What Do You Think? Heck What Is Erb's Palsy Litigation?

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Erb’s palsy happens when the brachial-plexus nerve bundle is stretched or torn at the time of delivery. The injury could be caused by medical negligence or a complicated delivery.

Most of these lawsuits end in a settlement rather than going to trial. The process may differ from case to case.

The Statute of Limitations

An erb’s palsy lawyer Palsy settlement is possible for children who suffer from damage to the brachial plexus that runs from the spine, through the neck and down each arm. This nerve bundle is responsible for sensation and movement in the fingers, hands, and shoulder. Most often, it’s caused by medical mistakes made during the labor and birth. For example doctors may have applied too much force when delivery of the baby or delivered the head before the shoulders were fully delivered.

A medical malpractice case for this type of condition could result in a substantial settlement, particularly in serious cases where the injury is permanent. This is why it’s vital to have a skilled lawyer to your side. A qualified Erb’s palsy/brachial plexus birth injury lawyer will have the resources necessary to gather medical records and speak with medical experts who can help assist you in your case.

The time period for filing a lawsuit is different by state and by the nature of the legal claim. In general, however you can file your claim up to two years from the date when your child was diagnosed to start a lawsuit. Your lawyer can guide you through your particular situation and will provide you with a timeframe for filing.

A recent case highlights the importance of having a seasoned attorney on your side during a medical malpractice lawsuit. RY suffered from a severe case of Erb’s palsy Grade 1, or severance of nerves in the upper region of his right arm. This was caused by several medical mistakes made by the Royal Berkshire Hospital staff during his delivery. These included the use of excessive pressure as well as the ineffective treatment of shoulder dystocia which is an emergency complication.

Arbitration or Mediation

Contact an experienced lawyer whenever you can. Erb’s lawsuits for palsy can be complicated and it is essential to have an attorney look over your case before taking any further decision. In many cases, attorneys will begin with a complimentary consultation.

Most Erb’s Palsy lawsuits settle without trial. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve, without the hassle of a court trial. In mediation, both parties are required to present their arguments and evidence. This may include medical records and personal statements of witnesses. If the doctors aren’t able to reach an agreement the case will be heard in court.

In a trial, erb’s palsy lawsuits a judge or jury will hear both sides of the case and then decide on a winner. The winning party will receive a settlement amount that is designed to satisfy both parties.

If you decide to submit your case to mediation, you could be able to receive financial aid to help your child’s requirements. This can help cover the cost of therapy equipment, adaptive devices, and ongoing treatment. The compensation you receive can also be used to pay for other expenses including the loss of earnings and emotional trauma. Additionally, it could provide security for your child’s future. Your lawyer can help you understand your options and help you pick the best option for Erb’s Palsy Lawsuits your family. The more information you have the greater your chance of a successful outcome.

Complaints in Court

When a child suffers erb’s palsy because of an error in the medical system during birth, a family is entitled to make a claim for compensation. A trustworthy New York birth injury attorney will be able to explain the process and fight for the best settlement in the case. Damages can include physical therapy, hospitalization and rehabilitation costs, future costs for home-based care and medical equipment as in addition to lost wages.

Most cases of Erb’s Palsy are caused by medical errors that occur during vaginal delivery or C-section birth. Doctors may pull too hard when trying to deliver babies. Doctors might also use forceps, extractors, or other tools incorrectly. They can put too much pressure on the infant’s shoulder and head, causing an injury known as shoulder dystocia.

Gestational diabetes and breech births also increase the chance of injuries occurring during birth. Women suffering from these conditions frequently have babies larger than average and this can put more pressure on shoulders and arms during the birth.

The first step in filing the lawsuit is to send a demand letter to the defendant doctor or hospital. This letter should detail the injuries sustained by your child and explain how you believe the negligence occurred. The defendant has 30 days to respond before the discovery phase starts. This is when the attorney will seek expert witness opinions, additional medical records, and much more.


Settlements are monetary payments families receive from a hospital, doctor or other medical provider following the filing of a lawsuit for mistakes that led to the development of a child’s Erb’s palsy. This money is used to pay for costs like treatment, therapy, adaptive equipment for the school and at home and much more.

Most Erb’s palsy settlements are concluded outside of court. This is a more efficient method to settle cases and eliminates the possibility of a verdict by a jury being rescinded on appeal. Families also have the option of recovering compensation quicker than if their case was tried in court.

Erb’s spalsy happens when the baby’s shoulders are caught on the mother’s pelvic bone, or when their arms are pulled too tightly. It can happen during vaginal birth as well as a c section. It’s more common when doctors aren’t careful and try to deliver a baby who is too big for the mother’s pelvic bone or is being presented as an Breech birth (feet-first).

You should consult an attorney as soon as you suspect medical malpractice at the birth of your child. A lawyer who is specialized in birth injuries will have the expertise and knowledge necessary to file your child’s claim properly. Call Hampton & King to schedule a consultation with a skilled Erb’s Palsy attorney.