Five Reasons To Join An Online Avon Kit Shop And 5 Reasons You Shouldn't

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Avon Launches New Digital Brochure

Avon has launched a new digital catalogue that makes shopping easier for Customers. The catalog also helps Avon meet its commitment to manage its environmental footprint.

It offers an enjoyable and interactive shopping experience for customers featuring features like click to shop, flippable page videos, animations etc. It also offers cutting-edge AR make-up that allows customers to virtually try on products to see how they match with their shade.


Avon’s online brochure is an enjoyable and interactive method to browse the products and shop. It looks like a traditional Avon catalogue, but it is easy to use from any device. It’s also searchable and has clickable arrows for moving from page to page. There are also videos, health and beauty information, and even a virtual makeup test tool.

You can add the item to your cart from the Avon digital brochure by clicking on the pink shopping bag icon. Click on a specific item to view more information including larger images, the entire description, and ingredients. You can also read reviews from customers for help in deciding what to purchase.

You can also decide if you would like to receive the Avon catalog in digital format directly or through an agent. This lets you support your local Avon representative while saving money on shipping.

When you purchase the Avon campaign brochure 9 2023 on the internet, you can also get a free avon Starter kit 2024 catalog in paper. Just submit a request for a current free Avon catalog and you’ll receive one when you place your order online. This is a great opportunity for you to save both time and money. It also helps to reduce the amount of paper you waste.


Avon’s digital catalog is simple to share, making it a great way to communicate with potential customers. It can be viewed on a computer tablet or mobile device. It can be downloaded and shared via Facebook or Twitter. It also has search capabilities and has a table of contents to help you navigate. The brochure also features video icons that provide easy-to follow product information and tutorials. You can even use the Virtual Try-On tool to try on makeup before purchasing.

When you’re advertising your business, you can also include the link to your online Avon brochure in emails or text messages. This method is much more effective than traditional marketing techniques like putting a brochure in someone’s mail or giving it to family members and friends. It is a good idea to follow up with your customers 2-3 days after giving them the link. This will boost sales and show your customers that you are concerned.

The brochure from Avon’s paper is still available, but the company has worked to minimize its impact on the environment by reducing its size and less ink. The new brochure is also made of lighter quality paper that is sourced from forestry that is sustainable managed and PFEC-certified. This is a significant move in Avon’s continuing commitment to reduce their environmental footprint.


Avon’s new digital brochure is an easy-to-use shopping tool for mobile devices that lets customers browse the most recent products and make orders online. It includes a large catalog that is shoppable and has arrows that click to navigate the page and tables of contents. The search box and pink shopping bag icon allow you to add products or multiples to your cart. The product pages include a description, a list of ingredients, and images. Additionally, you can also view customer reviews.

The new digital brochure is simple to share and can also be adapted to different screen sizes. It also uses fewer inks and paper, making it more sustainable than the traditional paper brochure. avon starter kit 2024 uk‘s vision is to eventually transition the paper brochure completely to an electronic experience.

The Avon digital brochure can be viewed on any device including your phone or tablet. It’s also a great method to communicate with your customers, since you can easily send a link by text or email. You can also include a link on your social media profiles.

As an Avon Representative You can make your brochures mobile-friendly by placing them in an album or on your website. You can also add a QR code to your website so your customers can scan it to get access to the digital brochure. This will allow you to make more sales and grow your business.


As an Avon representative that the online brochure can be one of the most effective tools. Utilizing it correctly will save you time and avon starter kit 2024 money when selling products for beauty. You can use it to share the Avon digital catalog with your clients, prospects, and friends by email, text, or social media. It can also boost the amount of sales you make by sending brochures less.

The brand new Avon digital catalog provides a fun, interactive shopping experience. The digital brochure features the identical content and is as simple to navigate as a physical booklet. It features arrows that can be clicked to flip through the pages, as well as the table of contents that allows you to move to specific sections and a search feature that allows you to quickly find products. It has a virtual-try-on feature that lets you test different makeup looks on you before purchasing it.

The Avon brochure is available online and constantly updated. It offers a wide range of products such as makeup as well as skincare, bath and body, fragrance and jewelry. You can browse the Avon digital brochure on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and it’s accessible 24/7. You can also watch dynamic beauty videos and how-to’s on the Avon website. You can even sign up for the Avon Rewards program to receive special offers, free shipping and exclusive VIP promotions.