What NOT To Do In The Veterans Disability Attorney Industry

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Veterans Disability Lawsuits – Why You Need a Lawyer Who is Accredited to Handle Veterans Disability Lawsuits

Veterans with disabilities are frequently taken advantage of by lawyers who use their benefits as a way to earn money. You should hire an attorney who is licensed to handle VA claims.

A Connecticut veteran who suffered from schizophrenia as well as post-traumatic disorder and other mental disorders related to an aircraft carrier crash that killed a number of people has won a major victory. But it comes with an expense.

Class Action Settlement

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in the United States, the Department of Veterans Affairs discriminates against Black veterans disability lawyer in denying their disability claims, at a rate that is much higher than white veterans. Conley Monk, a 74-year-old Marine Corps veteran who served in the Vietnam War, is the plaintiff in the lawsuit. He claims that VA has denied his disability claims at a greater rate than white veterans in the last three decades, according to agency records obtained by Monk and the Yale Law School Veterans Legal Services Clinic.

Monk, a former psychiatric nursing, claims that discrimination at the hands of VA has caused him, and other black vets, to suffer in a manner that has affected their health, their home lives work, education, and employment. He wants the agency to pay him back for benefits he has been deprived of, and to modify its policies regarding race as well as discharge status and denial rates.

Monk and the Veterans Legal Services Clinic received 20 years of VA disability claim data last year through Freedom of Information Act request, which they submitted on behalf of National Veterans Council for Legal Redress, and the Black Veterans Project. The results showed that Black veterans were statistically less likely to receive an appeal for disability than white veterans between 2001 and 2020. The average denial rate for veterans of color was 6.3% higher than for white veterans.

Discrimination against PTSD

The Veterans Affairs Department systematically denies disability benefits to Black veterans, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday. The lawsuit is brought by a former Marine Corps vet who was denied housing and education as well as other benefits despite being suffering from undiagnosed PTSD. The suit cites evidence indicating that VA officials have repeatedly rejected claims submitted by Black veterans in adisproportionate manner.

Conley Monk served in the Marines as an active volunteer during the Vietnam War. He drove a bullet-ridden transport vehicle, and was a part of the team that moved equipment and troops into combat zones. Conley Monk was later involved two battles that he blamed on his PTSD. In 1971, he was awarded an unjust discharge that was not honorable. The “bad paper” prevented him from getting mortgages, tuition assistance and other benefits.

He sued the military to stop the discharge, and was awarded a full range of benefits in 2015 and 2020. He claims that the VA is liable for past denials of disability benefits. He also suffered a lot of emotional damage from having to relive some of his most traumatizing memories in each application and re-application for benefits the suit states.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages and asks the court to order the VA to review its systemic PTSD discrimination. The lawsuit is the latest effort by groups like the ACLU and Service Women’s Action Network, to pressure the VA to address the long-standing discrimination against survivors of sexual assault.

Alimony Discrimination

Veterans who have served our country in uniform or those who accompany them need truthful information about the benefits for veterans and their influence on the financial aspects of divorce. One of the biggest misconceptions is that veterans may have their VA compensation seized in order to pay child support or alimony orders in state courts. This isn’t the case. Congress carefully designed the law contained in Title 38, U.S. Code to shield veterans’ funds from claims of family members and Veterans Disability Lawsuits creditors except for alimony or child support.

Conley Monk, who was a volunteer for his country, spent two years in Vietnam driving bulletproof transport vehicles, as well as moving troops and equipment out of combat zones. He was awarded numerous medals for his work, but he was later issued a less-than-honorable discharge after he was involved in two fights caused by undiagnosed PTSD. It was a long and winding road for him to get the VA to accept disability compensation.

He was denied benefits at a much higher rate than his white counterparts. According to the lawsuit filed in his behalf by the National Veterans Council for Legal Redress at Yale Law School and the Veterans Legal Services Clinic, this racial bias was systemic and widespread. The suit claims that the VA knew about and failed to take action to end decades of discrimination against Black veterans. It seeks justice for Monk and other veterans.


The VA Board of Veterans Appeals reviews claims for benefits if a claimant disagrees an opinion of the agency. It is essential to appeal a decision as swiftly as you can. A veteran disability lawyer can ensure that your appeal is in compliance with all requirements and receives a fair hearing.

A lawyer who is qualified can review the evidence used to justify your claim and present additional evidence, should it be required. A lawyer will also know the challenges involved in dealing with the VA and can lead to a greater level of empathy for your situation. This could be a great asset in your appeals process.

One of the primary reasons that a veteran’s claim for disability can be denied is because the agency has not properly classified their condition. A lawyer with experience can ensure that your condition is properly classified and rated appropriately, giving you the benefits you deserve. A reputable lawyer will also be able to work with medical specialists to provide additional evidence of your health condition. For instance an expert in medical practice could be able to prove that the pain you feel is a result of your service-connected injury and is causing disability. They may also be able help you obtain the medical records that are required to prove your claim.