Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted: What's New? No One Is Discussing

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Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted

Electric fireplaces on walls are an excellent method to provide warmth and comfort to your home or workplace. They’re also extremely secure. They connect to an electrical outlet and many models offer supplemental heating.

These units are also cheaper than fireplaces that are recessed. You can install one yourself or you can have an expert install it.


Wall mounted electric fireplace in the wall fireplaces are the ideal option for those looking to create a warm and modern look to their condo, home, apartment, or office without taking up a lot of space. They are available in a range of sizes and designs to suit any room, large or small. They can also be customized with different finishes and colors. Many offer a bed of glowing flames and embers that create a peaceful ambience in any room.

They can provide warmth and style in any space. However, they must be installed correctly to ensure safety and maximum performance. To minimize the risk of fire, materials that could ignite should be kept at a distance of three feet or more away from the unit. Vents that release the hot air must be kept open and unblocked. This will allow hot air to circulate more efficiently through the room and lead to an efficient heating.

Most wall mount electric fireplaces come with directions that will show you how to install them in a home or office. The instructions usually include step-by-step pictures or video clips of the actual installation process so that individuals can follow the steps easily. Some may require the help of a professional electrician in order to install in a home or commercial building, but most are relatively simple and quick to set up.

The most important consideration is to choose a model that is CSA-certified and features an automatic shut-off feature in the event of an overheated or cheaper short circuit. Most models also have a thermostat that controls the heat level, so you can set the desired temperature in your home or business.

It is also essential to shut off the fireplace when you leave the home or go to bed. This will not only help you save money on energy costs and aid in preventing electrical malfunctions and potential fire dangers. Verify that the cord is not exposed, or that it does not touch anything that could burn if it overheats.


Electric fireplace wall mounted are a great option for those looking to add an attractive, practical accent to their living space but don’t have the space to install an traditional wood or gas fireplace. They’re simple to install and come with the brackets needed to hang them as a TV or picture. They’re also ventless, which means you don’t need to worry about a chimney or smoke. You can also manage the heat and flames with the remote.

You can match these fireplaces to your decor by choosing from a range of mantels and design options. For instance, you could choose a wood finish to go with the rustic or country style and black metal fireplaces work well with contemporary and modern designs. Some models can be recessed into a wall to create a custom fit, while others are freestanding.

Another thing to take into consideration is the amount of heat the fireplace will generate. You can pick between models that emit a soothing glow or those that have up to 1500W of heating power. The former will be more efficient, which means you can cut down on electricity costs, while the latter is ideal for supplemental or zone heating.

In addition to the flames and ember bed, some models will also have a backlight that you can change from white to red or dim. This creates a romantic and dramatic ambience, which is particularly useful in small rooms.

Certain models come with a thermostat in them that allows you to set the desired temperature. The fireplace will automatically adjust its temperature to meet the set temperature. You can use the heating feature without flames if you prefer to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.

Although it’s possible to install a recessed or wall-mounted electric fireplace yourself however, it’s generally recommended to employ a professional to ensure the installation is done correctly and safely. It may be necessary, depending on the size of the model, to construct an enclosure or a framework to support it. Also make sure that it’s secured against the wall. You should also determine the space in which the fireplace will be placed before purchasing it. This way, you won’t get a fireplace too big or small.


When buying an electric fireplace wall mounted, it is essential to consider the style and appearance of the fireplace. A lot of people prefer models that blend with the decor and style of their home and do not stand out. They are typically designed to be sleek and modern and will typically have an all-glass or frameless design. Some will also feature a refracting media for added visual appeal. When you are looking for an electric wall mounted fireplace, it is important to take into consideration the heat output as well as the effects of flames.

The flame effects on electric wall fireplaces are usually very lifelike. It is important to pay attention to the appearance of the flames. Certain brands even offer 3D holograms to increase the effect. In general the higher quality flames are better. The amount of heat generated by the fireplace is another thing to consider since some will be able to provide sufficient heat for the space, while others may not be suitable for larger areas.

Online is the best place to buy an electric fireplace wall mount. On this site, you can find all the essential information to help you find the one that is right for your home. The site will also outline the various styles available and give you a detailed description of each. This way, you can ensure that you are getting the most value for your money.

Some homeowners prefer a recessed wall-mount electric fireplace as it appears more finished and blends in with the wall. This is more expensive than the standard one, but it is a good choice for those who wish to bring a modern touch to their home.

A recessed wall-mount electric fireplace can be used to provide warmth and create a focal feature to any room. They can provide up to 400 square foot and are a great choice for small spaces. Additionally, they are easy to set up and are safe for children and pets. They are also less difficult to maintain than traditional fireplaces, because they do not emit smoke and do not require any sweeping or cleaning.


Some electric fireplaces, based on the model you choose, are semi-permanent. They must attach to a wall using a wall bracket or mounting screws. Read the instructions included with your fireplace to find instructions. If you’re not comfortable drilling into the wall, you might want to hire an electrician to complete the work.

First, you’ll need determine the best location for the fireplace on your wall. This is essential since it will ensure you put the electrical fire in a safe location and that it fits into your chosen room. It is also important to make certain that you have a power socket close by – it should be close enough to allow you to plug in the fireplace without the need for an extension cable, but ensure that it’s not close to any flammable materials like curtains or furniture.

Once you’ve decided on the best location for your electric fireplace, you will need to prepare the wall. If you’re installing it on a wall made of drywall, you’ll need to cut two 2x6s one inch shorter than the finished wall’s height, and mark the center point and stud locations on each plate with pencil. Then, you’ll need to drill holes for the mounting brackets to ensure they’re properly spaced according to the specifications for your particular fireplace.

Some models of wall mounted electric fires include a template that shows where holes need to be made. Mark the wall with an apex of a pencil and a level. Then, you can use the rawl plugs which came with your fire to fit them into the holes on the wall.

You can then put the front glass on the fireplace once it is securely in position. Plug it in, and relax! To make it more convenient, you can add a remote. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching design or warmth in a smaller space the electric fireplace wall mounted will provide both and add value to any commercial, office or home property.