Double Loft Bed With Stairs Tips From The Best In The Industry

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Buying a small double loft bed (click the next document)

If you’re looking for a tiny double loft bed, this Scandinavian pine design is a good fit. The frame is fitted with guard rails to keep children safe. The space beneath could also be used as a bookcase or desk.

Decorate your loft walls with open shelves to display your child’s work, family photos, and inspirational quotes. Create a cozy reading nook by putting a comfortable chair and a floor pillow close by.


When space is limited in the bedroom and you are looking for a loft bed, small double Loft bed it could be the perfect solution. They aren’t built on the ground instead, but on a platform higher than it. This creates more space under to be used for other furniture like tables and dressers. They also provide more storage solutions for things such as books, toys and electronic devices. This type of bed works well in rooms with low ceilings, where it can be difficult to accommodate a traditional bed.

This basic wood loft from Amazon is an excellent option for those who want to add some function to their sleeping space. The frame is constructed of a combination solid and manufactured wood, and the slats are supported by sturdy metal columns. This bed comes in a variety of sizes including twin over twin full over full, dark or white wood finishes. It is equipped with a ladder for easy access to the top level. It can also be constructed with either bookcases or a desk.

Another great thing about this loft bed is that it can be converted into a workstation with a desk nook or even a play-fort, if you’re looking to let your child’s imagination go wild. The website of the manufacturer has an easy-to-follow plan and clear instructions to make it easy to build. Although most people prefer the traditional wood finish, this bed is also available in a espresso color to match any decor scheme.

Most loft beds are made from either oak or pine depending on the style you’re looking for. Pine is a lightweight soft wood that takes staining and paint very well. It’s affordable and provides a warm, rustic look that will complement any home. Oak is a stronger and more expensive wood that is typically coated with a protective lacquer. It is not as durable as Pine, however it is very effective in preventing stains and scratches.

This loft bed differs from most double loft beds with ladders on each side. Instead it has a staircase shared in the middle. This allows for a better use of space and also creates a separation between the two workspaces below. It is also easier to get to the beds when there are two people in the same space, either sleeping or working.

This heavy duty loft beds for adults bed can be transformed into a complete entertainment space by adding a desk, shelf, and a sofa when you’re feeling inspired. It’s the perfect option for kids who want a cozy study area, teens looking to turn their bedroom into a mini office, or college students moving to their new dorm. All you have to do is attach the furniture pieces and you’re ready to use. The plans include a cutting list and drawings of construction to make the process easy.


If you’re planning to gift your child a double loft bed that is functional and stylish, select a bed with plenty of style. You could consider a twin Asten bunk bed that has a desk and armoire. It also comes with drawers and a hidden-hole. It’s stylish and sophisticated as it is practical. This fashionable option from Monarch Hills comes with a full-size mattress with a slat structure that eliminates the need for a bed spring. It also includes a ladder as well as a safety rail and a slatted system.

If you’re looking for something a bit more rugged and outdoor-oriented look at this rustic option from 2P Loft Bed Carlos. It comes with a sturdy wooden frame and plenty of storage space underneath which includes a bookcase a closet and open cubbies. Add some log wall decorations to complete the look and your child will be thrilled to spend time in his cabin, particularly during cold or snowy weather.

Another method to make an loft bed more entertaining is to transform it into a tent or a hideaway. Create a little window and some curtains to let your child feel as if they’re in their own space. This is a great idea for kids who love camping or want a secure space to escape their bedroom at the night.

You can also create a fun theme out of your loft bed by turning it into a home that is a reflection of your child’s preferred pastime or hobby. If your child is a fan of basketball or baseball then you can buy a sports-themed bunk bed with the logos of their favorite teams and colors. The bed is filled with action figures, dolls or other toys that relate to their interests and they’ll be happy hanging out there.

Some loft beds have slides that can be used for playing or even to get out of bed. This model from Donco comes with a ladder and a slide so your child can decide which way they want to get down from the top. You can also buy a slide from 2P Loft Bed Carlos that’s made out of a strong metal and is equipped with handrails to ensure safety.

A loft bed can be made even more enjoyable by using two perpendicular beds and separating them by a curtain. This is what Willow and Jade Interiors have done here. This is an ideal way to give each kid their own space, while giving them the opportunity to connect with one another or have sleepovers with friends. The curtain can be easily adjusted to allow for peace or play time. If you decide to go this route, be sure to buy curtains with a thicker material that can withstand the rigors of daily use. It’s worth the investment because they will last longer than cheaper alternatives. You’ll be grateful you have. You can also purchase a set of curtains in different colors so your kids can switch things between times. Be sure to measure the space before buying curtains to ensure they will be a good fit.