The 10 Worst Car Ghost Immobiliser Failures Of All Time Could Have Been Prevented

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Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser Cost

Ghost 2 is a new technology that prevents theft of vehicles in two ways. It prevents the cloning of car keys, and also prevents thieves from starting your vehicle. It communicates with the ECU through buttons on your steering wheel or dashboard.

It’s undetectable and can’t be compromised or detected by diagnostic equipment. It also requires an unique PIN code that only the owner can know.


Car theft isn’t just a source of distress and difficult, but the expense of replacing or repairing your car can be expensive too. With this in mind, it is important to consider a security solution that can stop your car from being taken. One alternative is a Ghost immobiliser, which works by preventing your car from starting unless the appropriate sequence of keys is executed, similar to the way you type in a password on your phone.

This device will help you save money on your car insurance by protecting your vehicle from theft through contactless. Many insurance companies offer lower rates for car insurance because they recognize the fact that these devices can deter thieves.

The Autowatch Ghost ll is a discrete immobiliser that can be installed in your car without causing any harm. It does not require any additional components, and functions by using the buttons from your factory to create an individual PIN code push sequence. The Autowatch Ghost-II is a more advanced version of the Autowatch Ghost that is designed to guard against key cloning, hacking and vehicle swipes.

It is possible to disable the Ghost immobiliser, but this would require sophisticated equipment and understanding of how to use it. It’s also difficult for thieves to understand the button sequence required to use the device which means that you and your family members can use it easily.

Another option is an alternative is the Autowatch Ghost ADR, which can be fitted and programmed by an authorized installer at Just Jeeps. This unique immobiliser doesn’t work with the standard CAN bus protocol and is not able to communicate with your engine control unit (ECU). This means that it can’t be altered and will only be launched only when the ADR App is enabled and within the range of the car.

The Autowatch Ghost ADR can be coupled with your mobile phone to provide an all-inclusive solution for your security requirements for your vehicle. It uses your phone’s GPS to identify your location, and will even notify you if the car is moved or switched off while located on public roads. It can also be used to locate the vehicle if it is stolen, as well as to notify thieves through your phone that the vehicle was reported.


Ghost immobilisers are an effective way to prevent your vehicle from being taken. It prevents your car from starting until the PIN code is entered. It is undetectable to modern thieves using diagnostic tools because it doesn’t omit radio signals, which makes it a highly secure method of protection. It can be used to stop key hacking or cloning. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your car. It is a fantastic option for those who have put in an enormous amount of time and money personalising or maintaining their vehicles.

Ghost is installed discreetly inside your vehicle, ghost immobiliser making it virtually impossible for thieves and others to detect. It uses existing buttons on the steering wheels, door panels or the centre consoles to create a unique and changeable PIN code that must be entered to allow the vehicle to start. You can create your sequence as long as 20 presses.

This technology is simple to use and doesn’t require additional hardware. It is implemented by installing the CAN bus into your car. It is undetectable by thieves using diagnostic tools, as there are no omitted signals and it is completely silent during operation. It is also not affected by the use of jamming or spoofing devices since it doesn’t transmit any information to the original car key remote fob.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 offers a premium device to protect your vehicle from theft of keys, key cloning, and hacking. It is an effective deterrent for thieves and can be disarmed using a mobile application from your smartphone or a Bluetooth Tag that connects to the Ghost 2. It’s easy to set up and comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, emergency card and two Autowatch window stickers.

Ghost 2 is the latest generation of CAN-bus immobiliser technology, which provides an extreme level of security without the need for any ugly wires or key fobs. It is undetectable and generates a unique code using the buttons you already have. The code needs to be entered to begin the vehicle. The system also detects damage and vibrations, and can send an emergency PIN code bypass to the owner’s mobile if it is compromised. It is also compatible with a range of GPS tracking systems and can be used with numerous apps to provide additional convenience.


The idea behind this product is to prevent recent car crimes using owners keys our new Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser prevents theft in two ways. It stops your car from being copied, and also makes sure that your car is not driven away or started if the security PIN has not been entered. This system isn’t like the traditional car alarms or key fob remotes that can be removed from the vehicle. It is directly integrated into the CANbus of the vehicle. This means that it is unnoticeable and won’t interfere with any existing technology in your vehicle.

This is the only aftermarket CAN Bus immobiliser that does not require an additional control or part replacement in your vehicle. Instead, it uses the buttons already present on your vehicle (such as the ones on the steering wheel doors, door panels or the centre console) to make a unique changeable pin code sequence that can be up to 20 presses. This unique pin code is required before the engine can begin. The system is completely silent and there are no indicators on the LEDs to show it is installed in your car. The device also does not transmit radio signals like a standard car alarm and can therefore be undetectable by modern thieves who employ diagnostics or look for the distinctive click of the standard relay immobiliser.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser communicates with the vehicle’s ECU on the CAN data circuit. This is an entirely wireless connection, so no wires or other components are required and it is totally undetectable to anyone who doesn’t have access to your vehicle’s CANbus system. This also means that it will not interfere with the operation of your vehicle in any way, whether as a standard system or as an aftermarket system.

The Autowatch Ghost is the smallest system of its kind, measuring just 1.3cm in length and is installed during the service or valeting process by one of our experienced technicians. It is fully insurance-approved by TASSA and won’t be affected by any method employed by professional thieves, such as scans using RF, spoofing or code grabbing as it does not use any radio frequencies in order to function. This makes it one of the most advanced and cost-effective security options available today.


The ghost immobiliser problems Immobiliser stops thieves from starting up your vehicle. It works by sending pin codes through buttons already present in your vehicle. It is undetectable by anyone who enters your vehicle, making it an effective protection against car thieves. It also works with the silent engine lock, which stops your vehicle from being driven. It can’t be bypassed by thieves using diagnostic tools to copy keys or hack the system.

The system also blocks signal jamming and device spoofing, all of the methods that thieves use to get around standard immobilisers. This makes it harder for ghost immobiliser thieves to steal your car, and can save money on insurance premiums.

Ghost is the first aftermarket immobiliser for CAN bus. It safeguards your vehicle from key cloning and hacking. It uses buttons on your vehicle like those on the door panels or the steering wheel to create a unique changeable PIN code. The sequence can be as long as 20 digits. The sequence must be entered before you can drive your car. There is also a service mode that allows you to temporarily start and drive your vehicle without needing the PIN code.

If you’ve put lots of time and money into the design and style of your car or a rare or expensive vehicle, you should invest in this technology to ensure it’s secure. The Ghost immobiliser, a non-visible and tamper-proof security system that is impossible to take away by a typical car theft thief. It also does not leave any trace after installation, meaning that the appearance of your car will not be affected.

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser review is a tamper-proof immobiliser that connects to the vehicle’s ECU and communicates with it on the CAN Data circuit. It is completely silent, so thieves aren’t able to penetrate the system to get around it, as they have done in recent times with other systems, such as the OBD port hacks. It is also undetectable by any diagnostic equipment that a thief might have, as it does no transmit radio signals.