The Most Underrated Companies To Keep An Eye On In The Audi G28 Industry

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How to Replace an Audi G28 Engine Speed Sensor

In this video, Charles the Humble Mechanic demonstrates how to replace the G28 engine speed sensor. This sensor is situated on the outside of the transmission over the flywheel gear. It transmits a signal the ECU via an uncolored wire (T55/49) and then to the tachometer in the instrument cluster.

1. Engine Speed Sensor

The grey wire is situated at the edges of the transmission, above the flywheel ring. This sensor sends signals through the grey wire to pin T55/49. The ECU uses this information to control fuel and boost. It also sends signals to the G5 Tachometer located in the instrument cluster.

The sensor is used to correlate the G40 Camshaft position Sensor. The ecu has to know when the crankshaft has reached TDC, and where the camshaft lies so that it can activate the spark and injectors.

If this sensor fails when it fails, the ECU will display an error code P00160. This means that the Crank Shaft is not in alignment with the Intake Camshaft. It could also indicate a chain stretch or a jumpy chain link in the upper timing chain. The code won’t show without the additional information provided by other sensors (G4 or G40).

Testing is a bit tricky because there are two connector pins, and they perform different functions however the best way to test it is to measure resistance between the sensor and the ECU. If the sensor is functional, replacement Audi key Fob it should read around 1000 ohms. If you are having problems with this component, look for evidence of oil or coolant in the connector bay.

2. Injectors

Yesterday, as i was accelerating off the highway paytoll at full speed I noticed a significant drop in power. It was as if the engine had run out of gas. Or, my injectors weren’t firing. I pulled out the spark plugs this morning, 3 were soaked with gasoline and the fourth was unclean. When i crank the engine, there are no sparks, i place a tissue on the top of each of the injector holes, the 3 drenched with gazoline jump out but the 4th stays shut. I tested the ground connection on ECU pins 14/55/30/55/48/55/14/55/48/ i get zero ohm. So i assume the problem is somewhere else.

I also tried to reset the PID but with no luck. The car will start when the G28 is unplugged, and it works fine when the G28 connected. However the intermittent misfire issue still occurs at higher RPM. The temperature sensor for coolant (G62) shows the wrong temperature of that is -49c even after unplugging it. Also, i noticed that the gauge for oil pressure in the cockpit shows 2 bar when the actual pressure is 0.0 when i rev the engine.

I’m not sure what to do. I feel like i’ve pretty much all other possibilities out. But i am afraid I may have missed something. Let me know If you have any suggestions! TIA!

3. Fuel Pump

The fuel pump of the g28 gets a signal from the RPM sensor. The GM-style transmitter functions similarly to the G4 sender and both work on the 80,100,200, replacement audi key fob UrS, and RS2 vehicles. You can easily find a spare in a wrecking shop or parts store. It is simple to test them – put your DMM in resistance mode and measure between pins 1 (with the bump on the connector’s side up) and 2 (2nd from left on the black connector’s side). They should be infinite ohms.

4. ECU

Our 20vt turbo (3B AAN, ABY and ADU) engines are equipped with an ECU that has to know the position and speed of the crankshaft in order to make decisions regarding fuel injector timing etc. It uses a Crank Position Sensor G4 and an Engine Speed Sensor G28 to accomplish this. If either of these sensors go bad you will get codes on the diagnostic scanner that can lead to engine shutdown.

A failing G28 sensor could cause an inaccurate gearbox speed counter, a gearbox that shifts faster than normal, and/or a misfire while in the gear. If you have any of these issues, it is likely your sensor is going bad and should be replaced. The good thing is that they are very affordable and easily accessible particularly in the case of a Bosch sensor, like ours. Alternately, the GM version of this component is also a good option.

5. Tachometer

A faulty engine speed sensor could be the cause of a slew of issues with your vehicle. It is an important part of the transmission of your replacement audi keys, as it transmits information to the ECU about how fast or slow the engine of the car is turning. This sensor can cause the transmission to fail and other components in the car to be affected.

The G5 engine sensor is located at the edge of the transmission, over the flywheel ring. It transmits a signal via an uncolored wire to the ECU pin T55/49. The ECU then processes this signal to control the flow of fuel, timig and boost as well as sends it on to the G5 tachometer inside the instrument cluster. You can determine if the sensor is in failure by examining the continuity of the sensor to the tachometer. Additionally, you can check continuity between pin T55/49 of the ECU and pin T6a/1 of the instrument cluster (trace [79trace [79]) and between pin T6a/1 as well as pin T26a/12. It should show approximately 1000 ohms resistance between those two pins. This is a common feature across the replacement audi key fob 80-100-200-RS2 model, ranging beginning with the 1985 MC and up to the 1997 UrS AN and 1995 RS2 Du You may also find some good ones in wrecking yards.