The Unspoken Secrets Of Spare Key For Car Cost

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How Much Does a Spare Key For Your Car Cost?

Losing your car keys can be a huge inconvenience and it’s essential to have an extra key in case you lose or break your primary one. But how much does an extra key for your car cost?

The answer is contingent on a variety of factors. This article will help you decide whether it’s worth having a spare made.


Having a spare key for your vehicle is always a good idea, since losing a key can be a stressful and costly experience. However, the cost of having a spare key may differ depending on the make and model and the type of key you have.

Basic keys, for example ones that don’t contain any technology, are cheaper to replace because they only require an easy cut from a blank. They also don’t need specialized encoding. However keys that are connected to an auto fob or transponder chips will need to be programmed by experts and will increase the price.

If you lose your only key the first step is to find an authorized locksmith with an equipment that can program the type of key you want. Alternately, you could try to save money by having the new key cut and then programming it yourself. You can find the procedure in your owner’s guide or search online for “how do I program (your year make and model) key.” You could save up to $150.


The model number of your vehicle influences the cost of a spare car key. If you need a key replacement for a high-end model or premium vehicle, the cost will be more expensive. The type of materials used to manufacture the key will also impact the cost. It is less expensive to replace a blank key than the key that has an integrated key fob. A lot of dealerships will cut and program a key from a third party for you if you prefer to save money.


A spare car key is vital especially if your kids are still young and might be locked out of the car. You can obtain a spare car key in several ways, including by going to the dealership you purchased your car from, employing an auto locksmith, fob or purchasing one from the internet. Each option comes with the associated costs and advantages. Before you make a decision you must consider the type and design of lock. The more expensive a particular brand is, the greater the cost.

Type of key

Having a spare key can help you avoid being stranded in the event that you lose the car keys you use for your primary. However the cost of a spare car key can differ greatly based on the type of lock your vehicle uses and the kind of key you have.

Traditional mechanical keys that function by inserting them into an ignition cylinder can be cut for as little as $10 at an establishment like a locksmith or hardware store. The more expensive alternative, transponder or chip keys, are equipped with a tiny electronic chip inside the key head that communicates with the vehicle to verify it’s a valid key. These kinds of keys can only be duplicated in dealerships as they have the equipment needed to program them.

Other advanced systems, like remote starters and mirror folding options, may also add to the overall cost of replacing a key. These extra features can be useful if you’re prone to losing your keys or have a tendency to place them in a strange location, but they can also increase the risk of theft. Consider putting your spare keys in a different place and establish a routine of emptying your pockets prior to getting into your vehicle. You can be sure your spare key is there when you need to use it.


Having a spare car key is a smart thing to do. You’ll avoid lots of hassle when you lock your keys in your car or lose them. However, you must keep your spare keys in a secure location, and ensure that you place it in a place that is easy to locate. You can put it in a key holder placed on the wall or in a drawer of your kitchen.

The type of lock that you put on your vehicle can also affect the cost of replacing a key. The cost of replacing the traditional keys that open the car’s door by inserting them into the lock is less than replacing smart key fobs. Smart key fobs generate an electronic code that enables you to unlock the car or start it from an extended distance.

If you have lost your smart keys, you’ll have to visit a locksmith or dealership to get a replacement. The experts will confirm that you have ownership of the vehicle. It may be necessary for you to show proof of ownership like the title or registration.

In the past the time of car keys being lost, it was not a major issue. However, with the advancements in technology in cars, it’s not as easy to find a spare. You’ll have to go to a dealer or a locksmith to have a new one made for you and it can be expensive. Here are some tips to assist you in estimating the cost of purchasing a new spare car key.


It’s important to keep an extra car key spares key in your pocket regardless of whether you lost your keys or they were stolen. You’ll save time and money in the long term. You will also avoid having to call for a tow if you’re stuck without keys. There are a variety of options to obtain a replacement key. These include dealerships, online services, and locksmiths. You should compare the price and convenience of these options before deciding.

The cost will also depend on the type of key you need. Keys that are traditional are inexpensive and simple to replace. More advanced keys are more expensive. Certain features, such as mirror folding, alarm activation, and remote start may require special components that are more difficult to locate or create. Keep a record of the immobilizer’s code and also your key number. This will help you save money.

Visit the dealer that sells the brand of your car to purchase an extra key. You will get a key that’s compatible with your vehicle’s system, and that has been programmed correctly. It’s more expensive, but you’ll be certain to have a key that works when you need one. Additionally, it is usually the only way to obtain keys for more recent vehicles.