Why Window Doctor Leicester Is Relevant 2023

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Window Doctor Leicester

We install uPVC windows and doors that make homes warmer and more efficient to run. We offer A-rated energy efficient double glazing that comes in a broad range of styles to suit every taste.

Whether you are replacing glass units that are old or upgrading to 6.4 laminate, installing seals for draughts or simply need a microchip cat flap installed, we can handle everything.

Replacement Glass Units

Window Doctor Leicester can offer replacement units for customers with misty windows. The most common cause of misting windows is a decomposing seal that allows water evaporate from bathrooms and kitchens through the gaps between the panes. This can cause condensation to develop between the two units of glass. If this is not corrected the thermal properties of the glass will be reduced and broken the heating costs will rise. We can repair a damaged unit or broken upgrade it to a-rated glass to improve energy efficiency. This will stop heat from escape through the window or door.

We can also add a microchip cat flap or dog flap to your upvc door and then install a decorative lead bevel, stained or bevel within your glass to uplift the look of your home. We are also able to restore old sash windows back to their original glory without the need for a complete window replacement and we can insulate these windows with slim profile FINEO double glazed glass, thereby saving you money on heating costs while preserving the look of your home.

Misted Windows

Whether you have aluminium or plastic frames, double-glazed windows deteriorate over time and the seals can fail. If this happens, the window glass will mist and you’ll see a build-up of moisture between the panes. It’s possible to fix this, but depending on the severity the mist, you may need to replace the entire window. It is recommended to keep your windows clean. Use an extractor in rooms that could get damp and hire a professional window cleaner.

Misted double glazing can be unappealing, but it’s not usually an indication of poor maintenance or installation, but rather it’s a sign that the window has failed in some way. The mist is caused by a broken unit bar, which allows air and moisture to get into the space between two glass panes. If left unattended, this will cause warm air to escape and cold air is able to enter. This could affect the efficiency of your home’s energy use. This could cause you to pay more for your energy bills since you are paying to heat an uninsulated room.

It is important to fix misted windows as soon as you can to avoid condensation and the deterioration or the glass units. A professional can repair or replace the window units, however they must know what the extent of the damage is so that they can supply the right replacement. This isn’t a task for DIYers, so it is best to hire professionals to do the job in a safe and efficient manner.

The cost of replacing your double glazing will depend on the condition and type of the window frame, the amount of damage to the window and the size of the window. The cost will generally be higher for larger windows and damaged ones. The exact cost will vary, but it is important to always compare prices before making a final decision.

Misted double glazing is not just ugly, but could affect the efficiency of your property and result in higher heating bills. Fortunately, the sealed glass units within your windows can be replaced, therefore you don’t need to have the entire window replaced. You can select from various glass units including low-emissivity ones to increase the energy efficiency in your home.

Window Frame Replacement

We can replace window frames Leicester whether they’re broken, damaged, smashed or frosted and can also repair door glass (double glazing single glazing, double glazing, wooden metal, privacy bathroom windows, sash windows) and uPVC frames. Window seals and rubber gaskets Leicester replacement hinges and door lock repair are other services we provide.

Double glazing your sash window with FINEO slim profile glass is a cost-effective method to block out noise from outside, save energy and maintain the charm of a historic home. We can repair sash windows on listed buildings.

It is possible to upgrade your windows to A-rated to improve heat conservation and reduce condensation, or perhaps you want to add an attractive lead work design or stained glass, or have a microchip cat flap fitted inside your conservatory window. Contact us for your window repair leicester door and window needs and we’ll give you a competitive price.

UPVC Repairs

uPVC windows are made to last, but they are susceptible to wear and tear over time. They require regular maintenance as any other mechanical component to ensure that they work exactly as they should. This includes lubrication of moving parts like hinges as well as springs and internal levers, as well as to ensure that water flows through the window properly.

If your uPVC window is misting this can indicate that the seal between the panes has failed and left untreated may lead to total failure of the entire window unit. Our UPVC service will repair the seal to improve the window’s performance.

We also repair broken door hinges, replace rubber gaskets and seals and re-seal windows frames and doors, change handles and letterboxes, and install cat or dog flaps. Call us today for a no obligation free quote. We will take measurements and locate the right replacement UPVC component to solve your problem. We pride ourselves on a professional, prompt and courteous service. All work we do is covered by a guarantee. We carry a wide range of spare parts in stock, which means that most repairs can be carried out immediately.