7 Tips About Lg Side By Side Fridge Freezer That Nobody Will Share With You

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Side By Side Freezers Fridge

Side-by-side fridges have ample space for food storage. Some such as our top pick by Forno, also have counter-depth dimensions that are close to cabinets for a sleek built-in look.

Some models allow freezer storage in different heights. This is useful for families with children or for anyone who has difficulty reaching high shelves.


As the name implies, side-byside refrigerators include an ice maker on one side and a fridge on the other. They typically have more capacity overall than the bottom or top freezer models. They are also smaller and don’t block your way like single-door fridges, which is helpful in small kitchens.

Side-by-side refrigerators stand taller than other types of refrigerators, which means they offer more space in the freezer. They usually have shelves and compartments to make organizing simple, allowing you to keep frequently used items at eye level in the refrigerator section, and longer-term food items on higher, harder-to-reach shelves in the freezer. They can include an ice maker and a water dispenser that lets you quickly access your beverages without having open the door of the freezer.

The freezers in these refrigerators use separate cooling systems that ensure the coldest, even temperatures, which means food stays fresh longer. They also come with features that prevent food loss and spoilage, such as an system for hydration as well as air filters to eliminate the smell, or crisper drawers which absorb ethylene gas in order to delay overripening.

This type of refrigerator has an issue in that it isn’t as efficient as top-freezers or bottom-freezer units. This is because they have a larger vertical space to cool which can add to your energy bill. They’re also less efficient at storing wide items than other models and Side By Side Freezers Fridge could not be a good choice for those who have mobility issues that make the bend difficult.


Side-by-side refrigerators feature slimmer doors that require less space to open than other refrigerators. This makes them a great choice for kitchens with a limited space. Side-by-side refrigerators generally have a higher capacity than French door refrigerators, too generally 13 to 15 cubic feet for fresh food and 8 to 9 cubic feet for the freezer.

They are also a great choice for small condos and Side By Side Freezers Fridge homes where a bigger refrigerator could make counter space. The main drawback of these refrigerators is that they might not be large enough to accommodate certain families’ storage requirements. Even everyday utensils as well as larger meals for the holidays may not be able to fit. It is possible to move shelves, but this could be a lengthy process and can reduce the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Another disadvantage of a side-byside freezer is that it assigns more space to the freezer than the refrigerator. This could be a problem when you use a deep freeze frequently. There are ways to overcome this potential drawback. Many models come with a separate ice maker that allows you to have chilled drinks, without relying on your refrigerator’s cooling system.

Make sure you choose a model with separate refrigerator and freezer sections. For instance, the Preserve Food System by KitchenAid comes with an air filter to ensure that odors are kept under counter fridge freezer side by side control, and a system to absorb ethylene to delay the ripening process. It’s an investment, but it will save you money by maintaining your food in better shape for a longer time.

Energy Efficiency

Overall, side-byside refrigerators consume less energy than bottom-freezer models. They also cost less than French door refrigerators, and can be less difficult to maintain as the doors open only to a smaller width. However, you’ll need to ensure that your kitchen is able to accommodate an ice and water dispenser, which will require plumbing connections that are sometimes harder to install in narrower kitchens. The bigger openings on a side-by-side fridge can make it harder to store larger items.

Many manufacturers offer energy saving features in their side by side refrigerators. They include adjustable shelving and LED lighting to ensure food items are visible, even in the darkest corner of the freezer. Some have separate cooling systems that monitor temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer sections which can reduce food waste by keeping popular items easy to find and reduce the amount of frozen foods you accidentally discard because you forgot about them or they’ve gone bad.

You can also get an appliance that comes with additional features like door-in-door access to drinks and snacks. This will not only help you save time but also reduces energy consumption because the cold air is not leaving the fridge. But, you can also buy a reliable side by side refrigerator that does not have additional features for kitchens with budgets or who prefer keeping things simple. Quincy Bulin is a writer and product specialist at Lowe’s and covers everything from the most modern appliances to new home improvement products and trends. She’s always willing to help you find the best products for your house. Simply ask!


A majority of side-byside refrigerators feature water and ice dispensers that are incorporated into the freezer. This is a great feature when you want easy access to cold drinks and snacks. It also makes it convenient to wash dishes or clean glasses. This will reduce the freezer capacity. Choose a refrigerator sufficient for your needs.

In contrast to refrigerators with bottom freezers, side-byside refrigerators have more capacity of storage on the freezer side, due to their vertical design. This means you can keep things you frequently use on higher shelves while storing longer-term frozen goods lower down. The freezer is equipped with multiple shelving options, so you can arrange it to meet your needs.

Most modern side-by-side by side fridge freezer integrated refrigerators have an elegant, premium design which enhances the appearance of your kitchen. The two doors create a smaller footprint and less clutter in comparison to other configurations for refrigerators. Some models also come with crisper drawers, humidity controls and other features specific to the model.

Some side-byside fridges are Energy Star certified, meaning they will cost you less per day. This makes them a smart option if you’re concerned about the cost of energy. The strict requirements to get this certification raise the cost of a refrigerator with this label. It may not be an issue for some consumers, but it is something to consider before making a purchase.