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erb’s palsy law firm Palsy Compensation

You may be eligible for compensation for the paralysis of erb to help your child get medical treatment as well as adaptive equipment, and an education of top quality. Our legal team is specialized and works with families to determine the lifetime care costs of their child’s injury.

Most birth injury cases are settled outside of court to avoid costly jury trials. Our attorneys will help you prepare for the possibility of a successful trial if one is required.


Depending on the extent of the injury, Vimeo damages may include a full range of medical expenses including the future and past estimated expenses. This could include the cost of or to be used for occupational and physical therapy as well as any psychological services.

Parents can also claim compensation for the loss of enjoyment their child has suffered. Erb’s Palsy may be a significant influence on the quality of life of a child and also the family. In many cases the disability can cause a significant loss of future earnings.

In addition, children with Erb’s Palsy usually require special equipment and assistive devices to assist them in getting around and live as independently as is possible. They might also require regular, lifelong therapy and support. In addition, their parents could be suffering from emotional stress as a result of the injury.

It is imperative to speak with a specialist birth injury lawyer as soon as you realize that your child has suffered an injury to the brachial area during labor and delivery. The lawyer will examine the case and collect evidence. This could include statements from witnesses and written reports from experts on your child’s case. Once your legal team has gathered the information, they can begin the process to settle out of the courtroom or go to trial.

Time Limits

If your child has been diagnosed with erb’s paralysis, they can recover compensation for medical expenses, physical therapy and other rehabilitation costs. You should speak with Cincinnati Erb’s Palsy Attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your claim is filed prior to the deadline for filing claims in your state.

A successful lawsuit can result in compensation to cover hospital and medical expenses, lost wages and suffering and pain. Damages can also include reimbursement for the equipment your child needs to improve the function of their affected shoulder or arm like an extension splint made of springs.

The most common cause of Erb’s palsy is a forceful delivery, such as with a large or breech baby. The neck can be stretched and result in damage to the brachial nerves in either of the arms. Doctors should be able to recognize the presence of a very large infant or a breech positioning and suggest a caesarean delivery to prevent injuries at the birth.

Other common causes of erb’s spalsy injuries during delivery include a doctor not understanding the need for a caesarean delivery in a large infant or a pregnancy that is breached, the failure to deliver a breech baby by C-section, or use of a lot of force to remove the head during vaginal birth. Many of these medical mistakes could have been avoided, and families of children who suffer from erb’s palsy should consider making an application for compensation.

Medical Costs

If a child suffers an injury to the brachial plexus, which causes Erb’s palsy, it can affect their quality of life and cause them pain, discomfort and a lack of independence. In some instances, if the injury results in ongoing rehabilitation or physiotherapy that require specialist equipment or home modifications an application for compensation could be filed to offset the costs.

An OB/GYN could be held accountable for the amount of damages awarded in an Erb’s Palsy lawsuit when medical negligence or malpractice was the primary reason for the birth injury. It could be due to the failure to recognize the condition early enough to undergo the Cesarean to prevent the issue or excessive force used during labor and birth. This is especially prevalent during breech deliveries, where doctors might put lots of pressure on the baby’s head and shoulders during delivery.

Injuries to the brachial plexus which cause Erb’s paralysis can be severe and Vimeo impact a child for the rest of their lives. In some cases it is necessary to undergo long-term occupational therapy, physiotherapy and even surgery. This can result in substantial costs and make families struggle to afford. This is why seeking an Erb’s palsy settlement essential. The money provided will cover the costs of these treatments and Vimeo allow families to concentrate on giving their child the best care that is possible.

Attorney Fees

If you’re the parent of an infant suffering from Erb’s Palsy, it is likely that your child will face an entire lifetime of medical expenses. Our lawyers will fight for the money needed to cover the costs associated with this birth injury. This includes your child’s physical therapies, rehabilitative surgeries, medication and medical equipment. We can also assist in obtain compensation for your child’s loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering.

Erb’s palsy can develop if a newborn is forced to move excessively during the delivery. This can happen during vaginal birth or a C-section. It is more common during births with breech positions and when the shoulders of the baby become stuck in the canal.

In this scenario doctors might have to apply a lot of force to release the shoulders from the birth canal. This can cause strain or tear to the brachial nerves, leading to Erb’s Palsy.

It is essential to file an Erb’s Palsy lawsuit right away. In most cases, it is the best option to ensure that you receive the financial settlement necessary to pay for treatment and care of your child. An experienced lawyer can ensure that your claims are promptly filed and that all necessary documents are submitted to the court. Our legal team will also gather evidence and obtain expert opinions to prove that your child’s injuries resulted from negligence.