough to the vehicle to open a window and then turn on the light.

The Autowatch Ghost-II has a power cut-disconnect feature that shuts off the engine of your car and the ignition’s power when the system is activated. This is a fantastic security feature that prevents the theft of your vehicle when you travel for long periods of time or if you’ve forgotten the keys in the ignition. This is a fantastic feature for families & business owners who might need to park their car in public areas, or who rely on their vehicle for Ghost immobiliser installation work when traveling.

No LED Indicators

The Ghost is connected to a vehicle’s CAN Data system. A personal PIN is entered via the dash board or steering wheel which allows the device to be activated. It doesn’t use LED indicators, making it unnoticeable by scanners for vehicle theft, and also silent to operate. It can also be transferred from one vehicle to another, provided that the new car is compatible firstly and technological advances in the last few years haven’t made it obsolete in the second. Holbon UK Ltd install and hand over the Ghost immobiliser along with owner’s manual and a certificate of authenticity.