5 Must-Know Lader Fridge-Practices You Need To Know For 2023

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A Bosch Lader Fridge For Small Kitchens

Reversible doors make it easy to fit this Bosch office Fridge into any kitchen layout. It’s got plenty of capacity and plenty options for storage, including salad bins as well as toughened glass shelves. There are also five door balconies for storing jars and bottle. Maxi-Fresh food preservation technology helps your food items stay fresher longer.


The tall larder refrigerator could be incorporated into your cabinets or a freestanding. It’s a lot like to the conventional fridge/freezer combination. But, they’ll be devoted to chilling fresh food and drinks, rather than having a freezer compartment inside. They’ll also be a little taller. They’re a popular choice for Office fridge flats and smaller kitchens since they don’t require a lot of floor space like their full-size counterparts.

The MITF197 is a great example of a tall refrigerator that is inexpensive and of high quality. With a large capacity of 230 litres and the possibility of making it even more efficient by the addition of adjustable shelves. Two salad drawers are included along with five balconies on the doors which can be used to store larger items like bottles or jars. Its slimline design with no clearance hinges makes it easy to integrate into your kitchen. You can also change the direction that doors open in order to match your arrangement.

Our tall refrigerators are manufactured by industry experts like Blomberg and Lec So you’re sure that you’re getting a high-quality and energy efficient appliance. Each model comes with 2 years of warranty, which is activated when you register it. You can register your product at the point of purchase or within the My Account area on our website.


A tall larder fridge fits under your worktop, similar to a fridge/freezer that is freestanding or integrated but does not include a freezer section. If you live near a local supermarket or shop it is easy to go to the store regularly to stock up. A larder refrigerator can be a standalone unit or a part of a combination fridge/freezer pair. There are also models that complement the cabinets in your kitchen to create a seamless look.

You can store all your freshly prepared food and beverages in a refrigerator that can be used as a larder. There are models with various storage options, such as adjustable glass shelves, high-quality LED interior illumination and Maxi-Fresh preserver technology that reduces the smell of food while keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. They’re designed to be energy efficient, too and have an A+ energy efficiency rating.

You can find models with various handles and finishes that will suit the aesthetics of both your kitchen and your home. Some even come with a slimline design, so they can be tucked away in narrower spaces under your worktop. Pick from a range of stainless-steel, white or black fridge fridges that can be matched to your other appliances to create a seamless appearance. You can be assured that our larder refrigerators are made by trusted brands and are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales support.