5 Integrated Fridge Freezer Side By Side Lessons From The Professionals

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Buying a Side by Side Fridge Freezer Under Counter UK

If you’re looking for a refrigerator freezer that can be integrated into your kitchen, a side-by-side fridge freezer under counter in the UK could be the best option. These models usually have double doors, which allows you to store plenty of drinks and food in the fridge at all times.

A lot of fridges have adjustable shelves, so you can tailor the space to suit your needs. Some have built-in water dispenser or buy side by side fridge Freezer ice machine that can save you cash on top-ups as well as other purchases.


It is essential to take into consideration the size and capacity of the refrigerator freezer before you choose one. We offer freestanding models which can be placed on a countertop, as well as integrated designs that can be positioned in a cupboard or beneath a sink. If you go for an integrated design, make sure that the fridge freezer you buy side by Side fridge freezer – https://hudson-christophersen.hubstack.net/ – can fit in your existing cabinet and has enough space over for ventilation. Some models feature separate compartments for frozen and chilled food. You can pick from models that have reversible doors which means you can decide whether you want your fridge to open from the left or right side, depending on the layout of your kitchen.

Both French door and side-by-side refrigerator capacities differ but most will vary between 20 and 28 cubic feet. Some models allow you to rearrange the freezer and fridge storage space to maximize capacity to meet your requirements. The Whirlpool refrigerator comes with Infinity Slide Shelving.

This Beko undercounter fridge is a small, easy-to-use fridge freezer that includes an Icebox. This model has a 130-litre capacity, a salad crisper and shelves in the door for fruit and vegetables. It’s quiet and has auto defrost and there’s no boring defrosting task to add on your list of things to be done.


Refrigerator freezers come in various sizes. Storage capacity is a major factor to take into account when selecting the best fridge for your kitchen. In addition to the size of your kitchen, you’ll need to think about how much food you buy and keep on hand regularly. The majority of refrigerator freezers can accommodate a space of 20 to 28 cubic feet, and you are likely to be able to store approximately one bag of groceries per cubic foot. This will vary based on which brand you choose. Certain refrigerators are larger than others.

In addition to the standard dispensers of water and ice, some fridges also offer additional features that are useful, like adjustable shelves with spill-proof shelves, as well as crisper drawers with humidity controls. These fridges allow you to personalize your space according to your grocery needs. They also can reduce time and money by preventing food waste and reduce the risk of spoilage.

Based on your personal preferences, you might also want to select a refrigerator with smart features that let you control the temperature with your phone. These features can raise the price of a fridge freezer. However there are still quality refrigerators that aren’t equipped with these features.

Energy efficiency

When deciding on a final purchase the energy efficiency of your fridge freezer is a key factor. Check the appliance’s energy rating label to find out how much it will cost to run for an average of one year. This figure is based on the amount of electrical energy it consumes over a test period – and this is measured with the freezer or fridge partially stuffed – exactly as it could be in real life.

Refrigerators with higher energy ratings are believed to be more efficient – although this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re cheaper to run than models that have lower ratings. In general, larger refrigerators use more energy, regardless of the energy rating.

The dimensions of refrigerators differ in accordance with their size and style, but there are common dimensions for both French doors and side by side configurations. Both are available in freestanding and built-in (also called integrated) refrigerators that can be concealed behind a cabinet door.

French door models are a great option for those who require an easy access to fresh food items. With their double doors and wide width layout, they allow more cold air in and offer the best view of the various food items available. However, this design is a bit higher price point than side-by-side models. You can find a wide range of French door fridges and side by side fridge freezer for sale-by-side freezers in fridges at Curry’s from top brands like Indesit, Hotpoint and Zanussi.


Some fridge freezers are more than just functional – they’re also designed to blend in with your kitchen. Smeg’s adorable rounded vintage style fridge freezer is a stunner and perfect for people who enjoy a variety of interior design. There are models with internet connectivity that allow you to see the contents of the fridge at a glance and notify you when you need to replenish your food or buy more.

The best refrigerator freezers provide easy access to fresh foods and can cut down on waste. They have a wide range of storage options like adjustable shelves, compartments for salad crispers and door shelves that can be used to store drinks. Some refrigerators feature cooling zones in the door that allows air from the freezer is channeled to chill milk or juice.

A fridge freezer can be found in a variety of places and not just in the kitchen. They can be used as a garden office, guest annexe, or even a bar for your home. There are smaller models that be placed under counters or between two cabinets, that are perfect for small kitchens and utility rooms.

Whatever size, style or price you are seeking, Curry’s has an excellent selection. Check out the fridge freezer selection on the internet or in stores, and make sure to look over the measurements to ensure it’s appropriate for your space. You’ll need to decide whether you want an integrated model or a freestanding fridge freezer that can be set anywhere.