15 Amazing Facts About Spare Van Keys

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The Benefits of Spare Van Keys

A spare van key is a useful tool to have. If you’re looking to swap keys with your colleagues and friends or keep one for emergency situations, it can make life easier. You can also save money by not having to hire locksmiths or replace the original key. The advantages of having a spare include: Peace of Mind, Preventing Lockouts, Convenience, and Saving Money.

Peace of Mind

A spare key will give you peace of mind. You’ll always have a backup case your primary keys are lost. It’s a huge relief to have a spare key on hand in case you get locked out of your car traveling.

You must choose a secure place to keep your spare key. It is recommended to pick a place that is not obvious and difficult to locate. You can hide your spare key in a flowerpot, on your doormat or in a corner of your home that is not within the reach of children and pets. A lockbox or Spare Van Keys keysafe that is able to withstand the elements of weather and other challenges is another option. These are the best options for storing your keys securely while offering easy access when needed.

A spare van key can help you avoid the hassle of losing or breaking your main keys. Being stuck outside your vehicle is not a good idea particularly if you’re late for work or are juggling many tasks at once. If you don’t have a spare key, it may be a lengthy process to get a new one and gain access to your vehicle. This is costly and Spare Van Keys stressful.

Spare keys are also useful if you decide to lend your car to someone in need of help. Whether it’s for a sick family member or a friend who needs to see a doctor, having spare keys made near me keys means you can loan your car without worrying about them getting lost or stolen.

It is important to alternate your spare key with the one you use frequently. This will prolong the life of your primary key by reducing wear and tear. It’s also a good idea to have a spare key fob for your spare in case you have to replace batteries or re-programme the fob. A key fob package like our Peace of Mind can be the best way to protect both your spare key and the other components of your car.

Preventing Lockouts

Getting locked out of your vehicle is not just a stressful experience, but also costly. You may end up paying an towing or locksmith company to assist you if you don’t have a spare keys. By keeping a spare key with your neighbor or a friend and investing in modern security products, you can minimize the likelihood of lockouts.

Losing your keys could cause lockouts at home or on the move. If you’re at home, it may be as simple as forgetting to remove them from your purse when changing into another outfit or misplacing them in the house. To avoid this, make sure your keys are on a brightly-colored or heavy key chain that is easily visible and reachable. Also, be sure to double-check your bags and pockets prior to leaving the vehicle or house.

A spare key is useful if you keep your keys locked in the trunk of your car. This is a frequent issue, especially when you are in a rush to get somewhere, or when it’s raining and cold outside. To avoid this, look over the back seat and any other compartments prior to closing the trunk. If you’re in the habit of placing your keys in a specific place in your home or vehicle make sure you use the same spot each time.

If you’re at risk of being lost or locking yourself out of your car It’s worth looking into buying a key finder, or a small safe vault made for hiding keys and valuables. These products are simple to set up, discreet, and can protect your belongings from theft.

A spare key can be a convenient and affordable solution for those who are vulnerable to lockouts. It will help you save money in the long run especially if you need to call a locksmith or tow truck for help. It also prevents you from working too hard on your original key, which can wear it down prematurely. A spare key also gives you a quick method to start your vehicle in the event that you forget to take the ignition key with you or leave it at home.


A spare set of keys is a great convenience in the event that you get locked out of your vehicle. It will save you the hassle of having to call a locksmith or a towing company and it will also provide you with peace of mind knowing you have a way home. Plus, it’s much cheaper than replacing keys that have been lost and is definitely worth the investment.

Keeping your spare key in a safe location will help you avoid losing it. This will also help to prolong the life of your primary key by cutting down on wear and wear and tear.

You can keep your spare key with a family member who lives nearby or purchase a hitch vault to make it easy and convenient to keep your spare key on your vehicle. You should make sure the person you select to receive your spare key will not lose it.

You can also store the spare key inside your car, for example under the floor mats. If you do this, make sure to be cautious that your spare key doesn’t interfere with closing or opening the fuel door or putting in the nozzle. Apply duct tape to the spare key to keep it secure and shield it from weather or usage.

You can also apply the tape to an area that is difficult to reach or see. For example, you can apply it to the back of your wheel or to an area of the frame on your vehicle that isn’t visible to passersby. You could even attach it to the back tire of your car however be sure that it doesn’t interfere when driving or parking.

A spare van key will provide you with peace of mind and help prevent lockouts. It also can help you save money on expensive repairs or towing charges. It is a small investment that will make your daily life much simpler and more convenient.

Save Money

A key fob might not be the most expensive element of your car however a stolen or lost key can cost you a lot. A spare key will save you the hassle, stress and expense of tackling these issues and avoid costly repairs. The keys also wear out over time. By switching them out each month, taking them in for an annual checkup or replacing batteries on a regular basis, you can minimize the cost of these repairs.

It is expensive to create a spare key, however it can save you money in the end. Taking the steps to prevent being locked out and wasting money along the way is worth it to many people. Contact an automotive locksmith in Ashland to have a spare key made.