5 Cliches About Electric Wall Mounted Fire You Should Stay Clear Of

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Add Elegance and Sophistication to Any Room With an Electric Wall Mounted Fire

Electric fires do not require a chimney and can be put in even in rooms that do not have fireplaces. Electric fires require very little maintenance because they don’t require being cleaned or emptied of ash. They also don’t require purchasing logs or stacking them.

Maxhonor’s wall-mounted fire that is the cheapest boasts impressive features like two heat settings and timers from 1-8 hours. It also has a realistic LED flame effect, smart home connectivity, crystals, driftwood logs and remote control.


A wall mount fireplaces-mounted electric fireplace is a great choice for those who want to add warmth and ambiance to their home without the need to make structural changes. They don’t need any venting or gas line and are a lot easier to install than traditional fireplaces They just need to be plugged in to work.

Depending on the particular model of wall-mounted electric fire you choose the procedure for installation may differ a bit. Some models require you to attach the wall bracket first, and then the screen. Others will ask to purchase the entire unit, including the firebox. It’s important that you choose a location for your electric fireplace that is close to an outlet for power. It would be recommended to verify that the power cable can reach from the wall bracket to the socket – or Fire On The Wall alternatively, you could decide to relocate the plug socket to directly behind your new fireplace in order to create a cleaner look.

A high-quality electric fireplace will come with clear instructions on how to set it up. As long as you own a few basic tools (like a spirit level and an drill) then installing an electric wall mounted fire will be a relatively simple job that shouldn’t take more than half an hour to complete.

The majority of electric fires produce heat in a variety of ways by using an in-situ heating system that circulates hot, humid air around the room, or fire on the wall an infrared heater that enhances the realistic flame effects. There are also wall-mounted electric fires that do not generate heat but only create a flame effect.

The Camino electric wall mount fire from Flamerite is an excellent example of a modern elegant wall mounted electric fireplace which is equipped with the most modern LED technology to deliver stunning flame effects as well as a warm heating experience. This particular model can be controlled via voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant which means you’ll be able enjoy your new fireplace with ease and comfort.


A high-quality electric wall mounted fireplace can add elegance and class to any room. They are also very easy to maintain. You don’t have to think about buying wood or coal or emptying ashtrays. Simply connect the fireplace to an electrical socket. The fireplace can be turned on and off with the press of a single button. You can also adjust the brightness of the flame or heat settings.

There are different types of electric wall fires depending on the design and functional requirements. Some models include built-in blowers that circulate warm air into the room. Some models use an infrared heating element. This kind of heating system can be more effective than a conventional space heater because it warms surfaces and objects as well as the air.

The Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire is a unique heater that is ideal for different homes. It can be mounted on the wall or recessed in the wall. It is equipped with an curved black panel or white glass panel with pebbles. Its LED lighting and flame effects are extremely realistic, and it offers 13 different flame colours. The remote control is digital, making it easy to control the fire and the thermal cut-off switch ensures that you and your family are safe in the event of power surges or a malfunction.

You can install a wall-mounted electric fire in your home by drilling an exploratory hole in the location you want to mount it and then using the template included with the device to mark where you will be fixing it. Be sure to put the electric fire on the wall close enough to an electrical socket and ensure that the cable is long enough to reach it. You can even hide the power cables behind the wall-mounted fire in order to create a truly sleek finish.

Look into this electric fireplace by HOMCOM for a modern design. It features a beautiful curving front made of glass that has been tempered. It’s just as beautiful when it’s off as it is when it’s on. It can be hung on the wall or recessed into the wall. It comes with an adjustable display thermostat to determine the desired temperature levels. You can adjust the heat settings using the remote.


If you’re looking to bring the warmth of a fireplace to your home without the maintenance or safety concerns of a real one, a wall-mounted electric fireplace is a great option. They are safe to mount on walls without additional installation requirements. They are also extremely safe for children.

However, just as with any electrical appliance, there are a few precautions you need to take to ensure your family’s safety and prevent accidental fires. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult a professional for installation, and ensure that any cords you use are kept away from children and not underfoot.

Electric fireplaces are also safe to hang on the wall. However, you must mount them according to the exact instructions that came with the product. They may fall and damage your fireplace, or cause injury to anyone on the floor. It is essential to hire an expert to install the fireplace and to select an area that is at least four or five feet above the ground so that toddlers aren’t able to reach the fireplace.

ClassicFlame(r), the company that sells wall-mounted electric fireplace places, comes with a variety of safety features built in, including emergency shutoff switches. They stop overheating and lower the risk of fire. They also feature timers, that allow you to set the unit to turn off after a specified period of time, ranging from 30 minutes to 9 hours.

The front glass of an electric fireplace is cool to touch, so it’s safe for pets and children. However, it’s still important to educate them on the dangers of touching a real fire and to use the fire screen to discourage. If you have a sleepwalker living in the house, it is recommended to install the fireplace at least four or five feet above the floor, so they aren’t able to touch it while asleep.

There is no fumes or smoke generated by electric fires, making them a great option for homes with sensitive airways. Electric fires do not require chimney inspections or venting and they don’t create harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide.


A wall-mounted electric fire can be a focal point of any room. From modern linear designs to more traditional holes in the wall options, the choice is vast. Sierra Flame 55″ wall-mounted linear fireplace has a rich charcoal steel surround that can be customised to complement your interior style. You can pick from a wide range of glass colors and lighting kits. The modern fire comes with a remote control and a timer to make it easier and the option of displaying the flames with or without heating all year long.

A striking alternative to a traditional log burner A stunning alternative to a traditional log burner, the Be Modern Avella Grande electric fire has a chic black front and a beautiful realistic log fuel effect. The modern design is available in matte black or nickel finish, and has the option of a thermostat that can be set to a certain temperature and an adjustable remote control that makes it easier to use. If you’re looking to get a more minimalist electric fire, the Pureglow Carmen Illusion electric fire has a sleek cast fascia that has a gorgeous black or chrome finish and comes complete with a beautiful log fuel effect.

It is possible to buy an electric wall mounted fireplace that doesn’t generate heat. However, most will come with a heater built in to enhance their realistic appearance. It could be in the form of an in-built space heater that blasts air through a fake flame, or it could be an infrared heating device that makes use of invisible heat to warm objects and people in the room.

If you’re looking for a traditional stove style or prefer something more contemporary and minimalist, there’s a wide range of styles that will suit your preferences. Elgin & Hall Chollerton Electric Fire 22″ Inset with Cast Stove Fascia gives a cosy aesthetic with a rustic fuel bed. It also offers the option of turning on the 2kW heater in the event that you want to. Celsi Ultiflame VR Louvre Wall Mount Fire is a great centrepiece for a striking style.

Some wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with an artificial breast that can be hung up on the wall. Many customers build their own custom-made recess in order to create their fireplace of choice, complete with a bespoke mantel and frame. Some simply put their wall mounted electric fire on the wall with a flat surface.