Planar Headphone Tips From The Best In The Industry

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Amp For Planar Headphones

When it comes to amps that are suitable for headphones with planars, you need one with enough power to power them. closed-back planar magnetic headphones headphones require more power and voltage than dynamic headphones, which require only a tiny amount of current.

Find an amplifier that is within the recommended range of headphone impedance. It will be noted on the specifications sheet or on their website.


The NVA AP10H+ is a headphone amplifier that was designed and hand made in Great Britain. It is an extremely powerful amplifier that can power almost any planar headphone (and some dynamic headphones) on the market, regardless of their impedance and sensitivity. Its high current and voltage output will also provide a stunning dynamic headroom, which produces an amazing sound.

Planar Driver magnetic headphones, unlike speakers, are almost exclusively resistive loads. They are, therefore, relatively easy to drive. However, they require higher levels of drive than most receivers can produce. To reach their 130dB SPL rating, they need either 10V5 or 4V5 input at 1mW. This is why solid state amplifiers of class A are the best planar magnetic headphones option for them.

The AP10H+ features an output transformer that boosts the voltage as well as a volume matching resistance that is suitable for headphones in 85% of cases. The AP10H+ is able to deliver twice as much power to a pair 32 ohm dynamic headphones.

Nirvana IV

The Nirvana IV tube amp has an appealing warm sound profile. This powerful amplifier can drive headphones with magnetic planar design easily and comes with a variety of output modes that work with the majority of headphones’ impedances. It also comes with a high-end external power supply unit that supplies constant current to the amplifier. The amplifier was designed in Serbia by Milomir Trosic, and it utilizes hand-crafted transformators that offer extraordinary musicality.

The Nirvana IV is a single-ended amplifier that delivers 6.5W pure power of class A. It can easily drive high-impedance headphones and is capable of handling the HiFiMan SUSVARA open-back magnetic headphone effortlessly. Its bass performance is excellent and has great dynamic depth. The Nirvana IV has a rich midrange, smooth highs, and a staggering amount of detail.

This amp is comparable to the Auris ha-2SE and Headonia amplifiers however, it’s a better one overall because it has more balanced and precise sound. It can uncover hidden layers of music when paired with the right headphone. It is also very enjoyable to listen to. Its balanced mode is particularly impressive, as it adds warmth and smoothness to the sound, which is hard to discover in other headphone amplifiers.

Many people who love headphones enjoy the warm sound of vacuum tube amplifiers. However, they are difficult to use and require a substantial investment. Additionally, they generate lots of heat, so it is important to choose one with a robust cooling system. The Nirvana IV can be customized to meet the preferences of audiophiles.

The Cayin Ha-6A is a great choice for anyone looking to experience the power and beauty of a tube amplifier for affordable cost. The amplifier is compatible with various types of headphones and planar driver is compatible with most well-known digital audio formats. Its output switch allows you to choose between three gain settings, which are suited to medium, Planar Driver low and high-impedance headphone. It also comes with the ability to control the remote and an external power supply.

Dragon Inspire IHA-1

The Dragon Inspire IHA-1 is a serious hi-fi pedigree It was designed by (and is manufactured under the watchful eye of) Dennis Had, founder of Cary Audio. Its design is timeless that is reminiscent of classic tube equipment, despite the bizarre red paint job.

The IHA-1 makes use of a pair of 6SN7 dual triodes to power headphones and features transformer coupling at both outputs and inputs, making it compatible with virtually every headphone. It is also small and has a clear signal path without any feedback loop.

The IHA-1 is a rich, harmonic sound that we’ve found to be a hit with those who appreciate a full listening experience. It’s a great choice for classical, alternative/indie, and the acoustic genres. It’s also a great choice for country, pop, rock, and R&B tracks. However, it can be a little warm side for high-energy genres such as EDM and Metal. You can compensate for this with tube rolling.

In general higher-sensitivity headphones are likely to mate well with tube amplifiers and the IHA-1 is no exception. We tried it on a wide selection of headphones including the Focal Clear, HiFiMan HE-560, Grado RS-1, and Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime. The IHA-1 offered a full and rounded sound with astonishingly precise lateral imaging and a spatial sense that was truly revelatory.

The standard IHA-1 comes with two Russian 6SN7 tubes. It is possible to upgrade it by $100 to a NOS RCA GZ34. The GZ34 is more warm than the 5Y3GT reissue, but it has a more organic sound and has a lot of bass. It also has a lovely bass response that’s not too recessed to make the majority of listening experiences amazing and a breeze to wear.

The IHA-1’s 3-D soundstage is particularly apparent when it is paired with the Focal headphones Utopia. The Focal’s already precise imaging could expand forwards and outwards and reveal a vast soundscape. Listening to “Nublado” from Sera Una Noche (MA Recordings 16/44.1) was like wandering through a large hall with your headphones.

Cayin HA-6A

This affordable tube headphone amplifier from Cayin is a portable amplifier with an impressive power. It can drive planar headphones such as the HiFiMan SUSVARA with ease and also sounds great when paired with dynamic headphones such as the Audio-Technica A1000X. It’s also highly adaptable and is a good choice for music enthusiasts with diverse preferences for listening.

The HA-6A is a transformer-coupled design with output transformers that are matched to offer real balanced output. The power supply is also fully controlled, which decreases the ripple effect of voltage amplification. The circuitry is designed by hand using premium wires and point-to-point wielding, resulting in superior transparency and integrity of the signal. This amp comes with a premium UV meter that displays signal levels.

The HA-6A comes with a switchable triode/ultralinear mode to offer a distinct sound experience based on your needs. If you’re looking for a full warm, warm, and musical sound, run the EL34 tubes in triode mode, with medium output impedance. If you are looking for a quick and detailed sound with plenty of power then you should use KT88 tubes set to ultra-linear with low output impedance.

The HA-6A is a tube with an option of rectification option for those who prefer a neutral sound. This enhances the overall sound quality of the amplifier. This feature is perfect for users who listen to a wide range of genres, from hip-hop and EDM to classical and orchestral music.

The amp also has a large custom-made transformer with the highest-quality nickel plating. This makes the amplifier rugged and durable. It also features an innovative current adjustment that will allow you to match the impedances of different headphones.

The Cayin Ha-6A, unlike the Schiit Vali 2+ has some tube bloom. Its soundstage isn’t as big or detailed. It also has a much quicker decay time than the Vali 2+ and an overall more neutral tone. It also has a forward-looking midrange, with more detail and a higher bass than the Vali 2+. However it does not have as much treble.