You've Forgotten Volvo Keys: 10 Reasons Why You Don't Need It

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Volvo Replacement Keys

Lost or damaged Volvo key fobs and remote keys can be costly. However when you have key protection coverage this expense could be covered.

The Keyless Shop can program and cut replacement Volvo keys. Keys are able to be used in older models that don’t have a chip, or a key fob.

Mechanical Keys

Volvo’s new digital keys will let drivers of any model to use their smartphone to open and Volvo s40 key Replacement Cost even start the doors of the car even when the vehicle is not at the driver’s home. This is useful if you use a concierge service to collect your car or loan the Volvo to your family member for short trips. Volvo states that their aim is to provide their customers with convenience and ease of use that they would expect from a top manufacturer.

Most Volvo models, starting in 1998, are equipped with push start keys that require specialized locksmith tools to cut and program the particular Volvo model. These types of Volvo keys are not available second hand or from online retailers and must be purchased through a licensed locksmith like us. These keys also require a subscription to Volvo’s service program VIDA to download the remote and key to your car.

If you’re looking to have a physical key made for your Volvo the most likely choice will be an ordinary Volvo remote key that has an electric blade. They can be duplicated, and locksmiths will often remove a damaged key from the lock without having to remove the ignition. It may be necessary to program the key fob, or remote, that can be used to turn your volvo s40 key Replacement cost on. In some instances this is required when replacing a Volvo key fob, or if the key has been lost or damaged.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are fitted to almost all Volvos manufactured after 1996. These types of keys contain a specific microchip which sends out an alert that disables the standard immobiliser system that is located in the engine control unit (ECU). This makes it impossible to start a vehicle without the use of a key. These are more safe than other keys and are thus popular with many.

Most Volvo locksmiths are able to program keys and key fob. However, this process can take a while as dealers must purchase the blanks, and reprogramming is done in your office or at home. A Volvo expert locksmith can offer you the best prices for this service as they are a local company and are aware of the types of keys are required for your particular model of Volvo.

Most locksmiths, as well as some hardware shops, can replicate a flat key that is used by your Volvo. Many of these keys have the look of a watch battery, which can be replaced in the future by an ordinary watch battery available at a majority of pharmacies and grocery stores.

Key Fobs

A key fob can be used to unlock the car and then start it. It also has the ability to control certain features of your car. These devices are more advanced than transponder keys and are harder to duplicate. They can be very expensive to replace in the event that they are stolen or lost, which is why it is crucial to conduct your research prior to making an investment.

Modern Volvos include key fobs that require specialized programming to function. These keys are made so that unauthorized individuals cannot start your vehicle. Furthermore, these keys are very hard to cut. However, if you need an entirely new FOB, it is crucial to contact an expert to get your key programmed.

You’ll have to take your Volvo to an auto dealer or an independent locksmith to repair the issue in the event that the key fob has stopped functioning. The first step is to get rid of the old battery and replace it with a brand new one. Wear rubber gloves to protect the electronic contacts and your hands.

Once you’ve replaced the battery, put on your rubber gloves and place the key fob on a smooth surface with the Volvo logo facing upward. Then you’ll need to slide the Volvo logo towards the key-ring loop section until you feel all clips grip and lock.


Duplicate remote key fobs can be a great method to make life easier regardless of whether you own an Volvo S60 compact or a larger XC90 large SUV. You can use the duplicates as spares in your other vehicles, or give them to family members who use your car regularly. Volvo allows you to register as many as 12 fobs to a single car. If you’ve lost a key fob, it is recommended to take action quickly. You might be able to replace it with a second-hand key that was not purchased from a dealer, however you must make sure that the new key is specifically programmed for your Volvo before you put it in your car.

Key fobs are used to unlock the tailgate or door and also to activate lighting in the cabin and electronics. It is also possible to use the key fob to start your car by pressing the button. These are more advanced than conventional remote control keys because they come with built-in wireless communication technology.

If you have an item that is missing or has been stolen or damaged, you may visit a locksmith in your area to obtain a replacement key for volvo s40. These professionals are often cheaper than dealerships, and they offer more flexible hours. You should however check that they are licensed, and that they are a member of VIDA to be able to program your Volvo.