The History Of Electric Wall Mounted Fires

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Electric Wall Mounted Fires

Electric wall mounted fireplaces are an excellent option for those looking to modernize their home without taking up valuable floor space. You can also move them around if you want to revamp your home or relocate.

Keep in mind that the fireplaces must be at least 400mm away from any combustible materials. Check that the instructions cover this.


An electric fireplace is an energy-efficient and safe alternative to traditional gas or wood fire. It doesn’t emit CO or pollutants, and it does not produce smoke or creosote. Electric fireplaces are still devices and should be handled with caution.

The most effective electric wall-mounted fires are designed to appear as real as they can and come in a variety of sizes and finishes. You can adjust the brightness and intensity of the flames. They feature state of the modern flame display. A lot of them also come with a timer that shuts off the flames automatically. This will ensure that you don’t leave the fireplace on too long. You can reduce your energy bills.

If you are looking for a black electric fireplace, you should choose one that has CSA certification. This certification signifies that the fireplace has passed a rigorous test for today’s strict electric fireplace safety standards. In addition it is recommended you install a ground rod in your home, to prevent electric shock from occurring.

A black electric fireplace should be set on a sturdy and stable surface that is not made of flammable materials. It must also be connected to an outlet that is away from any objects that could ignite. This will shield your home from potential electrical accidents and minimize the possibility of fires and explosions.

Electric fireplaces that are mounted on walls are an excellent option to create a cozy atmosphere without sacrificing the floor space. These units can be mounted on any surface. They can be placed above a flat-screen TV and have a built in heater to keep the room warm. They are also easy to clean and don’t need chimneys.

Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces will generate heat through an air-flow fan that blows over an element. Certain electric fireplaces can incorporate an infrared heating element to increase the realism and efficiency. However it is possible to buy models that don’t produce any heat but only give flame effects.

The glass front of an electric wall fire is cool to the touch which makes it safe for children and pets. The heating element is usually hidden behind the fireplace to give it a more modern appearance. You can control it easily with the remote. You can choose to mount an electric fireplace on the wall on a recessed trim, or on wall fireplace, Check This Out, the top of a frame.


Electric fireplaces that are wall mounted or recessed are a stylish alternative to wood and gas fireplaces. It creates a captivating flame effect, a glowing ember bed and an effect of flame that is surprisingly realistic. Most models also come with a gentle source of heat. They are easy-to-install and plug in to any outlet. They are perfect for small spaces or offices.

There are many styles of wall mounted fires to suit any style of interior. Some are slim, while others feature a wide frame to fit perfectly under your flat screen television. Certain models have a built-in remote control and speaker. There are numerous frames available such as stainless steel, mirrored glass and glossy black. Frames can be easily removed and reinstalled if you redecorate your room or move to a different house.

Some electric fireplaces don’t generate heat but only create the illusion of flame effects and others offer both. The majority of wall mounted electric fires have a form of heater, typically a fan-forced heater that blows air through an element of heating to warm the room. Certain models provide warmth by using infrared heating. There are also a few models that don’t include any heater at all but only provide flame effects.

The look of a wall-mounted electric fireplace is dependent on the way it’s set up and how it’s used. You can choose between an uniform unit that hangs from the wall or recessed units that fit into an existing opening. The installation process for an recessed unit is more complicated, and you may need to hire a professional to help you install it properly.

The majority of wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be only visible from one direction, but there are some models that are multi-view. These models can be positioned in any direction and show the same flame effects. Some models come with a remote control to adjust the settings and flame colour.

The best electric fireplaces on the market come with a unique flame technology that appears real, with mesmerising visuals and Chromalight lighting. These fireplaces are also eco-friendly and make an ideal addition to any home or office. These fireplaces are also easy to clean and controlled by the remote control.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace can improve the appearance of your house and create a peaceful atmosphere. It will also add warmth to your home, which can help you conserve energy. Its compact design makes it the ideal solution for small houses and apartments. It can be moved easily to another room when redesigning. However, it is important to make sure that your walls are sturdy enough to support the weight of the fireplace. It is also important to keep the fireplace far away from combustibles, and ensure that it is not placed on the top of a sofa or bed. It could spark a fire or burns.

Electric fireplaces in wall have the longest lifespan of any kind and require the most minimal amount of maintenance. They don’t emit carbon monoxide or soot and can be used as a supplemental heating system in colder climates. They are also safe for use with children. They also don’t release a distracting smell or throw sparks in the air.

In addition the fact that they don’t require a chimney means you don’t have to pay for costly professional installation. They are also extremely cost-effective to run, as they only use electricity and do not burn any fuel (gas or wood). All Dimplex electrical fires are BEAB certified and awaiting approval, which means you can be certain of their safety.

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted electric flame look for one with realistic fuel beds and a warm flame effect. The more sophisticated models have an remote control to make it easier for you to use.

The greatest thing about electric wall fireplaces is how easy they are to install and operate. They’re perfect for people with limited floor on wall fireplace space who need a way to effectively heat their space. They can also be mounted on a flat surface so they’re easier to keep clean than traditional fireplaces.

Inset electric fireplaces are another fantastic option. This kind of fireplace is installed into the wall to give it a finished appearance. It also lets you place a TV above it, creating it into the centerpiece of your living area.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace could be a wonderful addition to any home. It is a huge upgrade over traditional wood and gas fireplaces. It offers a clean, safe and comfortable space for home occupants. As opposed to a traditional fireplace an electric fireplace doesn’t generate carbon monoxide or soot. Its design is ideal for large rooms since it spreads heat throughout the room. It doesn’t also create smoky odours or throw sparks into the air. It also doesn’t require maintenance or cleaning.

Electric fires are available in a variety of styles that can be customized to any decor. Some feature coal or log bed for a more traditional look some have pebble or crystal beds. Some models also come with a remote control for added convenience. The cost of an electric wall fireplace can differ based on the dimensions and design. It is generally less than a freestanding or wall-mounted fireplace. It could cost more if the fireplace is recessed into the wall or is fitted with a custom surround.

A wall-mounted electric fire can offer you a variety of benefits. It can also help reduce your energy consumption and eliminate the necessity for chimneys. It is also easy to put in and can provide an elegant look to any room. These fireplaces also have many security features that will ensure that your pets and children stay away from it.

Another benefit of a wall-mounted electric fire wall fire place is that it is simple to conceal the wires behind walls. This will stop your children and pets from grabbing them, which could cause accidents. They are also designed to be clear of the way, meaning they will not obstruct the view of other objects in your home. This will help keep your home clean and tidy.