How To Resolve Issues With Side By Side Fridge Freezer Under Counter Uk

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LG Side by Side Fridge Freezer Review

LG side by side by side fridge freezers uk refrigerator freezers have an elegant look and modern technology. They have a huge capacity and offer plenty of storage space.

Double ice makers automatically make standard Craft Ice and spherical Craft Ice. Craft Ice melts slower, allowing drinks to stay cooler. Door Cooling+ blasts cool air to keep contents fresh. Cool Guard metal panels give an elegant, premium look.

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integrated side by side fridge freezers-by-side fridges are ideal for households that want to keep their frozen and fresh foods at hand. They feature separate food storage areas with shelves that reach the entire height of the appliance making it easier for you to access your food items at eye level. In contrast, French door refrigerators may require you to bend down to access your freezer or food items.

LG refrigerators come with modern and practical features that can help you save time and money in the kitchen. These include the InstaView Door-in-Door function that allows you to look inside the fridge without opening it as well as an auto door-open feature that opens the door of the refrigerator whenever it detects your presence close by, and a smart ThinQ Refrigerator app for controlling your fridge from any location in the world.

Some models have an indoor ice maker that eliminates the need for an enormous unit and frees up space in the top shelf. They also have dual ice dispensers that can be used for slow-melting Craft Ice and traditional cubed ice. For those who don’t want to make a mess of adding ice manually or ice cubes, the Ice Plus setting automatically makes three or six batches of specialty ice every day.

In addition to these helpful innovations, LG refrigerators are designed to last and are energy efficient. They feature Door Cooling+, Linear Cooling and integrated side by Side fridge freezers Door Cooling to ensure that cold air is evenly distributed throughout the freezer and fridge. The Cool Guard metal panel helps to regulate the temperature.


Satisfy your organized side without losing the style. Side-byside refrigerators have sleek, flat panels with subtle pocket handles that bring modern style to your kitchen.

Their storage bins and shelving are a full length of the refrigerator, making it easy to store and retrieve items from a distance that is easy to see. This is unlike French door refrigerators that require you to bend to reach the freezer.

The majority of models have four shelves for the fridge and freezer two crispers for fruits and vegetables, butter keepers, and door storage bins. Some models come with gallon-sized storage drawers that are perfect for milk and other large containers.

The LG InstaView door-in-door design features a tinted window on one of its doors that lights up after two knocks. This allows you to view the inside of the refrigerator without opening it, and letting the cold air escape. This feature is praised by professional reviews as practical and efficient, while also saving time and energy.

The majority of models come with an Energy Star rating, meaning they consume less power than other refrigerators in the same class and are more sustainable for the environment. To determine the annual running cost of the refrigerator you’ve chosen simply multiply the kilowatt hour (kWh) listed on the energy label by the cost of electricity in your area. It is possible to compare the fridge’s litres of usable capacity to your needs.


When it comes to choosing a refrigerator freezer, the capacity is a key factor. The top american side by side fridge freezer-by-side refrigerators provide up to 28 cubic feet of storage, which is enough for families of four. The majority of the space is devoted to fresh foods and includes 13 to 15 cubic feet in the fridge and 8 to 9 cubic feet in the freezer.

This LG refrigerator features an ice maker inside that is slim and compact. maker that dispensates cubes or crushed ice when needed. It also stores extra in the freezer to make it easy to access. Its clever design minimizes energy consumption by reducing the flow of cold air in and out of the refrigerator when you open the door, and it utilizes LG’s intelligent Inverter Linear Compressor to ensure optimal performance.

The interior of the refrigerator is arranged with four glass shelves as well as a deli drawer, with the top shelf that can hold large water jugs or an assortment of frozen vegetables. The lower shelf holds tall containers as well as bottles of 2 litres The deli drawer can be used to store cheese and Integrated side by side fridge freezers lunch meat.

The high-end LED lighting highlights every nook and cranny and digital sensors respond quickly to temperature fluctuations. This fridge freezer is connected to the internet for simple monitoring and control via the SmartThinQ app, so you can set alarms in the event that the door is left open or if there’s an issue developing.

Energy efficiency

When buying a refrigerator freezer an energy-efficient model, a high rating is crucial. This model from LG has an impressive A++ rating. This is due to the innovative technologies and eye-catching design features that make it stand out. The smaller door-indoor feature limits the amount of cold air that escapes. It also prevents warm air from the kitchen from replacing it – this will keep food fresher longer and lower energy bills. Sensors in the intelligent cooling system react quickly to fluctuations in temperature. The multi-airflow system maintains humidity and temperature at optimal levels.

The GSX961NSAZ comes with many convenience features like the Moist Balance Crisper that improves moisture retention and boosts freshness of both vegetables and fruits. The Fresh 0 Zone provides a great space to store meats and fish, which can extend their shelf life. Certain LG models come with Smart Diagnosis feature, which allows call centre representatives to diagnose problems remotely on your refrigerator without having to travel to your home.

This fridge freezer is protected by a 10-year warranty on the linear compressor. It gives you peace of assurance. It’s simple to use and comes with huge bins for drinks and food and plenty of space for large bottles of wine and 2 litre pop bottles.