Ten Things You've Learned In Kindergarden To Help You Get Started With Erb's Palsy Claim

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Erb’s Palsy Law Firm

A child suffering from erb’s syndrome can have devastating consequences for families. If you suspect that your child’s brachial-plexus injury was caused by negligence in the birth process, call an experienced erb’s-palsy law firm to arrange a free consultation.

An attorney will evaluate the case and determine the estimated value of the case based on future medical costs. This will help you determine the worth of your claim for potential settlement.


Erb’s palsy is caused by damage to a nerve bundle near the neck (the brachial plexus). These nerves are responsible for shoulder, arm and hand movement as well as sensation. Patients with Erb’s Palsy suffer from weakness, numbness, or paralysis in one arm and shoulder.

This condition could be the result of various medical mistakes during labor and birth that include forceps, a C-section performed too early or a doctor not using a vacuum extractor properly during a vaginal birth. The majority of cases of Erb’s Palsy can be avoided. Midwives, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have a duty to uphold the highest standards of medical care in the delivery room. They must ensure the baby’s shoulders are delivered through the vaginal canal and they don’t become stuck or lodged in the pelvic bone of the mother’s.

Researchers have suggested that Erb’s palsy may be caused by contractions of the mother or the position of pregnant woman. These theories haven’t been proven. To be successful in a claim of medical malpractice, the plaintiffs have to show that the doctor’s deviance from accepted practices caused their injuries.

A birth injury lawyer can help you if you believe that your child has suffered from an injury that is preventable, like erb’s paralysis. A successful lawsuit can award your family an amount of money to cover your child’s medical costs and give you closure.


Erb’s palsy results from an injury to the brachial system, a network of nerves in the shoulder and arm. These nerves can become stretched or torn during an arduous delivery. Signs of this disorder include weakness or paralysis in the affected arm. Doctors are accountable for diagnosing this condition as quickly as is possible.

Problems with childbirth are the most common cause of this problem. This is typically the case when the size of the fetus exceeds than expected for vaginal delivery or when the baby’s shoulders get stuck during birth. This is called shoulder dystocia and it is an important risk factor for Erb’s palsy.

If a doctor makes use of excessive force or fails in recognizing the shoulder dystocia, it can result in injury to the upper nerves in the brachial plexus. This causes Erb’s palsy. The doctor can be held liable for any damage caused by negligence.

You must establish that your injuries were caused by the doctor’s deviation from accepted medical practice in order to win an action for medical negligence. For cases involving erb’s palsy lawsuits paralysis, Erb’s Palsy Law Firm you have to prove that the doctor’s actions or inaction led to your child suffering an injury to the upper brachial plexus nerves. This is a frequent claim that could result in a substantial settlement and a lifetime of medical treatment for your child.


In the majority of cases, the earlier the condition is identified and treated, the better the outcome. If the condition is not treated the condition can progress to a permanent tightening of muscles (contractures) or even partial or full paralysis. Surgery and sometimes physical therapy are the most frequently used treatments.

Marc J. Bern & Partners, an experienced erb’s palsy law firm – spacebohemian.com,, studies potential claims and lawsuits on behalf of children diagnosed with abrachial plexus injury that was caused due to medical negligence during the birth in the United States. We urge families to request an appointment with a lawyer and assessment of their claim.

While nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are trained to safely deliver babies however, complications can occur. Physicians must be quick to ensure the safety of the mother and Erb’s Palsy Law Firm child in the event of complications. Unfortunately, some health professionals fail to do the right thing.

A physician may have to use a certain amount force during a difficult delivery to aid the baby in the birth canal. When doing this the doctor could accidentally stretch the neck of the baby, which may damage the nerves.

In addition to a physical exam doctors can also conduct various tests, such as Xrays or ultrasounds to determine the extent of an injury and the extent to which a nerve is damaged. A doctor might prescribe medications to ease discomfort and pain as well as physical therapy or occupational therapy to restore movement.


The expense of medical treatment for children suffering from Erb’s palsy can be extremely high. A successful lawsuit can allow a family to afford the medical treatment they require. An experienced Erb’s lawyer will do their best to maximize the amount of compensation a family may receive.

If a child is diagnosed with Erb’s’Palsy’, the condition can impact all aspects of their lives. It could hinder their ability to work, it may limit the amount time they can spend with their parents, and it can also trigger emotional trauma.

Erb’s palsy Law claims may be made to cover the costs of treatment, loss of earnings, and also the effect the injury could affect a child’s daily activities. The settlement will also reflect the pain and suffering the injury has caused.

A successful claim will show that the doctor was negligent. This can be demonstrated by proving a deviation from the standard practice and that the deviation directly resulted in the injury of your child. Each case is unique and it can take time to win an Erb’s palsy lawsuit. It is imperative that families speak with an attorney earlier rather than later to ensure they don’t run out of time to file a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is filed late, it could be barred from time by the Statute of Limitations.