How To Outsmart Your Boss With Electric Wall.Mounted Fire

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Why Choose a Wall Mounted Electric Fire?

Electric wall fires are an affordable and stylish option for heating supplemental areas. They are available in a variety of designs and finishes that can complement any room.

Some models have LED lighting effects as well as multiple options for flame display. Some have adjustable privacy glass that can be changed from transparent to opaque.


A fireplace mounted on the wall is a great way to add style and character to your home without the hassle of maintaining a real fire. There are a myriad of models available, and most of them come with a contemporary and modern electric fires wall mounted design that can fit any interior style. They can be hung or recessed into the wall to create an elegant, seamless look. Many can also be operated without or with heating, making them suitable for use all year round.

The Dimplex Sierra linear fireplace is an extremely popular choice. It comes in various sizes to suit any space. Its sleek black glass frame captures the flames beautifully, and it’s complemented by the choice of decorative ember bed media packages that include traditional logs, white pebbles, or crystals. Its LED color-changing display offers a beautiful glow, and it can be used without or with the heating feature. The remote control lets you to alter the settings from any position within the room.

Most wall mounted electric fireplaces can generate heat, typically by using the use of a space heater which blows air through the heating element. Some wall mounted electric fireplaces do not generate any heat, but only offer visual flame effects. These are more appropriate for rooms with combustible materials such as curtains or carpets.

While some models can be put directly on the wall, others will need to be installed into a specially designed fireplace insert. This may mean cutting a hole in the wall and installing a new mantel or it could be possible to mount the unit inside a pre-existing fireplace insert. The latter is generally more straightforward to install and requires less expertise.

Make sure you install any electric fireplace with ample space and clearance around it, particularly when you plan to mount an electronic television above it. You’ll want to make sure that the area of mounting is free of any combustible material and that children or pets are able to access it safely.

Energy efficiency

Wall-mounted electric fires are an innovative alternative to traditional gas fires, and have a sleek style that is perfect for homes with a limited floor space. They can use up to 1500 watts to generate heat, they are an ideal complement to your central heating system, or can be used on their own in rooms that are up to 400 square feet. They are also extremely secure and come with a variety of useful safety features like a timer, fire stop, and thermal overload protection.

In contrast to gas fireplaces, an electric wall-mounted fireplace does not burn wood or produce emissions so it is a lot more eco sustainable. Most of our electrical fires include a remote control that allows you to alter the flame’s brightness and also set different lighting moods. Our most popular model, the R.W.FLAME provides a realistic flame with up to 12 flame colors as well as 5 brightness settings. It can be installed either fully or partially recessible and fits onto any standard wall stud.

One of the greatest benefits of electric fires is that they are highly energy efficient, which saves you money on your electric bills. You only pay for the kilowatts used by an electric fire. You can find the cost per kilowatt charged by your electricity provider by examining your bill or calling them directly. To calculate the daily cost of running an electric fire simply multiply the number of kilowatts used by the cost per Kilowatt charged by your electricity provider.

The majority of electric fireplaces consume less than 1500 Watts per hour, which is equivalent of 7675 BTU/h. So, if you leave the fire on for 10 hours, you’ll spend about $2.35 every day for electricity (assuming the heater is on). If you turn off the flame and only use it to create a flame effect then the cost of running it is just one cent per day. We recommend using an electric fireplace that has a thermostat so that it will automatically switch on and off according to the temperature of the room.


You can add additional warmth to your home by installing an electric fireplace that is wall-mounted without having to reduce floor space or alter the arrangement of the room. These fireplaces are easy to plug in and turn on with the push of an button. Many come with different heating settings that can be adjusted to suit your requirements. You can even turn off the flame display off if prefer to take in the visual pleasure of the fire by itself.

This wall-mounted recessed electric fireplace is designed to blend seamlessly into the design of your home. It offers the warmth and ambience you desire without the hassle of maintaining an actual fire. It features LED color-changing flames and two heat settings as well as a non-heat mode that can be used all year round. The remote included allows you to control the unit from anywhere within your home.

A wall-mounted electric fire is perfect for smaller homes that do not have enough space for a traditional wood fireplace, since it doesn’t require a mantel or chimney. It comes with a built-in heat shield to keep the glass front from getting too hot. It also helps protect the wall from stains or damage.

When selecting a fireplace for your wall take note of the power and the heating capacity of the model. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the heater and the faster it will warm your home. The wattage also factors into the cost of operating your fireplace and the amount of energy it uses per hour.

You can make use of a spirit-level and pencil to mark the location on your wall where you’ll install your electric fire, before using the power drill to make the holes. The majority of electric fires that are wall-mounted come with a template that includes all the required markings. This will help you ensure you are drilling exactly where you want to drill.

It is important to keep the fire clear of objects that are combustible, like carpeting, curtains or furniture to minimize the risk of accidental fire. You should also keep pets and children at a safe distance to prevent physical injuries from accidental contact with the hot glass or the flames. Keeping the surrounding area clear of debris can also ensure that your fire has a constant flow of air, ensuring that it can function effectively and efficiently.


Wall mounted electric fireplaces aren’t only elegant, but they are also practical and safe. They do not require a flue, and are therefore less inflammable than traditional chimney fireplaces. They also come with a safety guard to prevent children or pets from reaching the heater and flames. They are a good option for families who have children who are small wall mount fireplace because they are installed at a height of four to five feet.

Electric fires come with a shut-off switch that is automatic along with a safety screen. This is designed to avoid overheating and to protect the appliance from overload electrical current. If you are worried about the risk of a fire, you could also purchase an electrical fireplace that has an emergency shutoff button.

Follow the guidelines that are provided by the manufacturer regarding the installation and use of the fireplace to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. If possible, find an area for the fireplace that isn’t too close to drapes or furniture. Mount the fireplace at least 4 to 5 feet above the ground.

If you decide to install a wall-mounted fireplace, make sure it’s suitable for your home. If the fire isn’t rated for your home’s power supply it could overheat and cause a hazard. Look for an appliance with features that match the decor of your home.

The easiest method of installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace is to purchase a ready-to assemble kit. The kit will include an outline of the locations to drill holes. Using the template along with a spirit level and a pencil, you will be able to mark the area on your wall where you’ll be fixing the bracket. Then, you’ll need to drill holes and insert rawls. This is a simple job that shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

You can also employ a professional installer to install your Fireplace on wall. It will cost more, but you can have a fireplace that appears professional and performs flawlessly. When installing electrical appliances in your home, fireplace on wall you should always hire an electrician who is certified.