What Saab 9-3 Key Replacement Experts Want You To Learn

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How to Replace the Replacement Key Battery For the Saab 9-3

Saab owners must follow a set of steps that are unique to add a second ignition key. It requires dealer assistance using a handheld computer dubbed Tech-2. Then a new key as well as transponder need to be bought and programmed to the car.

It is a good idea to rotate your keys so that one doesn’t get worn out more quickly than the other. This will help to keep your keys in pristine condition.

Replacement Case

In contrast to the traditional saab 93 replacement key keys of the past keys, the latest key fobs contain electronics which makes it hard to copy. This has made stealing car keys much more difficult than it was twenty years ago. It also makes it more expensive to replace keys lost.

Saab 9-3 owners should have two keys that work. If one is lost, it is expensive to replace it in the car because it involves replacing the CIM module and reprogramming the locking cylinders. Dealers usually charge between $100-$200 to complete this.

There are ways to cut down on these costs. Some parts suppliers can look up the code from a spare key (usually the same one that opens the doors and turns the ignition) and cut a brand new key blade from metal for only a fraction of the dealer’s cost. The key must, however, be identical to the original to work correctly within your car.

You can also change the case yourself by following these steps. You’ll require a flathead screwdriver along with some patience. With the screwdriver, you can pry apart the plastic and remove the emergency key. Once the case is open, remove the electronics and put them in your new case. Put the correct key and badge inside the case.

Replacement Battery

The replacement battery for the Saab 9-3 is an inexpensive component that can be replaced quickly and easily. This DIY video from YouTube user Cyclone Cyd explains how to replace the battery for the remote key fob in only four steps. This tutorial can be used for any modern saab key fob, however the procedure might differ slightly.

The first step is to locate the button that will release the backup key inside the fob. This button is usually on the back of your fob just below the Saab Logo. Use a flathead to insert the screwdriver through the small hole in this button. This should be enough to let the fob case open in order to change the battery.

After the new battery CR1632 is in place You can then reassemble the remote key fob and program it to your car. The entire process shouldn’t take more than one hour. This is a very easy process that doesn’t require any special tools.

The process can be a bit more complex if you lose your key, but it’s possible. The dealer will first need to read the VIN of the vehicle and order an additional TWICE module and key blade that is matched to the unique code. After that, they will need to cut the replacement key and then program it using a brand new tool for programming called MDI.

Replacement Key Fob

The key fob is a device that locks and unlocks your car, it has a battery within. They have a limited life span and will eventually die. This is a problem that happens to all cars and the good news is that you can change the batteries in most fobs, without replacing the whole case. Amazon sells replacement fobs that already have all the electronic components installed. It is easy to open the case and replace the batteries. It is necessary to remove the emergency key before you replace the batteries. To accomplish this, simply insert a small flathead screwsdriver into the slot that is in the middle. Use the screwdriver to move around the case, and it will split open, making it much easier to remove.

If you’re about to replace the keys make sure you have spare keys, as this will reduce the total cost by a significant amount. If you have an extra key, you can request the dealer to cut it in half and program it to your vehicle. This is less expensive than purchasing a new fob.

If you don’t have a spare one, you can add another key to your car, however this will require a lot of research and effort. It costs around a hundred dollars to add an additional car key. The computer in the car also needs to be programmed. This can be done by a professional, however it is an expensive option for the majority of owners.

Replacement Ignition

The latest SAAB 9-3 uses an alarm system that is more sophisticated that is based on a key code. This means that should you lose only one working key, acquiring another one can be very expensive since the car has to have a unique computer module fitted and must also be programmed to accept an extra key. Most locksmiths can’t do this and even dealers can charge several hundred dollars just to program the new key!

If you’ve lost your only working key the dealer will replace your car’s computer (known as the CIM or SAAB TWICE) to create the replacement, and [Redirect-302] will charge top dollar for it. We can reprogram the EEPROM inside your car’s computer so that it is ready for an additional key. This will save you more than 50% on what you would spend at an auto dealer.

If you’ve owned a 9-3 from SAAB for many years you are aware that the ignition keys are not very durable. If your ignition key is not functioning properly, you must think about replacing it. They can become extremely sticky and the buttons have been known to fall off. The good news is that replacing the ignition key isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and it can be done in a short time using the appropriate tools.