Why Do So Many People Are Attracted To Ghost Immobilisers?

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Why You Should Get a ghost immobiliser fitting near me Immobiliser For Sale

As a car owner, you should do everything you can to safeguard your car’s pride and joy. Contactless theft is a growing threat. It is essential to invest in a security solution.

The Ghost CAN immobiliser has been rated the best in the market and provides peace of mind. It guards against key cloning and hacking. It also has an option for service when you give your vehicle to another person to work on or valet park it.

Theft Prevention

Theft is a tragic reality. This is why car owners should consider purchasing an immobiliser ghost. The device stops the vehicle from starting without an additional pin or code sequence added to the key fob. This makes it harder for thieves.

The Ghost device is an immobiliser designed by Autowatch that protects against key cloning and hacking. It’s a subtle device that is inaccessible to thieves and can be put in any place in your vehicle. It works by using buttons on the steering wheel, door panels, or centre console to create an individual PIN that is required before you can start the vehicle. It is easy to remember, but impossible for others to determine the PIN, and you are able to change the PIN at any time.

The Ghost is weatherproof and can be installed anywhere in your car. The Ghost is connected to the CAN system of your vehicle and works silently so that it can’t be recognized by thieves. It doesn’t interfere with jamming or spoofing devices that could be used to extract codes from your fob’s original.

Ghost immobilisers can help discourage thieves from trying to steal a high-end vehicle. It also makes it easier to sell the car in the future, as prospective buyers are less likely to be skeptical of a prestige car with a suspicious history.

It is a great investment for owners of luxury vehicles, and especially for those who live in urban areas where car theft is a common occurrence. The device can be used to secure both old and new automobiles, and it’s an affordable way to make sure that your vehicle is safe against theft. You can find a ghost immobiliser for auction online, and it is a good idea to contact a reputable firm to ensure that you get the highest quality product.

Resale Value

A ghost immobiliser will not only protect you car from theft, but will can also boost the value of your vehicle when it is sold. This is because thieves are less likely to purchase an expensive car with a history of theft. The installation of a Ghost Immobiliser does not leave any marks on the interior of your car So thieves won’t be able to determine if it’s installed.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser system is the latest technology in anti-theft vehicle security. It stops you from starting your car until you enter a unique PIN, or use the Ghost App on your smartphone. It’s undetectable to thieves and, since it is installed in the CAN data system of your vehicle, it can’t be detected or disarmed simply by cutting wire. It’s also silent and therefore thieves wouldn’t be able to listen for the usual noises associated with an immobiliser relay.

As opposed to standard immobilisers Ghost Immobiliser is linked to your Mercedes CAN system and is programmed to allow the engine to start by either the specific sequence of PIN codes or Cost of ghost immobiliser by pressing an icon on the dashboard or steering wheel that’s recognised by the ghost app. You can select your personalized, customizable sequence of pushes or PIN codes (up to twenty numbers) that you need to enter before driving your vehicle. It is similar to the pin number that appears on your credit card. It is easy to remember but is computationally difficult for other people to understand.

Ghost Installations’ team of experts will be happy give you advice on the best security solution for your vehicle. They will run through the entire process of the way the system works on your vehicle, and will provide you with owner guides, installation certifications, and an Emergency PIN Code override card.

Autowatch Ghost Immobilisers are the most effective way to protect your prized possession from thieves. The device, developed by South African firm Autowatch, is among the most advanced available and can stop key cloning and hacking. It also stops key theft. It’s a must-have for any Mercedes owner.


An immobiliser is an electronic security device that stops your car from beginning if the fob or key is used. It works by sending a unique code to the ECU, which only your car is able to recognize. If someone is using a code that is different then it will not work. Some ghost immobilisers come with additional functions that make it harder for thieves to steal your car. They include systems that guard your vehicle from jamming signals devices spoofing, signal jamming and more. These features, when paired with an immobiliser which comes standard in your vehicle, make it nearly impossible for thieves to steal your pride.

Unlike wheel locks or anti-theft devices that can be removed or cut ghost immobilisers are oblique and nearly unnoticeable. They operate in a quiet manner by using the onboard CAN data network and don’t feature any LED indicators to give away their presence. They don’t use radio signals, therefore they aren’t able to be detected using the same methods used by car thieves to bypass traditional immobilisers.

The peace of mind that a ghost immobiliser provides is worth the Cost of Ghost immobiliser. It is particularly useful for those who own a Mercedes, cost Of ghost immobiliser Porsche or other high-end vehicle. These cars are typically targeted due to their perceived value to criminals.

A typical ghost car immobiliser immobiliser is made up of a small, weatherproof device that connects directly to the ECU in your vehicle. The device is hidden in a place that’s difficult to access and makes it difficult for thieves to spot. Once it’s installed and you’ve created your own personal PIN which needs to be entered to start the engine. The PIN can be changed at any point so that only you can access and drive your car.

Every vehicle is equipped with a ghost immobiliser that has been tested and modified. It guards against key cloning and hacking as well as ECU swapping. It also stops your vehicle from being started if the wrong buttons are pressed longer than the permitted time. It has a valet as well as a service mode that allows you to temporarily to allow someone else to drive your vehicle by entering their PIN.

Peace of Mind

Installing an immobiliser to your car is one of the most effective preventative measures. This innovative technology is completely inaccessible to thieves and can’t be disarmed through simple cutting of wire. It also stops cloning hacking, and ECU swapping. It’s simple to install and doesn’t require key fobs. It is also a great method to safeguard your vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost II CAN Immobiliser System is the latest generation of security for your car, and gives you absolute security. It creates an individual pin code that you can enter using the buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel, which you must enter to start your car, just like the PIN you would use for a credit card. You can even select the sequence of up 20 button presses to make it impossible for thieves to clone the sequence and drive off with your vehicle.

Additionally, this advanced security system deactivates your engine via the mobile app when you park and enter Valet Mode. You can give your car for valet parking or service without having to surrender your keys or fob. It also enables your GPS location to be tracked if the vehicle is stolen, which means it’s possible to track and recover your vehicle.

The security system for your vehicle can be installed by a professional who knows your particular car model, and will ensure that the security system fits seamlessly into your vehicle. It’s quiet and non-invasive, and won’t affect the performance of your vehicle. It can be installed in less than two hours and comes with a guarantee for your peace of. It’s an investment that will protect your vehicle and increase its resale price. It is also a fantastic option for those looking to reduce their insurance premiums. This is why you should consider getting an immobiliser for your vehicle today. Contact an authorized local Ghost installer for more details. They’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. They can suggest an option for tracking that is compatible with your vehicle. You’ll be grateful you decided to add this technology to your vehicle.