15 Amazing Facts About Erb's Palsy Lawyer You've Never Seen

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Erb’s Palsy Attorney

There’s nothing more devastating for a family when they discover that their infant has a serious health issue. If your child has suffered from a birth injury, such as Erb’s palsy, an attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation to cover the treatment of your child.

Your lawyer will utilize hospital records, witness testimony, and more to make solid arguments on your behalf. They will also determine if future treatment is required.


The compensation awarded in a successful Erb’s Palsy lawsuit can help families with the costs of treatment. In addition the legal process could also bring closure for a family and help medical professionals be accountable. Many children with the condition Erb’s Palsy require physical therapy, surgery, and other expensive medical procedures.

Damage to the brachialplexus, a bundle or nerves that lie in the shoulder, could cause a child’s arm movements to be affected. The injury can trigger a range of symptoms, such as weakness or paralysis. The condition is usually caused by excessive strain on the shoulders during labor and birth. Fortunately, the majority of cases are treatable with good medical care.

An experienced Erb’s palsy lawyer will review the facts of your child’s situation and determine if there are grounds to bring a medical malpractice claim. The statute of limitations differs from state to state. If you don’t file it by the deadline, you will not be able to file a medical negligence lawsuit.

Doctors may assert that Erb’s aplasia is caused by something unrelated to delivery, like intrauterine malformations, or the position of the child. However these theories are bogus and have been proven to be false in court. They are also founded on biased publications and reports from professional obstetricians associations.

Statute of limitations

In some cases, Erb’s palsy may be caused due to a birth injury to a bundle called the brachialplexus. This group of nerves extends from the spinal cord through the neck and then into the arm. Injuries to this area can cause weakness in the arm and hand however, many of these injuries can be prevented.

Certain risk factors increase the likelihood of a child developing Erb’s palsy due to shoulder dystocia or breech birth. A medical professional might not be able stop these problems however they must check the mother and baby for potential issues and determine whether or not a Cesarean section is necessary.

An experienced lawyer who specializes in Erb’s palsy can help you file an action for malpractice against a medical professional who caused your child’s condition. These lawsuits are extremely complex and require meticulous medical evidence and expert testimony. Your legal team will build a strong case on your behalf and take the burden out of filing a lawsuit on behalf your family.

A New York Erb’s palsy attorney will examine hospital records and witness statements to determine if medical negligence caused the injury of your child. They will also estimate the lifetime costs of treatment for your child in order to create a legal case and ensure the most comprehensive compensation for your family.


In a mediation, lawyers and clients debate their positions. They may also bring in experts to back their case. The goal is to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties. This process is usually faster and less expensive than the trial. It’s not always a success.

Erb’s palsy is an injury to the birth canal that causes the brachial nerve to be stretched or damaged during the birth process. This condition can cause serious complications such as limited mobility, loss in arm use and depression. Many people with this condition are unable to work or engage in sports. They also are unable to perform their daily tasks or take care of themselves.

Most cases of this problem result from medical negligence. This could be caused by any inability of doctors to ensure the security of their patients during labor and delivery. This can also include excessive force. In certain instances the force can cause the arm to get stuck in the pubic bone. This is known as shoulder dystocia.

A lawyer can help the family to file an action against medical professionals accountable for the birth injury. A legal team will gather evidence, such as medical records and lawyers personal accounts. The lawyers will present their case to mediators who try to find a compromise between both parties. If a settlement is reached both parties will receive compensation.


The brain is one the most delicate and complex organs of the body. Unfortunately doctors make mistakes that result in grave birth injuries. A specialist erb’s-palsy lawyer can assist your family in getting the compensation they deserve.

An experienced erb’s palsy lawyer will analyze the medical records of your child to determine if they suffered an injury that could have been avoided. They will also estimate the cost of future medical care to determine their value. They will then work to obtain as much money as possible to help your family with high medical expenses.

erb’s palsy lawsuits Palsy is a persistent condition. However there are ways that to improve the quality of life of your child. They may need to see an occupational therapist, physical therapist therapist, or occupational therapist to learn new techniques. Based on the degree of your child’s injury it is possible that they will need undergo surgery or other procedures such as a nerve graft.

Erb’s palsy is a serious condition that affects children as well as their families. If you believe your child’s condition is due to an underlying medical issue which could have been prevented in the beginning, during the course of, or shortly after the birth then you must make sure that the responsible parties are held accountable. Gersowitz, Libo, and Korek’s palsy lawyers can assist you to obtain the justice you are due. They have been fighting for justice on behalf of victims of medical negligence for over 39 years.