Looking For Inspiration? Check Out Zanussi Under Counter Side By Side Fridge Freezer

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How to Choose an American Side by Side Fridge Freezer

The refrigerator you choose will depend on your budget size, capacity and storage requirements. Our Refrigerator buying Guide will help you pick the best refrigerator for your needs.

Side-by-side refrigerator freezers offer an equal access to the freezer and fridge. The freezer and fridge sections typically have four shelves each, and two produce drawers, one size for deli containers, and gallon-sized door storage bins.


The average American side-byside refrigerator freezer has a storage capacity of 25plus cubic feet. This is enough to store food for a 4 person family. If you have a bigger family, it could be worthwhile to choose the larger model.

Some models come with smart and modern features like adjustable shelves, a produce drawer, deli drawers or gallon-sized bins. Certain models have a built in camera that sends out updates to your smartphone. This way, you’ll be able to see what’s on the shelf prior to heading to the store, and prevent you from buying things are already in your home.

Depending on your requirements depending on your needs, you might want to opt for a side-by-side refrigerator with an integrated dispenser and maker of ice. The ice makers come in dual or single versions. The latter comes with an extra ice bin and also allows for dispensing through the door.

If you’re looking for American Side by Side Fridge Freezer a less formal option We have a variety of under counter side by side fridge freezer-depth refrigerators by KitchenAid. They sit flush against your cabinetry to give an elegant, sophisticated built-in appearance.

Door storage

Be aware of the capacity of the fridge-freezer when you shop. These refrigerators come with two storage doors for fresh food items as well as a freezer compartment. Some brands have two ice makers that can serve cubes or crushed water right from the door. This avoids the trouble of reaching into the freezer, and allows you to fill up bottles and other containers without the need to reach inside.

Some models come with adjustable shelves and produce crisper drawers while others have gallon-sized door storage bins for storing beverages and canned food items. Other features include a dairy compartment and a butter keeper and an drawer for deli items. Additionally, many side-byside fridge freezers come with an elegant design that matches other kitchen appliances. Some manufacturers even provide stainless steel finishes that is resistant to fingerprints and other visible dirt marks.

This sleek GE model is a reliable choice that has plenty of space for both frozen and fresh foods. It also supports Wi-Fi and has a technology center on the door. This is where you can access recipes, view the TV or listen to music and display photos, among other things. You can even use it to be alerted when the door is opened or something needs attention. This feature increases the price but is worth the cost if you’re hoping to stay connected to your fridge and family. The GE Side by Side refrigerator freezer comes in different designs, including the hottest slate or high-gloss dark black.

Energy efficiency

Side-by-side fridges have plenty of space for your weekly groceries with refrigerator and freezer compartments situated on opposite sides. You’ll find models with a wide range of capacities, from 20 to 27 cubic feet. Some models have an icemaker that can create both cubed ice that is standard and crushed ice that can be dispensed at the door. It can also store ice in an additional storage bin.

When looking for an American side-by-side refrigerator freezer, select one with a high energy rating. This will save you the cost of your utility bills. Compare ratings by comparing numbers of kWh on a refrigerator’s energy label.

It’s important to use the space efficiently. A side-by-side refrigerator freezer is large enough to store all your family’s food. Store beverages in the refrigerator’s door bins, so that they’re easily accessible, and utilize crisper drawers for food that requires a dry environment.

Certain models have smart features that allow you to manage your fridge from the smartphone. Although these are helpful but aren’t essential to choosing a top side-byside fridge. You should consider a fridge that is simple and doesn’t include these features if on an affordable budget or are looking to reduce your energy costs. This will provide you with an affordable fridge that offers decent value.


If your refrigerator freezer is producing Ice, it can be noisy. It also makes a sound when the door closes and opens. This is normal and not a problem. The evaporator in your refrigerator can make noise however it shouldn’t get too loud. It’s a vital part of the cooling process and it’s important to ensure that your refrigerator functions correctly.

The American style fridge freezers are great since they are a single unit which contains both the refrigerator as well as the freezer compartment. They are easier to transport, and less likely to be damaged during delivery or transportation. They are also easily integrated into your kitchen, especially in an open-plan living space.

There are many different styles of American fridge freezers, such as stack and French door models. They differ in capacity and storage capacity, with a stacked model providing more space in the freezer than a side-by-side fridge. A side-byside fridge is more energy efficient and comes with almost the same amount of storage space in both compartments.

This energy-efficient ‘A+’ American refrigerator’ is available in the sleek stainless steel finish. It has doors that are contoured, child lockable controls and a fingerprint-proof finish. It has an LED display that is smart as well as a vacation mode, home bar, and a max ice feature.