15 Weird Hobbies That'll Make You Smarter At Birth Defect Attorneys

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Why It Is Important to Hire a Birth Defect Lawyer

When you discover that your child is born with a birth defect what should be an exciting moment can quickly become one of stress and uncertainty. Contact an attorney for medical malpractice and a birth defect lawyer as soon a time as is feasible.

To receive the full compensation you deserve, you will be required to keep track of all your receipts, bills and credit card payment. We have represented family members in lawsuits against large electronics firms, agricultural pesticide producers and commercial growers.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice or mistakes that occur during pregnancy are the reason for numerous birth defects. Certain of these problems are more severe than others, however any birth defect or injury can be devastating for the child and their family members. A medical malpractice lawyer will help determine if the doctor made an error that caused the defect or injury.

Certain birth defects are detectable through screening tests that doctors perform during pregnancy. If these tests are done and properly, parents can be informed of the risk that their child could have birth defect. This information can help them decide if they wish to terminate the pregnancy or prepare for the birth and treatment of the child. If the physician fails to perform or interpret these tests or fails to notify the parents of the results, this may be considered medical malpractice.

Medical treatments for birth defects can be costly. The treatments may include procedures, specialists, medications physical and speech therapies and assistive devices. The money awarded in a lawsuit for wrongful birth can assist in easing the financial burden that is associated with these costs, making it easier for families to get the treatment their child requires. Medical malpractice claims can be complex and time-sensitive. Therefore, it’s important to seek out an experienced attorney as soon as you can.

Prescription Drugs

While modern technology and recent developments in the medical field have drastically reduced the chance of birth defects and injuries however, they’re still very likely. Birth injuries and defects can be mild or severe and require life-long medical care. In some cases they can even lead to death. A Boston lawyer who is knowledgeable about dangerous drugs can assist parents to recover compensation to cover their child’s medical expenses for the moment and future, including hospitalizations, doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation services, assistive equipment, and more.

A physician could be committing medical error if they prescribe medication for a pregnant woman that increases the risk of her child having a birth defect. They must be aware of the medications that can affect fetal development and not prescribe drugs that could be harmful to the embryo.

Prescription medications that increase the risk of a birth defect are referred to as Teratogens. These include anti-seizure medicines such as Dilantin and Tegretol. The FDA has warned against using these medications during pregnancy. These medications increase the risk of having Cleft palates, cleft lips and heart, lung and other brain abnormalities. These medications also pose a risk of miscarriage for women who are pregnant or nursing. Parents may be able to sue doctors, drug companies and pharmacists for failing to inform them of the risks.

Toxic Chemicals

When a baby is born with a birth defect, the parents often wonder what caused it. However, a number of different factors can trigger birth defects, ranging from the effects of medications to toxic chemical exposure in the uterus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 33 babies is born with a birth defect. These conditions could be minor or serious and, in some cases, life-threatening. The majority of the time, a birth defect is the result of genetic defects. However, a significant portion of birth problems are the result exposure to chemicals or other environmental factors that occurs in the womb. These chemicals are referred to as Teratogens and increase the risk of functional or structural abnormalities that cannot be reversed in offspring.

A lot of Americans are exposed to industrial chemicals every day. The list of chemical hazards that may be harmful is long, covering semiconductor and technology factories that have clean rooms, to pesticides used on nurseries and farms as well as plastics, paint, automobiles and paint manufacturing facilities.

It’s not unusual for companies to fail to inform their customers of the potential dangers of these chemicals. Our birth defect lawyers can help families fight against big corporations that place profits before the health and birth defect lawyers safety their workers and birth defect lawyers children.

Environmental Exposure

Parents can be extremely disturbed by a child’s birth defect due to the fact that they will have to provide medical care throughout the duration of their baby’s. Some birth defects can cause mental and physical disabilities in the infant for the rest of their lives depending on the severity.

While certain birth defects are unavoidable due to genetics. Many others can be triggered through exposure to chemicals or environmental factors during pregnancy. These include prescription drugs or toxic chemicals that a mother may ingest, or chemical substances that have contaminated air or groundwater.

Birth defect lawsuits aren’t restricted to medical malpractice. They can also be brought against businesses or individuals who are responsible for the injuries of the child. For instance, if a doctor prescribes a drug that increases the chances of your child’s birth defect and they are found to be responsible.

It’s also the case for businesses or individuals who expose their employees to harmful chemicals and other substances. Numerous studies have revealed that exposure to pesticides and fungicides as well as paints, metals and lead may increase the chance of children developing certain types of birth defect. To solve this issue lawsuits were filed against beauty salons and metal cleaning operations, as well semiconductor manufacturing facilities and painting factories. Development of a Web-based Integrated Birth Defects Surveillance System for New York State. Wang, Y., Tao, Z., Steen, P.M., Cross, P.K., Druschel, C.M. and Hwang, S-A. Journal of Public Health Management & Practice. 14(6): E1-E10. 2008.