14 Cartoons About Double Loft Bed To Brighten Your Day

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A Small Loft Bed Makes a Great Choice For Kids’ Rooms

A loft bed that is small can be a great choice for a child’s bedroom because it allows children to make use of the space below to play or for studying. This West Elm choice has a elegant Mid-Century style and comes in two finishes.

It is a bit of a task to put together however the instructions are simple and clear. Note that this loft bed should only be used with a mattress of 9 inches or less; anything higher risks extending beyond the safety rails.


A loft Bed Uk (shinhwaspodium.com) bed may seem like an inconvenient solution to free up space to store things however, it could be an ideal alternative. A lofted bed, as an example, can be used as a bookcase and save the floor space. The sides can also be used to create a reading nook or display shelves. A lofted mattress could be used to create a workstation for a child and lets them complete their homework and other chores in a compact space without taking up valuable living space.

A lot of loft beds for kids include a desk nook underneath, but you could also add one to a regular loft bed by building it yourself or modifying the space beneath the bed with a few extra shelving and an improvised desk. For example, this loft bed from Wayfair (shown in white) has a desk built into the front of the bunk and a bookcase with an incline which doubles as rails on the sides. The simple design of the bunk makes it suitable for any kid’s bedroom and the slatted safety rails are ideal for rooms with low loft bed ceilings.

Another option is to use an loft bed to create a dresser and this model from Ikea comes with a huge amount of storage space. It comes in a variety of designs to fit various styles of interiors such as contemporary and rustic. The bottom of the loft is home to two drawers, while the top opens to reveal additional storage space. This is a great choice for adults who are seeking to transform their bedroom into a home office or for children who need plenty of space for books and toys.

It is possible to transform your loft into a library for your child who loves to read by adding shelves and a bean bag chair where they can curl up with their favorite book. You can also create a cute composition by adding small area rugs and a few chairs as well as a coffee table and some boxes or baskets to store your books in.

A loft bed that’s converted into a playhouse is the perfect option for a child who is just starting out however, the design can still be appreciated by teens who may need an area to work in and study. This model is easier to construct than other models. It comes with set of plans that contain steps-by-step directions to cut the parts, assembling the bunk and building the stairs. It also includes the list of tools and materials that will be required to start.


In the case of small loft beds the space they open underneath is often as important as the bed itself. This extra space can be used as an office or an ideal sitting space. It could also be an opportunity to create an impressive design statement in a tiny bedroom for adults, a child’s room or even a studio apartment for teens.

A loft bed is an ideal way to add a touch of rustic chic or an industrial feel to rooms with low ceilings. This bed, from the Polish interior firm Home and Wood, has an elegant ladder that leads to a mattress on a wooden platform. A simple chair and few accent pieces complete the design.

If your ceilings are tall enough, you can make them further with a loft bed. Pottery Barn Waverly loft beds are for instance, and come in two sizes, and a variety of finish options. They also have plenty of space under the bed, which gives you a comfortable bed and more space. Another great option is this loft bed with an X shape from DHP that comes with stairs that are staggered and slide for easy access and safety.

The loft bed comes with an area at the bottom that can be used for an office or playroom. It has an upholstered bench and storage cubbies as well as a stairway to the top bunk bed. This loft bed is ideal for teen bedrooms or kids rooms. It can be reconfigured to fit your child’s needs as they develop.

Many loft beds have built-in bookshelves as a part of the design. This is especially useful for homes with limited space or if you prefer to keep your knick-knacks and books off the floor. This space can be utilized to create a relaxing reading space with the addition of a lamp, seating and some comfy furniture. It’s perfect for a teenager’s or adult’s bedroom.

A loft bed can also be used as a workstation in a dorm. This loft bed with a pull-out desk by Naomi Home has plenty of space for laptops and desktop, as well as a shelving unit on each side to store books toys, books, and other items.


It is possible to make a loft bed enjoyable for your children. It’s not just about storage space. A small slide under the loft bed is a fun way to add some playtime to your child’s space. It also allows for a quick and simple descent from the top bunk. This kids’ bed from DONCO comes with a built-in slide and ladder that’s sure to please any child and it’s possible to add on later if they decide they’d like to go the easy way up in the future.

If slides aren’t a great choice for your child’s age but you can still add a fun aspect to their loft bed by turning the bottom of the bed into a comfortable hangout space with some chairs and a rug. The area can be used to read or play games, relax or enjoy a movie with friends. It is an excellent way to keep the room tidy and Loft Bed Uk provide a great place to gather.

Kids can feel like they are in their own castle when their loft is designed to look like a cabin with a roof accent and windows. You can also give your loft a distinctive look by using wallpapers, wall paint or stickers that resemble a forest, the sky or some other outdoor feature. Your kids will love to retreat into their own little cabin for sleepovers or playtime particularly on days of snow when they’re not able to go out.

You could also add a bit of style to your home by replacing the ladder with a spiral staircase. You can purchase one of these spiral staircases, or create your own to fit in an existing loft bed, like this bedroom design from HGTV. The spiral staircase is an attractive X shape on the side. It can be enlarged as your children get older.

Another cool idea is to build a loft bed with a desk and storage underneath for the children to work on their homework or other chores. There are many plans on the internet for this type of bed. A lot of them are easy enough to build on your own. Take this plan by House of Wood as an illustration. The plans include all the instructions as well as a list of the required materials and cuts for each piece. This loft bed is spacious enough to accommodate a full-size bed and also has space for seating, a desk or an extra seat.


Bunk and loft beds are a favorite among children, but they come with dangers. Each year, bunk and loft beds are the cause of injuries to thousands of children, which include neck and head injuries, broken bones, and cuts and scrapes. Many of these injuries could be avoided or prevented by implementing the right precautions.

The first step is to ensure the bunk or loft bed is placed correctly in the room. It should not be placed against the wall as this could cause children to be stuck between the wall and the top of the bunk bed. You should leave at three inches between the bottom of the guardrail and the top of the mattress foundation.

When positioning the bunk be sure to keep it away from curtains, blinds and windows that could hinder a child’s view or cause them to fall off. The bunk bed should not be positioned close to anything that hangs on the rails, such as toys or cords.

Any bunk bed or loft bed must be built with an incredibly solid and sturdy frame. Choose a frame that is made of durable materials, like pine or steel. A platform or slatted frame is another option that could be safe and comfortable for your kids. Bunk and loft bed queen bed with a solid slatted platform or solid platform doesn’t require a boxspring, which is safer for children.

In addition to the frame, look for a loft bed that includes guardrails on both sides of the top level, as well as a ladder that can be locked in place. Children younger than six years old shouldn’t sleep on the top bunk. Make sure to warn them of the dangers by reminding them regularly. Also, a night lighting placed on the top bunk will aid kids in finding their way back to the bottom in the dark.

A loft safety net is an important security measure. It is attached at the corners of the top bunk to stop children from falling. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any bedroom decor and are easy to put up.