So You've Bought Work From Home Jobs Online Uk … Now What?

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Top 5 Work From Home Vacancies

If you’re seeking full-time employment or just a little extra income, there are many online jobs that can be done from the convenience of your home. Virtual assistants and data entry specialists and customer service representatives are all covered.

You can also find pay-per-task gigs on websites such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, or Lionbridge’s Online Maps Quality Analyst and Internet Rater gigs.


Asurion, a leader in the global tech solutions market provides insurance for tablets and smartphones, consumer electronics such as appliances, as well as satellite receivers. It also offers repair and replacement of technology. Its products and services help more than 280 million customers. The headquarters of the company is in Nashville, Tennessee.

To be eligible for the position, applicants must have a high-school diploma or an equivalent. They must also be 18 years of age. The applicants must also have a passport valid and be able to travel internationally if required. The applicants must have a passion for technology, and be able to provide outstanding customer service.

Asurion is an employer that is non-discriminatory. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or age (40 years or more) gender, sexual orientation or Part Time Jobs From Home sex identity, nationality, or disability, pregnancy, or sexual orientation. Asurion is also able to work with disabled individuals to provide them with appropriate accommodations.


Amazon offers a range of online work-from-home jobs that allow you to earn money while working from anywhere. There are a variety of positions available at Amazon that are available, including customer service, data entry and programming. Amazon offers a variety of benefits including paid maternity leave and flexible hours.

The process of hiring at Amazon varies depending on the position and the position, but typically will involve one or two phone screens with a recruiter and/or future peers. These interviews will include several hypothetical and behavioral questions. Be sure to prepare your answers in advance. Amazon’s main principle of leadership is curiosity, so posing questions to your interviewer demonstrates that you are interested in learning more about Amazon.

Amazon offers a variety of tests for assessment in addition to the standard interview to assess candidates. These include a style assessment and a work sample simulation. These assessments are designed to assist Amazon to understand how your personal style aligns with the company’s values.

American Express

There are numerous online work from home jobs that pay a decent amount of money. Some of these jobs are legitimate, while others may be scams. It is important to follow the instructions for applying and submit all required documents in a timely manner. Also, be prepared for the tests which are often required for certain jobs.

American Express is a global service company that offers products and services that are related to travel, financial management, and consumer and business card programs. Its products include charge and credit cards, expense management products and services storage value products (travelers cheques) along with merchant and network services, and fee services.

If you are interested in a remote-based job, look at the company’s careers page to see what opportunities they have available. Enterprise Rent-A-Car, for example, has dozens online customer service jobs and reservation sales positions that you can apply for. They even offer all-expense-paid incentive trips for their employees.

Capital One

If you’re looking to find a job with an exciting company, think about applying to Capital One. The company offers hourly, part-time and full-time positions in a wide range of fields, including customer service, mortgage & real estate, accounting & finance operations, and more. Applicants can find these opportunities on the Capital One website. The company also provides a flexibility in work hours and a variety of advantages.

Capital One started in 1994 as a credit-card company and is now the biggest holding company in America. It is a household name thanks to its humorous commercials and consumer products, like auto loans and credit card. The company also operates Capital One Cafes, which are somewhat like Peet’s coffee establishments that offer relaxing banking environments.

The process of interviewing is difficult and long however for those who are looking to work at a great company it’s worth the effort. The first step in the interview process is to conduct an interview screening call. This takes between 20 and 30 minutes and will provide an initial assessment of your qualifications and experiences.

Meteor Learning

Meteor is an extremely powerful open source JavaScript framework that can be used to develop real-time web applications. Its flexibility makes it easy to use for both beginners and experienced developers. It also comes with a vast set of tools and resources as well as free training materials. These tools let you create a fully functional web application in a short amount of time.

Meteor’s design and learning solutions are designed to encourage collaboration in high-impact ProSocial Learning Environments. These spaces combine technology with academic pedagogy and aesthetics, ergonomics and social considerations to foster learning.

The company was founded in 1967 in Wakefield, Massachusetts. The company’s revenue is estimated at $2.9 million. Its main competitors are Charter Oak State College and My Degree Guide. Bain Capital Double Impact invests into companies in education that provide high-quality schooling, and equitable access to the school.

Meteor Learning, a leader in education that is aligned with employers offers life-changing learning opportunities to learners through collaboration with top employers and educational institutions. Its comprehensive suite is a combination of higher education and Meteor Learning in order to create customized, online competency degrees that maximize the return on investment for working professionals.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an international car rental company that has thousands of neighborhood and airport locations around the world. The company offers competitive salaries and benefits, including free vehicle rentals for employees. Additionally, it has an extensive social mobility program and has been named in the Times Top 50 Graduate Employers for 13 consecutive years.

The company hires employees in many different roles, ranging from entry-level positions to managers and professionals with years of experience. There are jobs available in the areas of administration, automotive, and customer service. Enterprise offers flexible jobs from home hours of work and competitive pay.

Jack Taylor founded Enterprise in St. Louis Missouri in 1957. Enterprise Holdings is the flagship of the business, which has offices across 12 countries. The company has branches located within 10 miles of 93% of the population in the United States of America, Canada, UK and Ireland. The primary products offered by the company are car rentals, used vehicles sales, and commercial fleet management.


U-Haul offers several work-from home positions, including customer service. These jobs are perfect for those who need an unrestricted schedule or need to earn extra cash. However, these positions do require a home office, an environment that is quiet and headsets. In addition, they offer company discounts and a health plan for full-time employees.

U-Haul’s job listings can help you find work-from-home jobs. These jobs are focused on answering questions from customers and helping them make reservations. The company also recruits remote workers as reservation and sales agents.

These positions are known as moonlighting jobs, and typically, they provide part Time Jobs from home-time hours. U-Haul provides four weeks of paid training to its work-from-home customer service agents. The jobs aren’t as secure as some other work-from-home jobs, but you can earn a steady income and improve your capabilities. Employee reviews have indicated that this is a great place to work.


Convergys provides a variety of opportunities for professional in customer service to work at home. These positions are available on a full-time basis, and offer benefits for employees such as health insurance. They also provide paid training and other perks. The company makes use of pipeline listings. A single listing could represent hundreds or even thousands of jobs. Staff can also be able to work from home the possibility of moving for any reason.

Convergys, unlike other call centers, allows you to work from home. It doesn’t require a landline. However, you will need a computer with high-speed Internet and a quiet, distraction-free environment. You can also earn cash by taking surveys on branded products or participating in consumer panels.

Convergys offers the opportunity to work from home opportunities as a Virtual Customer Service Representative job. As a customer care representative, you’ll answer calls from Amex cardholders and assist them with their inquiries. You will also be able cross-sell products and services.