Don't Buy Into These "Trends" About Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

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How to Make a Cerebral Palsy Legal Claim

Cerebral Palsy is a serious condition that affects children’s lives in many ways. Parents of children who suffer from cerebral palsy may be in a position to file a medical malpractice suit to get financial compensation that can change their lives.

The majority of these lawsuits are settled via settlement, rather than trial. The majority of lawyers wish to see their clients receive money as quickly as possible and trials can be costly.

Costs of treatment for Cerebral Palsy

If your child has cerebral palsy, the disorder will require a long-term medical treatment to alleviate symptoms and encourage maximum function. Speech, physical and occupational therapy could be combined with medications, surgeries and assistive devices as well as adjustments to the home. These treatments can be very expensive and out of reach for many families.

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, the cost of lifetime treatment for a person suffering from cerebral paralysis can exceed $1,000,000. This includes direct costs like wheelchairs and home modifications as also indirect services such counseling and mental health treatment.

In some instances, your child may need surgery to lengthen tight or stiff muscles or remove a bone that is not properly formed or straighten a curved spine. Pain relievers and seizure suppressants and muscle relaxants are frequently prescribed. You may have to hire an on-call caregiver or nurse in the event of your child’s medical condition.

A legal settlement or a verdict made through a birth-related injury lawsuit can help you recover the costs associated with treating your child’s CP and pay for specialist treatment. To schedule a free consultation, contact an experienced attorney. ABC Law Centers conducts a thorough investigation with the help of experts in medicine to determine if an unprofessional act of a doctor contributed to brain damage in your child. We don’t charge fees until we win.

Potential loss of future earnings

A child suffering from cerebral paralysis may have to attend numerous doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions. They may also require adaptive technology and wheelchairs. This can put pressure on the finances of your family. Our skilled lawyers can assist you get compensation for these expenses.

As your child grows older, the severity of their CP could impact their ability to earn money and be productive. This can affect your child’s quality of life and the financial security of your family. A skilled New York medical malpractice lawyer will be able to determine the amount damages you can receive for this. This includes both non-economic and economic compensation.

Some symptoms of CP include difficulty walking stiff muscles, stiff joints crossed knees, or arms tucked into their sides (abnormal gait). Other signs can be muscle weakness or the inability to open joints fully. There are various types of cerebral palsy attorney paralysis and their severity varies. Spastic cerebral palsy, the most frequent type of cerebral paralysis, is characterized by jerky movements and muscles that aren’t able to stretch. Hypotonia and hypertonia are two other types of CP.

cerebral palsy law firms Palsy is a complication that is permanent and cannot be treated. It can be caused by a brain injury that occurs prior to or immediately after birth. A medical error, such as oxygen deprivation in the delivery process is usually the cause.

Pain and Suffering

While cerebral palsy may cause some movements to be difficult, it does not typically cause physical pain. However it can trigger emotional suffering and mental anguish which can lead to anxiety and depression. Other disabilities could be present in children, for example vision or hearing disorders. They may also be suffering from speech delays and/or cognitive difficulties.

The condition is caused due to damage to the brain. It can occur during pregnancy, delivery or immediately after birth. It is often caused by a lack oxygen to certain brain organs. It can also be a result of medical negligence, like a doctor failing to take into account a woman’s pre-existing medical conditions or an error during the labor procedure.

A doctor can diagnose cerebral palsy by conducting an exhaustive physical examination of an infant, toddler or child to find indications of a lack of muscle tone and spasticity in the ankles, knees and shoulders, as well as balance problems. An MRI or CT scan can also be used in detecting injuries in the brain.

It is recommended to contact a New York medical malpractice lawyer as soon as you can in the event that your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. A lawsuit may seek compensation for the cost of treatments, ongoing care as well as financial compensation for pain and suffering. The law only gives you the time to file a lawsuit so don’t wait.

Financial Compensation

Raising a child with cerebral palsy can be very expensive. Families might need funds for medical treatments, assistance services, therapy equipment and other things that aren’t covered under insurance. Obtaining a substantial jury award or an out of court settlement could make a major difference for families that have to bear the burden.

The lawyers at Sokolove Law can help you get financial compensation to pay for the treatment of your child as well as other related expenses. We will work with your child’s doctor as well as other specialists to create a complete picture of your family’s lifetime costs, including non-financial damages such as suffering and pain.

The non-financial damage is harder to quantify, but we can employ a variety of methods for calculating these damages, such as the per diem method (the number of days that an injury can affect the person’s life, divided by their daily income). We also consider the psychological and emotional trauma that your child may be experiencing.

Our lawyers will look over your medical records and then meet with you for a private, no-cost consultation to discuss what led to the birth injury of your child. If we discover that a medical professional committed error, we’ll file a lawsuit for you. In most cases, the defendant will settle the matter with the plaintiff before going to court. If the defendant does not agree to a reasonable amount of money, your case may go to court.