Planar Headphone: A Simple Definition

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Planar Headphones

Planar headphones produce accurate and detailed audio that is clear and precise. They also have a lower distortion and larger soundstage than dynamic headphones.

They tend to be more expensive. They require a powered DAC/amplifier to work. Monoprice’s Monolith headphone series offers great value for listeners unwilling to spend more than $1000 for headphones.

The Basics

Shopping for headphones can be a bit confusing and there are many factors to consider. There are many factors to consider when shopping for headphones. They can be above-ear or on-ear, open-back or closed-back, wireless or wired. Then there are the driver types: dynamic, planar-magnetic, electrostatic or balanced-armature. While these differences may be a bit nebulous, they’re important to understand for the best audio quality.

A planar headphone uses a flat diaphragm surrounded by magnets. When an audio signal is played through the conductor of the diaphragm interacts with the magnets to create vibrations. This creates a greater frequency response, with a higher quality of sound and less distortion than dynamic drivers. It also creates an expansive soundstage that gives listeners the feeling of being in the middle.

This unique design is what makes planar headphones more expensive than other types of headphone particularly when compared to the low-cost dynamic models that are becoming more popular. These headphones are therefore reserved for audiophiles who can afford a premium price for their audio experience.

In recent years, manufacturers worked to make planar technologies more accessible to a broader audience. A number of high-end headphones from Hifiman and Audeze have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with a planar driver, and many audio enthusiasts are beginning to recognize the advantages of these high-end headphones.

The headphones of the Planar brand are known to offer superior audio quality as well as comfort and durability despite their cost. They are able to compete with other types of headphone. Additionally, planar headphones have outstanding detail retrieval and can reproduce music with precision instruments without sounding overbearing or muddy.

One of the biggest drawbacks to planar headphones is that they are heavy and bulky, which makes them less portable than other types of headphone. In addition, some planar headphones require a strong headphone amplifier in order to function at their peak performance levels. This can be a deterrent for people looking for a portable and easy-to-use headphone solution. The latest headphones incorporate cutting-edge technology to make them lighter while maintaining the same sound quality.

The Benefits

Planar headphones offer high-quality sound that exceeds the limitations of traditional dynamic driver headphones. They allow you to experience the full soundstage, with real depth and room. The flat diaphragm in a planar headphones moves more air than the traditional diaphragm.

The diaphragms’ large movements create vibrations that produce sounds that are constantly compressed and decompression. The planar drivers used in Monolith headsets are also extremely energy efficient since they require only one coil of wire to generate the diaphragm’s vibration. This lowers power consumption and increases the lifespan of your headphones.

Planar drivers also have the ability to reproduce low-frequency sounds with no distortion. The typical headphones employ small and stiff drivers that need to move large volumes of air to reproduce low frequencies, which puts them under extreme stress. The flat diaphragm in a pair of headphones can move more air than a conventional driver with a flexible range, resulting in a very smooth bass response.

A planar diaphragm also responds more evenly to magnetic fields due to the conductor Noise Cancelling trace. This results in a lower split vibration than what you would get from a traditional dynamic driver headphone and is comparable to electrostatic headphones.

Open-back headphones emit less sound than dynamic headphones. This is especially useful when listening to music in a public area. It also ensures that your music is secure, protecting you from outside interference and allowing you to get lost in your music.

They are more expensive than dynamic ones, however they provide a superior sound quality that is worth it for a lot of audiophiles. It is crucial to consider your preferences and needs prior to buying a pair of planar headphones. Planar headphones might not be the best choice for those who prefer image structure, clarity and distinction over slam and punch. There are many options that deliver both slam and listen planar sounds without breaking the budget. Monoprice’s new M1060 is one of these budget headphones that has been making waves in the market with its remarkable performance. It has a sleek design, great comfort, and a life-time guarantee.

The Specifics

The sound that you hear from a headphone is based on how the thin and lightweight diaphragm inside it is made to vibrate. In the majority of headphones the voice coils are encased behind a diaphragm that is flat. Other configurations use an asymmetrical magnet driver to achieve the exact same effect, but with thinner and lighter diaphragm. This lets the headphone create sound that are less distorted, higher frequency response and better bass.

The main distinction between a traditional dynamic driver and the planar driver is where the conductor trace is placed on the diaphragm. In a planar driver conductors are located on the flat diaphragm’s surface which makes them react more evenly within the magnetic field than dynamic drivers that place them on top of the voice coil and magnet. This eliminates the effects of acoustic resonance and buildup of pressure and provide the most natural and accurate representation of your music.

Most planar magnetic headphones can be powered by a single source, like an audio player portable or headphone amplifier with an impedance that is low. Some models are designed to be completely resistive requiring only the power of a few watts to provide outstanding performance. The HIFIMAN Ananda and Susvara are two examples of this category.

For audiophiles and lovers of music these headphones are a fantastic option for high-resolution listening. These headphones provide great clarity and detail for a fantastic listening experience, and are lightweight, comfortable and a lot of fun. Audeze LCD-5 planar headphones offer these features and more, as well as an unique design and feel. Made in the USA This pair of open-back reference headphones is ideal for professional mixing and mastering as well as high-resolution personal audio.

The Bottom Line

Planar headphones are an intriguing design because they overcome many of the limitations of traditional headphone drivers. With their ultra-thin diaphragm set between two magnetic fields, planar drivers can create a very natural and aural listening experience. This unique technology can offer audiophiles many benefits however it can be a bit difficult to understand.

In terms of the quality of sound, planar drivers are typically much tighter and more controlled than dynamic drivers. They also have a distinctive “plucked-sounding” sound and are more adept at separating instruments than dynamic drivers. However the bass tends to be lacking some of the punch and slam you’d get from high-end dynamic drivers.

Planar headphones don’t suffer from the same distortion as dynamic drivers, because their entire diaphragm is vibrating in response to the sound signal. This leads to a higher audio quality over a larger range of volume. They are therefore great for listening to long periods of time. Additionally they can be powered by the integrated amps you find on a lot of devices, so they don’t require the same amount of power as dynamic headphones.

It’s important to note that headphones with a planar design could have some leakage issues because of the bidirectional movement of the dialaphragm. This means that certain sounds will escape from the ear cups, and therefore they’re not recommended in noisy environments.

Another thing to consider when shopping for the perfect pair of planar magnetic closed back headphones headphones is that they might be more expensive than traditional dynamic driver models. However, the superior performance they provide more than makes up for this increased cost.

The Hifiman planar headphones have a stellar reputation. Audeze, Dan Clark and Fostex are also excellent brands. Each manufacturer has its own take on the acoustics, therefore it is recommended to listen to a few samples prior to purchasing. The Hifiman HE400SE, for instance, is considered to be among the most powerful and affordable planar headphones available. It has an open design and is a great option for those seeking an entry into the world of planar headphones.