15 Things You've Never Known About Combination Washer Dryers

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combination washer dryer in one Washer Dryer Combos

A washer-dryer combo is a complete laundry solution that is able to wash and dry clothes in one unit. These are great for small households with one or two people.

All-in-one washer dryers are electrical models that plug into the standard outlet of a household. They are more complicated and costly to fix than standalone appliances.

Space Savings

Washer dryer combos are a great option for anyone living in an apartment or mobile home, condo, or any other space-constrained location. They function similar to a front load separate washer and dryer, but take up less floor space, removing the need for a laundry room.

They are perfect for small areas where every inch counts. They can easily be tucked into the corner of a living room or bedroom, a laundry room or a closet. Plus, if you choose a ventless model, it can be installed without the necessity of an external duct or venting.

In addition, washer dryer combos are generally less expensive than standalone appliances and are therefore a cost-effective choice for many homeowners. They also offer a variety of energy savings, dependent on the brand and model you select. This is because the dryer component of the combination machine comes with an inbuilt water heater that regulates the temperature of your washing cycle, which saves energy by not running your heater all through the cycle.

All-in-one washers and dryers are great because they allow you to complete your laundry routine without having clothes be moved from one machine another. This is especially beneficial for those who are unable move heavy loads of laundry around your home due to mobility issues. You can wash a load of laundry before you leave to work, and then come home to dry, clean, fresh laundry.

However, you should be aware that because washer dryer combos are designed to be compact, they usually have a smaller wash and dry capacity than separate dryers. You won’t have the same capacity to wash and dry laundry as you could with a standalone washer and dryer.

Certain of these units require a significant amount of water for their drying functions. This is a waste of water especially if you’re using tank water or are concerned about the environment. This is why you’ll want to make sure to consider the capacity and energy efficiency of any washer/dryer combination before deciding on the best one for your space and requirements.

Time Saving

The ability to have both a dryer and washer in the same machine is a great time saver. You can begin washing when you get out of bed and not have to switch from one machine to another. Some combination dryers have settings that let you wash and dry clothes at the same. This can save you time on your busy schedule.

The majority of washers and dryers are energy efficient and will save you money in the long term. They may not be as efficient as standalone units however they have seen improvements in terms of dryer technology and washer technology over the past decade. They can save families with four members up to $100 per year on energy costs.

You can help reduce the cost of your laundry by sorting your loads of laundry by type and size which will allow them to pass through the cycle of washing and dryer more quickly. This is a good idea every time you load your machine. It will help make sure that your clothes are evenly distributed and combined allow every item to be dried in the same amount of time.

In addition, the majority of units have features that reduce the amount of water required in a load of laundry and cut down on your energy bill. You will typically find these settings in the “energy” section of the machine’s settings.

Finally, many of these units include a delay option that lets you choose the time you’d like the machine to complete its cycle. You can load your clothes prior to when you leave for work, and return home to clean, fresh clothes.

When you consider the benefits, it’s easy to understand why washer dryer combos are in high demand. These appliances have some disadvantages to be considered when making a choice. The small capacity of older models, lengthy drying times, poor efficiency ratings (with the exception of heat-pump models) and high prices all have to be taken into consideration.

Energy Savings

A dryer and washer in the same appliance can save energy because you are not running two appliances at once. But the amount of energy required to dry will outweigh any savings you receive from washing just.

The dryer built into washer-dryer combinations heats and vents air, using a small amount of energy compared to standalone machines. The amount of energy consumed during drying is proportional to the size of the load. This is why if you wash small quantities (such as a couple of pairs of jeans, five T-shirts, or a queen-size sheet) and don’t bother with drying cycles, you’ll be able to lower your overall energy consumption.

Most combination units offer various wash/dry settings. These include delicates, timed drying and extra rinses. Some units come with steam-washing options that whiten clothes without bleach and reduce wrinkles. They also have a hot-water setting that helps to sanitize fabrics. Some models come with wifi integration that allows you monitor your laundry with the smartphone app.

The dryers in these combo units use less energy than the average vented dryer, especially when you choose an energy-efficient model. Some models use less than 0.78 kWh per load, which is comparable to the efficiency of a few standalone dryers. If you choose a combo unit that does not have ductwork, your energy bills can be reduced.

If you have a large space for laundry, a separate washer and dryer can handle bigger loads better than a combined machine. Additionally, you can manage each appliance individually to adjust your energy consumption to meet your individual needs. That’s a smarter option for energy efficiency and peace of mind. You’ll also be more flexible if one or both of your machines breaks down. Check out our guide on laundry basics to learn more on how to select the most suitable equipment. Contact an Pirch showroom advisor. They can help you select the best combination of combined washer dryer and dryer for your home.


Combination washer and dryers are becoming a popular option for apartment dwellers as well as homeowners with limited laundry space. They offer the benefits of two appliances in one unit and are simple to use. They are also energy efficient and have a compact footprint and are ideal for urban homes or laundry closets.

These machines remove the necessity for air vents that are required by standalone dryers in order to prevent moisture buildup in a room. This makes for a more comfortable laundry area for your family.

The dryers and washers have higher spin speeds so your clothes will dry more quickly. This can help you save time and money on your laundry routine.

A washing machine and dryer combo is a great choice for people who have a busy schedule as it gives them the flexibility to finish their chores at their convenience. Many washer dryer combination models come with a delay feature, which allows you to program the appliance to begin its cycle at a time that is compatible with your schedule. This means that you can load your laundry up before leaving to work and Combined return to dry and clean clothing.

Certain dryer/washer combinations come with an inbuilt dispenser that can be used for automatically dispensing detergent and softener based on your load size, soil level, and cycle settings. This is especially useful when you need to wash delicate clothes but don’t want to use all of your bulk containers.

These appliances are a fantastic addition to any home, but they do have some disadvantages. They are more complicated and more likely to malfunction than standalone appliances. Furthermore, when the part of a washer or dryer fails, it will disrupt both the drying and washing process until you can arrange a repair service.

Despite these drawbacks the benefits of a washer/dryer combination make it a great option for families with limited laundry space or an extremely budget that is tight. These compact appliances can help you save money on utility bills, and can also assist you in managing your schedule more effectively.