20 Resources That Will Make You More Successful At Asbestos Attorney

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Asbestos Litigation

A large portion of asbestos-related litigation has been handled in courts across the nation. Research has proven that asbestos exposure can cause lung damage and cause disease.

It is crucial for an attorney to know how to identify asbestos-related materials in each case. This can be accomplished by speaking with colleagues, obtaining records, and asbestos litigation analyzing samples from homes or workplaces.


If you or someone close to you is diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition you may be entitled to compensation. Compensation can cover lost wages, medical expenses as well as other expenses associated with mesothelioma. You can either file a lawsuit or offer an agreement to the defendants.

In asbestos cases, there are generally multiple defendants because there are a variety of mining companies that manufacture asbestos and manufacturers of products containing asbestos. These businesses may also own or have control of asbestos-contaminated properties. Companies that provided services to asbestos-using mines, manufacturers or in the capacity of an employer could be held accountable for the injuries of victims.

Asbestos suits are typically governed by product liability laws which are based on common and state laws that allow for damages to be recouped from the seller of a product when those products cause injuries. Specifically, in a product liability lawsuit, it is claimed that the injuries were caused by a mismanufacture or defective design and that the victim wasn’t adequately warned of the dangers associated with using the products.

In asbestos cases, defendants frequently assert that they were not negligent and that their products are safe. This is despite the fact that doctors have long known that asbestos-containing products can lead to a range of illnesses. Moreover, companies that hid the risks of asbestos to boost profits have been accused of concealing the truth by attempting to suppress claims and also to block workers from seeking compensation for their injuries.

A jury or judge can decide how to distribute responsibility between defendants if more than one defendant has been found to be responsible for an asbestos-related injury. This is known as allocation. The apportionment process does not alter the amount of compensation plaintiffs can receive from the defendants.


A lawsuit filed against a company who manufactured or sold asbestos-related products can help victims recover compensation for their losses. This includes the cost of medical treatment and lost wages because of being unable their job. Victims can also receive compensation and punitive damages.

The lawsuit alleges the defendant acted negligently, which means that it did not take reasonable steps to ensure the product was safe for the intended use. It is also claimed that the defendant knew asbestos was a risk and failed to warn consumers and workers of the danger.

An asbestos-related lawsuit can be filed by a victim or the estate of a person who died from an asbestos-related condition such as mesothelioma. A person may start a personal injury suit to seek compensation for non-economic and economic damages, such as emotional stress as well as loss of enjoyment life as well as pain and suffering. Family members who are survivors of someone who has died from an asbestos-related disease can pursue a wrongful-death lawsuit.

After an asbestos case is initiated, the parties exchange information via the process known as discovery. This can last several months, and may require lengthy interviews with coworkers, relatives, abatement workers and others in order to identify potential defendants and their asbestos-related products.

It is essential for plaintiffs to choose an experienced attorney to handle their case due of the complexity of asbestos litigation. The law firm a victim, or their family, chooses must be able to understand the unique complexities of asbestos litigation. They should also be recognized by insurance companies and defendants for their experience.

LK’s attorneys have years of experience in representing victims and their families in asbestos lawsuits. We are known for our ability in obtaining the highest compensation for our clients.

If you have questions about filing an asbestos lawsuit, call us for a free consultation. We are dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of our clients. Our offices are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and Houston, Texas. We represent clients across the nation. Contact us via email or phone now to get started.


When victims win their asbestos legal lawsuits, they get compensation from companies that knowingly exposed them to dangerous substances. The money is meant to pay the victim and his or her family for financial losses caused by asbestos exposure. Compensation can also be used to cover the pain and suffering.

Asbestos lawsuits are often settled rather than going to trial. This is due to the fact that it’s more affordable and easier for the defendant companies to settle the case in this manner. Settlements also help avoid negative publicity that may come from a trial verdict. It is important to hire a mesothelioma lawyer who has expertise in obtaining the highest amount of damages for their clients.

Mesothelioma cases are complex and lawyers must do extensive research on their client’s medical records, work history and asbestos exposure. They can help clients identify asbestos-producing businesses that could be responsible for the illness. Lawyers are able to gather evidence and use it to create an effective mesothelioma suit.

During pre-trial discovery and depositions mesothelioma lawyers may find evidence of asbestos-related companies’ negligence. Evidence typically comes from internal memos, corporate documentation and statements of former employees who been exposed to asbestos-containing materials. In many instances, these documents show that asbestos producers knew about the risks of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related ailments, but did not divulge this information to their workers or the general public.

Many states set time limitations also known as statutes or limitations on the time an asbestos victim has to start a lawsuit. The durations vary by state, but typically range from one to two years. If the statute of limitations runs out before a mesothelioma case is filed, victims lose their rights to compensation.

The amount victims receive will depend on the diagnosis of their asbestos law-related disease as well as how serious their condition is, as well as other aspects. Attorneys consider treatment costs and other expenses when negotiating to ensure that patients have enough funds to pay for medical expenses. Asbestos sufferers can also file claims using trust funds that were established to compensate those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related diseases.

Some of these trusts have dwindled, however others continue paying out substantial payouts. In 2018 an appeals court in the U.S. granted $70 million to the family of a U.S. Navy machinist diagnosed with mesothelioma from working with gaskets manufactured by John Crane Inc.


Trials are a better option for asbestos victims than settlement offers. Trials can also help settle issues that are not resolved through settlement negotiations, for instance differences in how to calculate damages and whether the victim’s condition was caused by specific exposures.

In a court of law, plaintiffs will have to prove that they are entitled to damages, including past and future medical expenses as well as lost wages, damage to property as well as discomfort and pain and loss of consortium. The defendant must also prove its responsibility for the asbestos-related injury. The trial process is typically long. In the past decade, jury awards in mesothelioma cases have increased dramatically and far exceeded the amount awarded to settlement cases by judges.

A mesothelioma attorney can help victims understand the trial process and explain their legal rights in a courtroom open to the public. A licensed lawyer can assist in identifying potential defendants. Asbestos cases are more complex than car accident litigation where it is typically easy to identify the parties responsible. This is especially true if someone was exposed more than one kind of asbestos and in multiple places. A seasoned mesothelioma attorney will interview witnesses, such as coworkers, relatives, abatement workers and suppliers to create a detailed database of employers as well as the locations of their products and.

The expense of settling asbestos claims eats away funds that could have been used to fund future cases. Furthermore, some claimants believe that settlements aren’t just based on injuries that actually occurred and should be compensated more.

Plaintiffs in asbestos cases can argue for dismissal of claims through the process of summary judgment or by a finding of no exposure. These motions need a thorough examination of the evidence and an expert’s assessment that the measured asbestos doses received by the plaintiff were not sufficient to cause mesothelioma. A mesothelioma attorney can help accelerate the process and stop the case from becoming a part of the backlog in the courts.