11 Ways To Completely Sabotage Your Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

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Add An Extra Layer Of Security To Your Car With A Ghost Car Immobiliser

Many car owners are seeking to protect their pride and joy as vehicle thefts increase across the country. A ghost immobiliser is an excellent way to provide an extra layer of security.

The Ghost system is completely silent and is not detectable using RF scanning technology or code-grabbing technology. It communicates with your ECU through the data circuit of the CAN.


Installing a ghost-immobiliser on your vehicle is a great idea if you’re worried about damage and theft to your vehicle. These devices stop thieves from getting access to the engine of your vehicle by preventing it from starting without the correct pin code. This technology is not only effective, but it makes the work of a thief much more difficult. If you have invested in the past for your vehicle and want to safeguard it, a ghost immobiliser is worth the money.

The ghost immobiliser is installed in your vehicle without leaving any markings and is completely hidden. It connects with the CAN data network inside your vehicle to allow the system to be activated only by entering the unique sequence of PIN codes. Only the owner of the vehicle and the person who installed the ghost immobiliser will know what the code is.

A ghost immobiliser is a very effective way to stop a car from being stolen, and can even be used on commercial vehicles. Contrary to normal car alarms, the ghost immobiliser doesn’t trigger the sirens and lights, meaning it is not likely to draw attention from thieves. The ghost immobiliser can also prevent the transmission of the engine, which means thieves are unable to use the car for transportation.

Ghost immobilisers are an excellent solution for people who own expensive and rare automobiles. They are simple to install and can be programmed to a specific PIN code. They also work with a wide range of other vehicles, including motorhomes, vans, and bikes. These systems are not just effective, but also relatively inexpensive.

Modern thieves employ door lock pickers and devices for cloning to copy your keys, and even hack your vehicle’s security system. They can also alter the ECU or listen for the click of a traditional relay immobiliser. But with a Ghost immobiliser the only way that for thieves to steal your car is by physically towing it away and even then they won’t be able to start it.

The Autowatch Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser sold in the world, will safeguard your vehicle against key-cloning and theft. This revolutionary device is easy to install on any vehicle. It is connected to the existing buttons on your steering wheel and console. It’s invisible, and only our technicians will be able to detect it when they install it.


It might be expensive to purchase a ghost immobiliser, but this is an investment that will protect your vehicle’s value and help prevent theft. It also helps you save money on your insurance costs.

Car theft is increasing and thieves are being able to detect the signal sent from your key fob and clone it to gain access to your vehicle. In contrast to other security systems for cars, the Autowatch Ghost is designed to be hidden within the vehicle, so that it can’t be altered with. The system is connected to the CAN network and is controlled by the ECU. This makes it impossible for thieves trying to hack into it.

It is virtually undetectable since it operates invisibly without radio signals, and does not require batteries or keys. Installation is quick and discrete, leaving no marks on the interior. It can be easily changed by the owner if needed, and is a great option for vehicles that have been modified by their owners.

A ghost immobiliser is not a replacement for an alarm system for vehicles It is however an excellent addition to the overall security of your vehicle. It can stop thieves from starting your car and stealing it, and it can be combined with a tracking device to help you locate it. It’s worth exploring the different options to find the one that’s right for your vehicle and your budget.

The CAN Bus device, also known as a ‘ghost,’ can only be activated with the electronic buttons that are already present on your steering wheel, card door and the centre console. It is activated by pressing a specific code sequence. It’s so obscure that thieves will not even know that it’s even there. The unique PIN code can be changed at any time.

The ghost immobiliser can be connected to a smartphone app which allows you to track your vehicle remotely and receive notifications of contact or vibrations. It’s particularly useful if you have a costly or rare car and want to protect its value, whether for resales or use it as a regular driver. It can help prevent damage caused by valet services.


If you have a prestige or expensive vehicle it’s essential to ensure it’s safe. The Ghost Immobiliser by Autowatch is a fantastic solution to keep your car’s pride and joy safe. It protects you from key cloning, hacking and even key theft. It monitors your vehicle and detects contact, vibrations or even someone trying to start your car. It also comes with an app that allows you to monitor your vehicle remotely.

The most recent version of Ghost Immobiliser makes use of CAN-based technology that does not require wire cutting or aftermarket keys. It connects to your vehicle’s information system and utilizes buttons on the dashboard or on the steering wheel to create a unique PIN code. The system will not begin if a thief enters the PIN code. The system can be linked to a car tracker so that you can track your vehicle in the event it is stolen.

It’s important to note that ghost immobilisers aren’t just for cars, but can also be installed on motorhomes vans, caravans, and plant machinery. Its low cost and easy installation make it a great option for any vehicle that requires additional security. You can even install it on electric vehicles to prevent them from being taken.

The thieves of cars are more sophisticated now than ever, which means you need to protect your vehicle with the latest technology. In addition to making it more difficult for them to steal your car ghost immobilisers also help you save money on insurance. These devices are offered by several insurance companies as discounts.

Ghost immobilisers have the added benefit of not leaving marks on your vehicle so that you can continue to use it as normal. This is a great feature for those who want to sell their car or want to maintain the value of their vehicle. In addition the ghost immobiliser fitting immobiliser does not require any LED indicators or key fobs to work making it an efficient and reliable alternative to other security devices.


A ghost immobiliser is an excellent option to add a layer of security to your vehicle. It is completely silent and is integrated into the car’s CAN data network to stop thieves from starting the vehicle. It’s simple to install and will not void a car’s warranty. The Ghost Immobiliser is a new generation device is connected to the CAN network of the vehicle, and blocking key cloning and hacking. It also blocks ECU swapping. It also prevents blank keys from being used to start the vehicle. It’s a great solution for those who have spent money on customising their vehicle or own a luxury or luxury car.

This device is a covert security system that is both electronic and intelligent that makes use of buttons on your vehicle to create an unique PIN code. When the correct pin code has been entered the engine will not start. The system can be turned off using service mode, which permits the vehicle to temporarily begin and drive without the pin code. It can be turned back on using the same button sequence. The system also can detect attempts to start your vehicle and provide emergency PIN code override.

The Ghost is an excellent option for those who want to safeguard their vehicle from theft and reduce the cost of insurance premiums. It is simple to install and doesn’t interfere with the primary functions of the vehicle, which means it is able to be easily reinstalled following a repair or maintenance. It is suitable for a wide variety of automobiles and is compatible with all auto brands.

It is easily installed into most vehicles and requires no additional wires. It is able to be reinstalled after replacing or repairing the CAN system in the car. It is completely hidden and works in complete silence, without LED lights or radio signals. It also resists damage and vibrations, making it a powerful deterrent for thieves.

The Ghost immobiliser is more effective than other physical deterrents such as wheel locks and clamps. It can also be used in conjunction with the GPS tracking systems to assist in locating a stolen vehicle. The ghost immobiliser problems does not block GPS signals as do Faraday bags. This makes it a safer alternative to other antitheft devices which are susceptible to electromagnetic interference.