A Comprehensive Guide To Wooden Treehouse From Beginning To End

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Treehouse Bunk Beds

From loft bunks to novelty bunks Kids beds are available in a variety of designs. Pick a bed that is suitable for the space available and your child’s requirements.

Turn bedtime into an adventure with this amazing treehouse loft bed. Kids will love playing in their own personal home.

Space Saving

Bunk beds are a great way to save space. They offer an exciting, stylish and functional solution to the issue of a limited bedroom space. They can also be an ideal option for families with children who want to share a space. The styles and colors of bunk beds can vary. Some come with storage options or features that make it easier to get access to the top bunk. Some come with safety rails or a ladder to help prevent accidents.

This loft bed for the treehouse bunk bed with slide can transform your sleep time into a thrilling adventure. This unique design is ideal for small children who love to look at the world from above. They can play in tiny caves or huts while they sleep comfortably. The bottom bunk is placed at a height that is low enough that it doesn’t feel like they are sleeping on a bed that is raised.

The fun treehouse bed is made out of all wood and has beautiful details. It’s an excellent addition to any bedroom for children and offers plenty of space for your children to play. It has a built-in ladder that is easy for children to climb up, as well as a slatted roll foundation that eliminates the need for box springs.

The top bunk is accessible via the slanted three-rung ladder that is sturdy and easy to use. This bunk bed is available in a dark grey finish and is a cottage-style that will complement any bedroom.

More kids in fewer rooms

A treehouse bunk bed lets you have more kids sleeping in less space. This is ideal for families who have multiple children in the same room. The beds are typically constructed with security in mind, with solid guard rails for the top bunk, as well as a ladder that is easy to use, even for smaller siblings. Certain models have the option of a trundle bed beneath, allowing you to sleep an extra child or guest if necessary. Bunks can also be customised with a variety of unique features, such as stairs that slide into the bed’s side (keeping the ladder from getting in the way and making it easy for toddlers) or shelves for books that add a functional element to the top bunk.

This fun set-up from the blog Treehouser is an excellent way to make the most of your space if you don’t have enough room for bunk beds. It converts an existing bed into a tent loft and creates a small desk in the space above. It’s a creative solution to the confines of a small space that’s sure to make bedtime more exciting for children.

Another alternative is a treehouse bunk with slide, like this one from Wayfair. Kids can climb the slanted stairs and peek out the window before whizzing down the slide while getting ready to go to the bed. Make bunk beds more attractive with themed bedding and make an outdoor hideaway or a woodland den. You could also create an outdoor cabin.

A treehouse bunk bed with detachable twin beds is a great option for children who need their own sleeping space. The Calhan bunk bed from Pottery Barn accommodates two twin mattresses stacked in a traditional bunk arrangement or divided into individual free-standing beds as your children hit the teen years.

More Fun

Treehouse bunk beds provide an innovative way to bring fun into kids’ bedrooms. These creative bunks transform sleep into a fun adventure with their windows, ladders and cosy corners. As opposed to the standard twin and double beds, these bunks let children climb up and down independently, giving them independence while also providing the ideal setting for creative play and sleepovers with friends.

The Ethan treehouse loft allows your child to reach the top bed via an integrated ladder, which saves space. This twin size bunk bed with a Dark Grey finish with a Cottage style is the ideal option for children who like to pretend they’re sleeping up in their own cosy fort. This loft bed will make an amazing focal point in any child’s bedroom. It could even be painted to your personal colour for treehouse Bunk bed with slide the ultimate bunk beds for your children.

This Mathy By Bols treehouse cabin bed is a child’s wish that comes real. It’s possible to climb up the slanted stairs to look out the window, and then sprint down the slide to repeat the experience again. The lower platform is great for a study or playroom. It’s also a great place to relax and read the latest book.

This unique twin cabin bed in the treehouse is a stunning way to bring the outdoors inside. Its windows and roof make an ideal backdrop for a variety of creative games, and it can be accessorised with soft accessories to suit the theme of your child’s bedroom. Make it look like a jungle hideout, den or beach hut, and add fairy lights for added ambiance at bedtime.


Everyone loves playing in tree houses, but this distinctive bunk bed brings that dream into kids’ bedrooms. Children can spend their days playing, dreaming, hiding in the woods, learning, and reading in this gorgeous cottage, and then transform it into a comfy sleep zone at the end of the day.

This deluxe wooden bunk is a great investment, but it’s sturdy and looks fantastic. It is available in two stylish grey color options and the ladder is finished with a a stylish metal finish. The slatted base is sprung to provide comfort and ample support for mattresses (which you must purchase separately). The best feature is the play curtains with stars which transform the bottom bunk into a fun space or a cozy space.

The design was created by the French label Parisot This cool bunk bed has a simple shape with a stylish grey finish and a central ladder. It’s a bit trickier to put together than a few of its competitors but the directions are easy to follow. It comes with storage drawers under the bed that can be used to store anything from books to toys.

The ultimate in style, this treehouse loft bed will make your kids the envy of their classmates and invites to sleepovers are likely to be plentiful. Made in Belgium by Mathy Bols. Bols, this stunning bunk is customizable to match your room’s decor with 26 different colors. The top bunk features intentionally rough boards and saw cuts to mimic the look of a real tree, and the space below can be used as a play space as well as a creative corner or storage area.

This twin-overtwin wooden bunk bed from Pottery Barn is customizable to meet your needs. You can add an extra bed with wheels underneath the upper level. The ladder can be fixed to either the left or the right side of frame. You can also include a black or white guard rail to prevent your child from falling off the bed in the dark.


This tree house bunk bed will transform your children’s bedroom into a heavenly sanctuary in the trees. They can rest, dream and play, invent, hide away, find themselves and grow. It is the perfect feature piece for any children’s room and was created with security in mind. The bed is constructed with the highest quality solid pine and complies with all ASTM and CPSC safety standards.

It can be used as a standard twin over full size bunk bed or converted into a loft-style bed with a platform for the mattress on the top and the bed on the floor. It can be customized to meet your specific requirements and painted in any color. The sides and window panels of the bunk can be adjustable, which lets you choose the look of your child’s bedroom.

If you pair it with the right bedding, your kids can turn their bunk into a jungle retreat or a woodland cabin, or even a beach hut. They can decorate their bunk with the use of fairy lights and other knick-knacks to match their own personal taste. Creating their own adventure every night is much more fun for kids than settling on the same single bed time and again.

P’kolino is a maker of fashionable and fun children’s furniture. The tree house bunk bed is constructed sustainably from FSC certified pine wood that is carefully and sustainably harvested. It has been tested by an independent lab and constructed to be strong and durable to withstand the wear-and-tear of growing children. It is also designed to be environmentally safe and eco-friendly. The bunk bed treehouse can be able to accommodate two twin mattresses (sold separately). It also meets all US, European, and Canadian safety standards.