So You've Bought Key Cuts For Cars … Now What?

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Different Types of Key Cuts For Cars

Whether you’re getting your keys cut or replacing the key that was lost you’ll want the highest quality that you can get. You need to ensure that the key fits perfectly inside the lock and can start your vehicle without problems.

Traditional keys are crafted with cuts on their edges that coincide with pin patterns that are found in the locks that allow them to open. The most modern keys are laser-cut, and provide a variety of security benefits.

Sidewinder Keys

Sidewinder keys are also referred as internal cut keys or internal cut. They are a key technology that is more advanced and offers a higher degree of security. They have a distinctive look than regular mechanical keys. They can be distinguished by their winding central groove that is cut into the middle of the key blade. This unique feature has earned them the title “sidewinder.” Contrary to traditional key blades they have flat sides and no notches. This makes them impossible to use with a standard tool. It also prevents them from being put into the lock in only one direction.

Aside from their distinctive appearance They are also smaller than regular car keys. This is so they can fit into Smart Key fobs and are more convenient to use as emergency keys. Furthermore, their smaller size allows them to easily be placed into wallets that are designed to accept cards. They are more expensive and require a more sophisticated key cutting machine.

The major drawback of this method is that it’s only compatible with certain types of car locks. It is necessary to replace the lock cylinder in case you have an older vehicle that is not able to take a key. The key needs to be programmed by a specialist to start your vehicle.

The locksmith will need to have the original cut, also referred to as the “keycode,” in order to create a new sidewinder. This can be accomplished by deciphering the code with their sharp eyes or taken from a third party. The locksmith will then set up a sidewinder key-cutting machine that is in line with the specifications of the lock on the vehicle.

Whether you are getting your key cut at a local locksmith shop or online it is crucial to make sure that the key you purchase is made from top-quality materials. The key could cause damage to the lock cylinder, causing additional issues. If you can, buy the key from a reputable supplier that specializes in automotive key blanks. This will give you the best quality key, and will ensure that it fits your vehicle correctly.

Keys Laser Cut Keys Keys

Laser cut keys are thicker and stronger material than standard keys. They are made up of two pieces that are joined in the middle using an exact groove that has been engraved into them, this allows a key cut with lasers to be inserted facing either direction, and still function in your vehicle. This kind of key is often used in luxury vehicles and comes with an embedded transponder chip in, which helps to safeguard your vehicle from theft.

These keys are more difficult to duplicate than regular keys and require a specialized machine. This means that taking your key to a hardware store to get a duplicate won’t work, and you’ll have to locate a reliable locksmith service which can provide you with a laser-cut keys.

Locksmiths employ a milling machine to remove materials from the blade of a key to create a laser-cut key. Small bits are used to gradually remove the materials. The bits resemble the tip of a standard drill bit but can be moved to remove the material at a specific depth. This allows the lower and upper sides of the blade or interior of your key cuts for cars (depending on the car you drive) be milled at an exact level so that your new key can turn in your ignition and locks.

This process of creating a laser-cut key is very complex and requires the help of experts and expensive equipment to do so, this is why you’ll need a locksmith that offers these services. The team at 1-800-Unlocks is equipped with the required training and the right equipment to create, program and create laser-cut keys for the majority of cars that travel. Our family-owned and operated locksmiths are familiar with the technology needed to create these keys that will make sure that your vehicle will be protected against theft. Contact us today to learn more about our services and the various options for your car!

Master Keys

A master key is an electronic key that is able to operate a group of locks. Most lock systems have two keys, one that is specific to each lock (a change key), and a master key which controls all the locks within the system. The master key functions similarly to other keys. However, it contains an additional pin that allows it to open all locks in the system. This pin raises the shearline, permitting the key to fit. It also creates a gap within the lock that allows it to turn.

Many locksmiths can duplicate a master key for you. Please make sure you have your original key, the matching blank key, and your authorization. This is typically handled by an auto locksmith that is professional but you can find an experienced and reputable locksmith near you by using our online directory.

If you want to cut a master key for your car then you’ll need to call an automotive locksmith who has specific equipment. They can find the correct blank key, cut the key according to the code, and program the car’s computer to accept the new keys.

A master key is an excellent tool for business owners, tenants, and anyone else who needs to gain access to multiple areas or buildings. For instance, janitors are able to use a single key to control the doors and other spaces that are locked in their building instead of carrying around a ring with 25 different keys. This will save the janitor time as well as money and make their work easier.

In the same way, landlords can utilize a master key to let maintenance workers into their apartments to do repairs or maintenance without needing to provide each tenant with an individual key. This is a good way to avoid paying for additional locks that are expensive and difficult to use. However, it is important to keep in mind that master keys are still able to be snatched by skilled thieves, which means it is not a foolproof security option. It is a great choice for those who want to access multiple areas in an apartment.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are found in most modern cars. They are also called chip keys. The name derives from the embedded microchip that is in the key’s head. When your transponder key is inserted into the ignition it emits an electrical signal that activates the microchip inside the car, allowing the car key cutting machine to start. The chip in your key is powered by radio signals it receives. It does not have batteries.

The technology behind transponder keys was developed to combat car theft. It’s not foolproof since it has been discovered that there are ways to “hot wire” cars with this system installed. However it has made the job of stealing cars much harder for old-school and novice car thieves.

There are many different kinds of transponder keys that are available. It may be a blade style that must be inserted into the ignition cylinder, or it could be embedded into your key fob or integrated with your remote lock and unlock system. It is important that you employ a locksmith who is a professional to make your transponder keys because the process of programming is extremely specific.

Transponder keys are the industry standard and a great method to keep your car safe. The security this technology offers is the best way to prevent thefts. Call us to get a spare transponder for your vehicle. We can save you time and money by cutting the key for you.

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