The People Closest To Replacement Window Handle Share Some Big Secrets

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Choosing uPVC replacement double glazed window Window Handles

Most customers agree that these upvc replacement window handles are easy to fit and feel as good quality. It’s important to know that the handle you select for your window must be suitable.

The height of the step is the most important factor. This is the distance between the handle and the frame, or base. Other considerations include lockable designs and mechanisms.

Replacement parts

You can buy a variety of replacement upvc handles. They come in many different styles and colors so there is sure to be something that fits your windows. It’s easy to buy on impulse especially when the handle is damaged, therefore it’s a good idea to look over the details prior to committing to buying a replacement. The first step is to be aware of the kind of upvc handles you own and what the differences between them. The table below lists the most popular handles to help you find the one that fits your windows made of upvc.

Espag handles are the most commonly used and are used on the majority of modern double glazed windows. They are usually fitted to the frame by two screws which screw in from above and below.

They have a spindle bar on the back which can be a variety of sizes. This will determine the way they operate (either left or right handed). This is why it’s essential to take a measurement of the handle you have to ensure you’re getting the right replacement.

Usually, they are fixed with two bolts much like the Espag handle but they are positioned low from the frame which means that the handle will not penetrate your blinds. This is an ideal choice for blinds on your windows made of upvc and want to make sure the handle blends with them.

Cockspur handles are similar to Espag handles, but they have a nose which closes over a wedge that rests on the window frame. This type of handle is typically used on older Upvc windows as well as some wooden windows.

On casement windows tilt and turn handles can be operated by turning the handle or pressing on the top of window. The window is opened from the inside and lets you to clean the outside without having to go to the ladder or step over the fence. They also make a great option for people with restricted mobility and can be an excellent method to improve security and accessibility in the home.

Tips and tricks

A lot of people will need to replace their uPVC window handles at some moment. If this occurs it’s best to know a few hints and tips to make the process go as smoothly as it can.

The first step is to determine what kind of handle you have at home. Based on the type of handle and the locking mechanism, it might be necessary for you to replace the lock and handle. If the roller cams or shoot bolts (espags) are jammed, or getting stuck, you’ll need to replace them as well as the handle.

Thankfully, the majority of uPVC handles are very similar and follow industry standard sizes, making replacing them a fairly simple process. The first step is to remove the screws from the handles. These are usually the pozi-drive screws. After these screws are removed, you can then remove the handle.

If you’ve got the handle split it is recommended to make a note of how much of the spindle protrudes from the base of the handle. This will enable you to determine the length of the spindle for the replacement handle. To do this, simply measure the amount of the square peg sticking out from the bottom of the handle and use it as a guide.

This is especially true for inline uPVC windows handles, as they are always straight and only open left or right. They will not work in the middle. If you’re unsure of the kind of handle you have in your home, it could be a good idea to take the handle from your neighbor’s house and see how it operates to get an idea.

Another great tip for working out what handed the uPVC window handle is to simply look at how the handle turns when operating. Handed handles can turn either clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you’re not sure, ask someone to open the window using the handle and observe how it functions.

Take a measurement of the spindle

It isn’t easy to select the right replacement handle for your window because there aren’t all handles that come in the same size. The spindle is what is the mechanism that locks the window and it is important that when you fit the new handle it is measured to the spindle length accurately to ensure it fits. There are many different types of uPVC handles that operate in various ways. It is important to know which type you have, as well as the locking system you have.

The spindle of the Espag handle is a part that extends from the rear of the handle, and is inserted into the lock gearbox inside the window frame. When you turn the handle, this turns the lock inside the gearbox and opens the window. They are typically used on uPVC casement windows. They can be locked with keys to provide extra security.

Cockspur handles have an “nose” that closes over the striker block in a wedge shape on the frame. They are usually found on older double-glazed uPVC windows. They are also easy to use and can be locked using keys. It is more difficult to replace these handles as they aren’t as common as the handles with espagnolette.

If you have a tilt-and-turn uPVC then you’ll require a replacement handle with an alternative locking system. It can open the window by tilting it, but also rotate it back and forth to fully open it. It is essential to select the handle with a spindle that is at least 55mm to be able to reach the window frame.

You can use the same procedure to remove and replace this type of uPVC handle, but you will need to be cautious when you remove the old one. You may have to open the window a little wider than usual to ensure that you can access both screws that attach it to the frame. Once you have put in your new uPVC handles and checked that they are in the right position and tighten the screw covers and test to ensure the lock works properly.

Fit the new handle

Once you have the right replacement handle, it should simply be screwed into the correct position. It will require a screwdriver, and an electric one could be easier. It is important to not overtighten the screws before screwing them into. This can cause the knob or handle to warp.

Inserting the spindle is a second crucial step to install the new handle. It is the part that runs through the handle and is responsible for operating the locking mechanism within the window. It is essential that the part is fitted correctly because this will allow the window to be opened and shut securely.

There are several different types of uPVC window handles. There are a variety of window handles made of uPVC.

Espagnolette Handles are handles inline that can be used to open tilt windows and turn them.

Cranked Espagnolette Handles: These are like inline handles but have a curvaceous shape that can be useful for hard-to-reach windows.

Tilt and uPVC Replacement Window Handles Turn Handles – They are used on tilt and turn windows to operate the closing and opening mechanisms.

The majority of uPVC window frames are fitted with these. They are commonly called ‘Bay windows’ in the UK.

If your uPVC window handle is damaged, it can be a major hassle. But, there isn’t a need to replace the entire uPVC windows because of a damaged handle. There are a few basic steps you can follow to repair or replace a damaged uPVC handle.

You can fix your broken window handle swiftly by identifying the type and determining the spindle. When working with tools and windows it is essential to put safety first. However, this is a relatively simple job. It could be the difference between having a safe and secure home or having a window that can be easily opened. Bridgewater Glass is the place to go if you’re in need of help or want to speak with a specialist regarding replacing your window handle. We have a team that is experienced and knowledgeable to help you with any issues.