It's Time To Expand Your 18 Wheeler Lawyers Options

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18 Wheeler Lawsuits

Large commercial trucks like 18-wheelers can cause significant damage to passenger cars. Federal and state laws set strict hours of service rules and record-keeping regulations to stop truck drivers from driving for too long, which could lead to fatal motor vehicle accidents.

A New York 18 wheeler accidents-wheeler accident lawyer who has experience can assist the victim build an argument for compensation. In this article, we will discuss a number of important aspects of the law on 18 Wheeler accident law Firms wheelers.

Weight Regulations

When trucks are loaded up they could be dangerous. Drivers of trucks must undergo extensive testing and undergo special training before they are allowed to get behind the steering wheel. Regular maintenance is also required to ensure that trucks are operating safely. When they are overloaded they could put unnecessary stress on the truck, leading to mechanical failures, such as a tire blowout or suspension problems.

Trucks are a lot bigger than passenger cars, and can be difficult to see because of their size. Blind spots can pose danger for smaller vehicles if truck drivers don’t pay attention or don’t check the mirrors. Trucks slow down faster than cars, which is why truck drivers must follow all weight regulations.

There are many states that have rules concerning the length of commercial trucks. This is to ensure that they are not driving too close to other vehicles on the road. Truck drivers could be liable to penalties if they fail to comply with these laws.

While the majority of truckers adhere to these rules however, there are some who stray from the rules and violate the law. An experienced lawyer for accidents involving 18-wheelers will examine the details of your case and determine if there was a violation. They can also assist you obtain the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Lane Restrictions

Many people have asked if it was legal to drive an 18-wheeler in the left lane. In fact, it is illegal for trucks to drive in the left lane unless they are passing a vehicle or are preparing to turn left. The laws vary by state, and if a truck driver is in violation of the laws, they could be faced with serious penalties or a lawsuit from an injured car accident victim.

Connecticut General Statutes 14-230 infraction, it is against law for trucks (or any vehicle with more than two axels) to drive in the far left section of highways with three or more lanes in both directions, unless when passing another vehicle or getting ready to turn left. This lane restriction has been designed to ensure safety since large trucks may struggle to see smaller cars in their rear blind spots and need more space to pass vehicles on the right.

Truck drivers are restricted in the amount of time they are allowed to drive, and when. This is because trucking companies need to ensure that their drivers are getting enough rest and not overdriving. In reality, trucking companies must keep track of their drivers’ shifts as well as driving times to be reviewed by state officials, weigh station personnel or our lawyers after a collision with an unsafe trucker.

Underride Collisions

They are huge vehicles and they pose a serious risk for other motorists on the road. Even a minor truck crash can result in devastating injuries and massive medical bills. These accidents can result from a wide range of factors, from negligence to malfunctioning equipment or the weather. A New York 18-wheeler crash lawyer will assist you in establishing your case and pursuing compensation for your loss.

One of the most deadly kinds of accidents involving large trucks is an underride collision. When a smaller car slides under the trailer of a big truck, the weight of the cargo in the trailer may often cause a crush or shear off the top of the vehicle. This could result in a deadly head or neck injury.

The most frequent reason for side underride collisions is lack of visibility on the part of the trucker. Truckers can use road flares and reflector triangles to make their trailers more visible especially in low light conditions. Some drivers might also think that a truck has lights due to the bright light in the vicinity of gas stations or at a truck stop.

If you are involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler the trucking company and their insurance provider will immediately dispatch teams comprised of investigators, lawyers experts, engineers, and lawyers to begin building their defense. You should not contact anyone of these people until you have discussed your situation with an experienced attorney. An experienced attorney can handle all communication with liable parties while you focus on healing from your injuries.


18-wheelers, also called semi trucks, also known as tractor trailer trucks, are large commercial trucks that pose a threat to all road users. Their enormous size makes them difficult to maneuver and causes many deadly multi-vehicle accidents. They are vulnerable to rear-end collisions and are often carrying dangerous loads.

A lawyer for truck accidents who has experience can assist victims in accidents with large trucks to receive fair compensation for their losses. Victims could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses as well as lost wages, property damage, and more. An attorney can make use of the facts of a case as well as legal precedents to determine who is accountable for an accident.

Federal regulations govern trucking companies in the areas of safety, driver training, and 18 wheeler accident law Firms vehicle maintenance. A lawyer for truck accidents experienced in the field can review the accident and determine if the rules were violated. The lawyer can also look through the driver’s logbook or download vital information from the black storage device of the truck, and look over the wrecked vehicle for crucial evidence.

Vicarious liability laws allow victims to pursue compensation from their employer when a truck driver is responsible for an accident. The truck driver could be an independent owner-operator when the accident results in personal injury. In these instances, the victims may submit a claim for damages from their own insurance policies.